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Weekend drinks July 8th - 10th 2022

Summers here , so an early start, late lunch, with a lovely prawn salad and some sunshine…

Dogs walked - Wimbledon later - possibly a garden mow. Enjoy the weekend weather folks


Just some 2015 PJA CdeR here with a bouillabaisse for dinner and watching our robotic mower ‘Mr Edges’ cutting the grass. Beats cutting it myself. Later we shall watch West Wing - rather elevated above the political ethics of Westminster.


A weekend for rosé if ever there was one!

Not sure it really matters what the wine taste likes, but it’s hitting the spot. A gentle loosener ahead of a evening at our local where they are running an ale and cider festival over the weekend.

Hope the sun smiles wherever you are!


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This is a fantastic entry level Albarinho from Bodegas Fulcro who apparently operate out of a garage. Intense with plenty of fruit to balance the natural acidity of the Albarinho grape. Like a grown up ice lolly that’s melted
Great after a few hours at the beach to contemplate which restaurant to eat at tonight.


I’ve wanted to try this for ages and I’m glad I’ve finally got the chance. Waxy, lemon, grapefruit. Slightly cheesy when it warms up a bit. Reminds me of Gravonia blanco with a long nutty finish. Recommended


Is this for sale anywhere? Keep looking out for it, as it sounds amazing. Is the society going to sell it anytime soon?

A friend brought this (2003) along to a recent offline. He had purchased from Luvians in St Andrew’s. It was lovely as it sounds yours is likewise.

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I bought a couple from Hic! Last week to make up a shortfall of other bottles they didn’t have.

OK I may be the last person on here to try this but I’m posting anyway.

The Society’s Exhibition Santorini Assyrtiko 2020

I won’t bore you all with my notes but just wanted to say this is great. So refreshing and balanced. I didn’t rate it as highly as the Hatzidakis 2016 (only comparison I have) but at the price this is a winner. School report says: v good, keep up the good work.


Not exactly the temperature for Bordeaux, but this needs drinking.


My first bottle of Bonarda since leaving Argentina and a great accompaniment to rump steak. I remember enjoying the El Enimigo in a great restaurant in Palermo, Buenos Aires. It was equally good tonight.

Deep red centre, just opaque. Purple rim. Perfumed nose, medium plus. Bubblegum, black currant, plum and raspberry. Notes of vanilla. Rich palate. Balanced acidity. Ripe tannins. Dry. Ripe plum and blackberry fruit. Damson. Dark chocolate. Sweet vanilla. Blueberry. Medium plus finish.


Well, it’s ok, not bad, reasonably complex, a bit sour, which I like, not obviously Sangiovese. But no wow factor which the Jancis review had me expecting.


Blogged here.


Coincidentally I have also opened a bottle of the Acereta 2018 this evening.

Agree with your review Richard. I have a second bottle that I shall now keep for another 2-3 years but to be honest I would not be buying anymore than that.

I ended up filtering through fine coffee filter to remove an abundance of grey sludge/sediment


Enjoyed this tonight with steak frites … fabulous

A pressie from mates down under


On the sherry…


and what a sherry… that is one fabulous wine

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Hi Thomas, no sediment in my bottle but, like you, not a repeat purchase.

Agreed. Where did you buy it?


Had this tonight. Was cracking. Next one in 3 years or so. If you want notes @Rafa hit the nail on the head last weekend.

Cheers all