Weekend Drinking Thread [9 Feb]

The most popular post of the week starts here … come along and show off your plans (or discoveries).

Remember, wine is for life, not just for weekends, but then we do get more opportunities to make it a worthy celebration of the winemaking art and spend some time on the food and moment on these days.

So, have you planned something special for this weekend? Let us know

Decisions, decisions! After reading the helpful What to drink in 2018 article, I think we will try a 2014 EP white burgundy. Only dilemma is whether to go for

or trade up and go for one of these

Any suggestions?

Rully! Rully! Rully!

BTW what will you be having it with?

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Another fan then :yum: we enjoyed the 2010 case so much we couldn’t resist another case in 2014.

It will be drunk over two days. A glass each with avocado and prawns; the rest with our traditional Sunday evening fish dinner, in this case baked salmon. Nice and plain so we can enjoy the wine flavours.


Oooh, the baked salmon will be nice … avocado though is always a bit tricky, no?

Yes it is I agree. But we have had success serving it with prawns and a gentle creamy homemade dressing. There’s probably not an ideal wine match but we love it so just enjoy both the dish and the wine. If the wine isn’t a great match then we wait till we’ve finished the avocado, rinse our palates with water and just sit, sip and enjoy.

“There’s no such thing as a bad match, just poorly timed sips!”



I think the freshness of the 2014 will be perfect to cut through the avocado

I am making pork meatballs in a slightly sweet and tangy tomato sauce. Is there a wine to match that? Have not found one so far…

I am also white burgundy minded this weekend and will have this (not with the pork though).

2011 Domaine Henri Naudin-Ferrand Bourgogne Hautes-Côtes de Beaune Blanc

Interestingly it is a blend…

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I’d be minded to head to Alsace for that, no? Something off-dry and aged?

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According to my trusty food and wine matching book (Sainsbury’s circa 1995; classy I know!) pork with tomatoes, onions and white wine recs are Alsace Pinot Gris (good call Robert!), lightly Oaked Chardonnay, Ozzie Shiraz or Shiraz/Cab, Oregon Pinot Noir or Rioja Riserva.

Actually my MIL just arrived for a visit from Canada - it was planned as an escape from winter but they’ve had a reasonably warm one recently (for them).

She’s not a big wine drinker, but I think it still deserves something a bit out of the ordinary, so am chilling both of these (to have options depending on what she feels like)

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There’s something about Kolonics that’s just putting me off that one :wink:

Rather this one with a K than the one with a C…

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This might work as well then…

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Sorry Robert, going off message again! Both sound great and really interesting. Obviously on good terms with the MIL which is nice to know. Both sound like just the ticket after a trans Atlantic flight! Serving as an aperitif or with food?

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With an indeterminate food … I’ve not yet decided what we’re having as it may depend on how hungry she feels after overnight flight. Probably something light :slight_smile:

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I’m a sucker for Riesling. Sorry not WS, but maybe later…


Cote De Lemsip 2018; delightful lemony palate, menthol on the nose (one hopes); distinctly medicinal.


Think you might try a wee dram to ease the pain of not being able to enjoy wine?