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Weekend Drinking Thread [9th-11th August 2019]



Are snapped corks a bit of a “thing” at present? I’ve had two pack up on me this way during the last 10 days, whereas it’s been pretty rare before. I was able to rescue mine using my “Ah So” brand butler’s thief, though it doesn’t always work if you let things go too far. If you back off and remove the corkscrew once you realise the cork is starting to misbehave, things can usually be recovered.


I haven’t tried it so can’t comment. Presumably you mean this:
But at £34, that’s quite a lot more than I paid for my Daumas Gassac.
Or this?

Price-wise, that’s similar. So I’m finding it hard to see much better value, unless I’m looking at the wrong thing.

I should probably explore the wines of the region a bit more, but life is short!


Saturday’s Cote-Rotie left me somewhat disappointed. I couldn’t help but wonder if my storage conditions may have been a contributing factor and felt compelled to try another 2013 that’s been in the cupboard for around the same period…

…bought online via Waitrose on one of their periodical 25% off 6 offers a couple of years ago. With a further discount coupon the price came in at £28 per bottle. TWS offered this vintage EP for £30. Irresistible at the time but does it really cut the mustard ?

This time it did. The wine from Barge was very much old-school in style, this is more modernist ( Guigalesque ? ). More oak, a greater concentration of riper fruit, fine ripe tannins, fresh acidity, better balance and greater length. One thing’s for sure, there’s nothing remotely rustic about it. Well made, technically correct, nothing iffy, new world winemakers would appreciate this ( as I did ). Only just into its drinking window and needing time to develop more complex flavours I’ll probably broach bottle two in another year or so.


Yes. But the Gassac is much more expensive now, no?

The Soula is quite similar in style I think - though made with proper grapes, not Cabernet :smiley:

The Soula wine that really is a must-try is, of course, the white :grinning:


I openend the Clos the Gat Shiraz. Wonderful! Black berries berries berries, cassis, etc, complex, very long lasting in the mouth. A great wine, wouldn’t mind drinking this every day for the rest of my life.:yum:


Oh wow! That’s some endorsement! :smiley:

I have to say, of all the Israeli wines I tried over the years - and they are not many, and usually only done when I’m visiting family - Clos de Gat seems to be in a different league. Now wouldn’t it be nice if the Society stocked them… :star_struck:


Le Soula always used to have Cabernet in it. Having just looked it up, I see that it was around 2008 they stopped using it.

Agreed on the white BTW.


Yeah, they started to reduce the Cabernet some time before that. Always a good move :grinning: The blend has changed quite a bit over the years. The Grenache has almost been removed too, now.


Even better!

Actually, CS can be used to add a curious, faraway nuance to Languedoc type blends, but it only comes forward after about 15 years cellaring. Hard to explain beyond that, but you would be unlikely to recognise it as CS.


Helpful thanks. I picked up a case of this last year, was wondering when to broach and will leave a little longer. Still got 09 Burgaud and 10 Benetiere in the meantime.

Also is that the Riedel Syrah glass? Do you like them if so?


Have you tried the benetiere yet? Have heard mixed reports re: whether it’s open for business yet or still needs some time. Data points a bit thin on the ground as obviously not much of the stuff.

Have got some in reserves that I’d rather leave in if they need some time.


Not really. 2013 is £25 /bottle - still comparable to Le Soula.

I haven’t tried Le Soula, and will endeavour to do so. Shame that I’ve only just made a TWS order - would have added some if I’d known. Next time.


Ah ok. So it hasn’t gone up as much as I thought. I’m not actually convinced the Soula red is great value either - at least not compared with other sources of interesting savoury reds!


No. I am similarly not sure. TWS drink date says up to 2023 but CT and a note on wine beserkers says maybe leave until mid 2020s. I will probably try one bottle over the next year.


The glass is from a multipack of 18 Spiegelgau glasses bought in TKmaxx for £40 (thanks to a post from @peterm if memory serves ). They’re good robust glasses with a thick enough stem to prevent breakage whilst polishing ( so far ). They’re also dishwasher safe.

I really like Riedel glasses but I find them all too easy to break ( both bowl and stem ), the Pinot Noir glasses especially. The Spigelgau have been an excellent cost effective replacement.

You’ve got some lovely wine in reserve there by the way !


Delighted to have been of use :slight_smile: