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Weekend Drinking Thread [9th-11th August 2019]



Happy to kick off with this simple but spot on chard from South Africa

Case purchased on strength of a single bottle last autumn.

Hopefully TWS will procure the subsequent vintage as this is a little gem.

Crisp, structured and just a hint of oak. Should have enough body to stand up to the roast cod and chorizo dinner.

Lovely start to the weekend.


Going through this this weekend. First glass is just what you want. Sweet quince and honey in balance with the acidity.


I’m on my own this weekend; the girl is somewhere between Paris and Perpignan on a train with her dad, and the other half is on a stag weekend in Dieppe (though, as the four of them are mid to late 50’s, perhaps ‘contented Elks weekend’ is more apt a description!).

So treating myself to some linguini with clams in light cream sauce, and opened a bottle of English Chardonnay from Kingscote from the 2014 vintage (a good year, I believe), which we bought in the winery:

This is a truly lovely home-grown Chardonnay! Complexity perhaps lacking a little, but what it gives, it gives happily – lemon, apple, spring blossom and flint dominate the nose, and on the palate this is a delicate, dry and zesty example (albeit with quite an unctuous mouthfeel for an English wine!), with ripe pear, apple and maybe even some peach. There’s a nice tangerine note on the finish, which is very lively and leaves a pleasant tingle. The clams should go down well with a couple glasses of this!

Happy Friday! :clinking_glasses: :grinning:


Half a case of this arrived on a WS van first thing (having rested in reserves for a couple of years). Couldn’t resist opening one. A bit too muted straight from the fridge but opens up nicely in the glass. On the crisper end of the NV spectrum but with enough fruit and autolysis on the palate to balance. Can’t see the bottle (or the rest of the case) lasting very long.


Bereche seems to have disappeared from the TWS list for the last couple of years. Shame


All this talk of Spain made me open this


The estate also does a superb albarino which, sadly, (as yet) doesn’t reach the UK.


Strange coincidence, was just reading this thread this afternoon:

Does it live up to your expectations?


Halibut with clams and tomato, and Dirler-Cadé riesling 2013.

Crisp lime and lemon zest nose, racy, steely and dry, citrus attack, beautiful structure and a long mineral finish. I can’t say how much I love this wine in every vintage I’ve tried. This was the last bottle of 2013, but I have 2014 and 2016 to come :slight_smile:


I think this really is my last bottle of this terrific wine

It seems to have some magic qualities; one is that it’s delicious every time I drink it. The other is that it never seems to run out even though every bottle seems to be the last one. Rather oddly I can’t find a vintage year anywhere on the bottle, but here it is showing as 2014, so I suppose it must be. I hope it will reappear sometime.


White Rhône 2016 again for me but this time from the south.

Went really well with poached hake and fennel with the slightly bitter edge of both the wine and dish


Enjoyed this tonight with some home made lasagna and the Crown. Bright red sour fruit deliciously tart. Well balanced. Long and juicy. Quite yummy really.


I bought this in January for £28-ish on the table. It is most definitely worth that and probably at least double that. It is pretty unique and delicious. Less acid than a Mosel, but still plenty to hold it up. I can only see the 2009 available on Wine Searcher at around £40 a bottle after tax.


Thanks. I’ll have to keep my eyes open for more Keller wines


Howard Ripley are the UK suppliers I think, they usually have some available. They also appear from time to time on L&W brokerage.


    Our local Society held a horizontal of this supplier yesterday



d’Arry’s Original Shiraz Grenache 2014
Years since I’ve had this. Picked up as a clearance item in a local shop for £10 which is great value. Great concentration as one expects from McClaren Vale reds.


Another community recommendation…

Very nice. A light, easy drinking Nebbiolo.


Another from yesterday’s WS delivery - Domaine de Chevalier Blanc 2006. Just teetering over into oxidation, the other bottles will go in fairly quick order, but with an underlying classic flavour profile with a nutty/spicy character.


Two offerings from British Airways on my return trip. I profess to have been disappointed by both but I know that altitude can affect your taste.

My notes were:
James Bryant Hill Pinot Noir - Clear and bright. Deep red centre - opaque. Red rim. Clean nose. Intense fruit and vanilla. Red and black fruit. Disappointing palate - metallic, hard. Promise of nose did not follow through.
Macon - Clear and bright. Pale yellow/green. Clean nose. Medium intensity. Fairly simple. Citrus. Apples. Slight minerality. Clean palate. Good acidity. Light. Not much to it. Disappointing.