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Weekend drinking thread Nov 12 - 14

Opening this to go with an antipasti spread this evening as I think it should have enough acidity to cope with the salty food (I love anchovies).


Going to give one of these new entry level Bourgognes a try later with some smoked bacon wrapped pheasant breasts…



@ilancas I think you can start during the preparation of the meal, on good authority. I’ve just been reading Sebastian Payne’s article on vintages for Christmas and he ended it by saying:

“I like to cook with wine (wine at my side, not in the dish!) and hosts may find a quiet moment during preparation when a light but distinguished German riesling, mellowed with age, will hit the spot”

My kind guy!


It’s certainly a safer bet than having an open bottle of Fino in the fridge that’s for sure :crazy_face:


First of six of these. Was going to keep them in reserves for a bit but ordered them to be delivered in a fit of peak one evening during the week.

So glad I did! It’s a great wine. Blindfolded, I would be torn between calling it a dry Sherry or Furmint. Fellow Bin #4 fans would love this. Great stuff.


Excellent. Sounds right up my street (that’ll be because I’m both a bin #4 fan and a white Rioja fan). I have a single bottle but it sounds like I may need to get more.


(Maybe a tad lighter than the Furmint). Doubting myself :joy:

After the Bacchanalian Excess (in a good way) of the Norwich TWS get-together at the weekend, I’ve gingerly tip-toed off the Wagon this latter part of the week, and my theme here is Unlikely wine-food pairings which actually worked.

Yesterday’s late lunch / early supper after a frustrating day trying to get a new lock for my front door (don’t ask) of home made paella - yes with chorizo in case you wanted to inspect the credentials - seemed to magnetically attract this Swiss pinot which was an impulse buy from the winemaker who had blagged the this weekend’s special wine spot outside the Schaffhausen tourist info - the entry-level (his €40 Special cuvée is safely tucked away for later, but which he allowed me to sample (BOINGGG, by the way)) and this is pinot Jim but not as we know it. Honestly it was more pinotage - smoky, nutmeggy, more like a Good Year gamay. But did the paella proud. Honestly folks, in my specialist round in Mastermind, the correct answer to Which country makes the best pinot ? - you know the rest

so, tonight and a real wine match challenge. One of my favourite non-meat dishes. It’s baked sliced spuds, baby red onions, thyme, chicken stock reduction, topped with feta and almonds. What’s to go with that ??

Cue this Jura beauty from the Home Reserves; I’d been wondering what on Earth would go with it but - it works a treat.

Definitely a Marmite wine (I like Marmite) - a Chardy made in a quasi vin jaune / dry sherry / amber style - flor / barrel aged / permissible oxidation - you know the score - but surprisingly delicate and sweet as well. I’m getting nutty but honey-sweet notes.

Note to foodies - yes, in theory walnuts would work better but it turns out they burn quicker and spoil the dish - almonds work better


Just as good if not better than the 2018. Kind of granache like. Delicious.


Tonight it has to be Beaujolais for some reason and this is hitting the spot. I think this has become a bit earthier than the first bottle but still fresh, redcurrant, violet, pomegranate. Yum.

Happy weekend one and all.


Adds immediately to basket…


I think this counts. Zilliken Saarburger Rausch Kabinett 2019, to go with Chinese food this evening. I cooked scallops with dried shiitake and kai lan, and salt and pepper squid.


No longer in stock, the wine came in a mixed case earlier in the year. It’s still very much in the fruit of its youth, and featherlight despite the array of ripe flavours that unfurl in the mouth. The TWS description mentions “steely” which I can’t really go with - yes, there’s a good shot of acidity, but this is still a pretty exuberant accompaniment to the food. Just 8.5% too.

Happy Weekend!


I had a bottle of this last week and would agree, “steely” doesn’t chime with my experience. I did think it was delicious though.

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Haha - I just did the same, completing a sort of selection box of Australian wines I’d wanted to try. Case completed and ordered.

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A couple of glasses of 2016 white Rhone tonight. Both bought EP, I’ve been drinking the Beaucastel over the past year and really enjoyed it. But taking advantage of the Society’s new reserve withdrawal policy I took a single bottle of Chante Alouette to see what it was like, and how it is developing.

Both lovely wines - very smooth, lovely mouthfeel. The Beaucastel has more aroma (but still fairly limited). The Chante Alouette had almost no aroma, but developing a gorgeous burnt gold colour, has depth and some acidity to bring it all together. Both very good but I prefer the CA, and think it probably has more potential to develop - which could make it an exceptional wine. One to look out for!


I’m on it!

Lovely isn’t it. There’s definitely an oxidised sherry note to it, a sort of grassy, hay-like aroma and when it warms up a bit some apricots too. Muy agradable. Did you have it with food?


Cracked open one of this Etna Rosso this evening with pappardelle and PastEvangelist’s beef shin ragu - which incidentally was not at all bad at a fiver for a tub for two.


‘Wild wine’, not sure, but very distinctive, iron/animal nose, it was not at all full bodied as per the TWS note but rather light, very fresh but not tart, benefited from being cooled a bit. Half a bottle left for tomorrow, hard to see it improving but look forward to finding out.

The red followed a glass of this: Orvieto Classico Superiore Castagnolo, Barberani 2019

Opened last night, good value, don’t really understand the reviews describing it as ‘insipid’ and ‘neutral’. It has a lovely herbal, fruity aroma and is a pleasure to drink. Not sure it’ll be a regular order, probably better for the summer.



The last of a summer purchase of Rose and the first bottle of the Ampelia 2018. The Le Merle from Provence remained fresh and floral. The Ampelia was rich but very youthful.

Pale salmon pink. Medium plus nose. Floral. Rose water, orange blossom. Hint of lavender. Light palate. Fresh acidity. Dry. Strawberry, raspberry and a little peach. Some pink grapefruit. Shortish finish.

Opaque centre, deep red rim. Rich black currant and plum nose. Blueberry. Vanilla. Notes of dark chocolate. Rich, full palate. Lots of tannins. Fresh acidity. Dry. Black currant, blackberry and plum. Tabacco. Hints of wet iron. Oak. Long finish. All the components but a long way from being knitted together.


Isn’t it ‘de rigueur’ to describe Saar wines as ‘steely’?


I’ve struggled with English still wine but opened this last night to watch Scotland qualify for another qualifier (only FIFA/UEFA can come up with this sort of plan). Anyway that’s probably another thread.

Bought in Lyme Regis during the summer.

This was much more like it. Golden colour with a faint peach/rose hue. Citrus nose. Very good texture in the mouth. Citrus, orange and grapefruit. Smooth and creamy with good acidity. Very nice. Certainly had some characteristics of GV and Chardonnay.

At £25 (my very top range for a white) I wouldn’t seek it out but would be very pleased if a glass was served to me.