Weekend drinks: 2-4 September 2022

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Pasta & meatballs from the local butcher tonight, so went for this Chianti

Bottle 3 of 6 from a previous VCP allocation.
Essentially everything you would expect and want from a Chianti.


Morellino di Scansano, Podere 414 has been mentioned positively recently so a 2019 tonight with pizzas.

Great nose whilst double decanting. On palate cherries and raspberries, very smooth with good acidity to the fore over smooth light tannins. Very nice simple wine that delivers plenty of interest. As it is so smooth even at this age I shall pop and pour next rather than decanting to try and retain more nose throughout the bottle. More on the way.



Thanks ! :+1:

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Had 414 a few times and always enjoyed.
Looking back it was the ‘10 & ‘12, and it was also in the lineup when I was lucky enough to attend the TWS press tasting a few years ago (? vintage on that occasion).

Would seem I’m overdue a few bottles in the rack……


This was positively wonderful with a wild boar stew, mash and Cavalho Nero:

Querciabella, Chianti Classico 2019

An act of vinfenticide, no doubt, then again - it already swaggered with confidence and substance across the palate - a true charmer of a wine! :ok_hand:

Medium ruby in the glass with a fair amount of viscosity (hinting at its 14%), the nose was a melange of cherries, hedgerow berries, cloves, dank forest floor and incense. It felt very autumnal, and was a perfect echo to the slightly cooler, autumnal evening air.

The palate was simply wonderful - why don’t I buy Chianti more regularly?! - fresh and pure fruit notes of sour cherries, bramble and damsons alongside medicinal notes I seem to always find in Italian reds, spice (clove, nutmeg), earth and smoke. Acidity was bright and invigorating on the palate, with medium and leathery tannins. Finish was long and left a savoury/medicinal aftertaste. The whole ensemble could do with relaxing a bit more, for sure, but already provided so much pleasure, not to mention food-friendliness! :star_struck:

Currently reduced in Waitrose to £16.99 (from £19.99 - amazing to see Vinissimum charge £30 for it!), I will be back for a few more bottles next week.

Finished the evening with a soporific glass of 2000 Armangac from Domaine de Bile

… a leftover bottle from a Brighton and Hove tasting group event in early August. The perfect night cap! :tumbler_glass:

And so, to bed… :sleeping: :sleeping:


Do you recall how many years the '10 & '12s had on them when you drank them? TWS has a drinking window to 2026, I am curious how the 2019s might taste with more age.

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I’m not going to help much I’m afraid.
Just checked and I drank the ‘10 in 2013 & the ‘12 in 2015….

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TWS brut disgorged 04/21 was fairly high acid initially straight from the fridge. Rounded out more with air, still half left for today.

The 2011 cavas de weinert was delicious with some teriyaki beef. The 14.5% wasn’t really noticed but I did restrict myself to one glass. Plenty of complexity after 9 years in cask, but lots of black fruit also with leather etc. Finishes a tad short but great value at £23 given its age.

I’ve had a few celler del roure wines and they have all been interesting and well made. This is no exception and the bottle disappeared rapidly.


Hi Keith
I have some of the 2011 Weinert. I read somewhere that even at 11 years it has still years left in it would you agree or should I just open one bottle.

The Bollinger was a bottle I bought in 2018 so it’s had a while to mellow. Delicious, rich and smooth, plenty of bubbles but not prickly bubbles!

The Barbera was an old Majestic buy. Prompted by the recent “drinking old wine” thread I had a bit of a panic and suddenly thought I should be drinking wine that might be getting on a bit. When I saw this bottle from 2005 it seemed like a good idea to open it.

Well, no cause for alarm. Beautiful deep colour with no sign of any fade at all. Black and dark red cherry flavours. Some gentle tannins. Almost a mint flavour on the finish. Easy to drink but substantial enough to need drinking slowly. Excellent pairing with lentil moussaka.


If you have more than one bottle I’d crack it open now. It’s still in stock so easy to go back for more.

Personally I’d say it’s at its optimal drinking date for me. But it’s all personal preference.

The best white Burgundy I’ve had all year!!


This is good news indeed. I have four bottle vertical of Fontodi CC lined up for our local society early in the new year!


I’m beginning to think Australia will give any grape variety a go. I’ve had Lagrein, Nero d’Avola, Fiano, Arneis, Nebbiolo, Touriga Nacional etc etc… all from Australia and now a Zweigelt.

Andrew Peace Zweigelt 2020

Opened yesterday and I’m on the fence with this one. No oak, just pure fruit (cherry, raspberry, plum) with a big hit of black pepper. It’s what you expect from a Zweigelt but with more weight, it’s like the fruit is very ripe giving the wine more muscle and a sweet touch. I think that is what I disagree with, personally I prefer the lighter version. Certainly pleasant and easy-drinking but more of a Wednesdday evening wine than a Sunday wine. At £7.50 who’s grumbling.

Have a good week everyone!!


I don’t recognise that appellation, has been reclassified recently?


I drank some wine last night. It was nice.


Strong crisp game too!


Sadly James, just as unobtainable as the real stuff is these days! Purchased on allocation in Australia.