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Weekend drinking thread 9-11 April 2021

Gosh, what a privilege to start the weekend thread :man_cartwheeling:

Collected a box from The Owl today, and it seems like a good excuse to go to Rioja.

3rd of 3, so I’ll be holding my breath when I open it! I’ll feed back later :smiley: [dribbles with anticipation]


Could someone kindly merge the thread I started to this one? Thanks!

I think I beat you by 60 seconds :slight_smile:

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Starting the weekend with a favourite amongst TWS members.
Musar 2001. Iconic region and a great wine to savour on a Friday
Bottle taken out of the wine fridge and left standing since 8am. Opened at 3pm and it’s smells very promising
Will report later


looks great. Interested to hear your thoughts. Is this a 25% off Waitrose number? I had a bottle the other day and am convinced it was oxidised. No vibrancy, notable fruit, very sharp and a brick coloured hue.

I keep meaning to get an Owl box … Chateau Lapin not far away maybe next weekend ! better sort myself out before they get too busy post-lockdown.

Incidentally - have you tried Devour in Thunderbridge? not sure how long they will continue with the takeout, but the home bake pizzas are excellent. https://devour.co.uk/collections/all

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This chablis lieux dit is at its peak. Having it with sea bass. Green gold in colour.intense fruit with a really mouthfilling fresh acidity.lovely complex long finish.


Their boxes are really good. Had an email saying they’ll be reducing numbers as they prepare to reopen so order early to avoid disappointment !

It’s amazingly fresh :smiley:
Very pure fruit, no faults whatsoever.
It is indeed from the Waitrose 25% off offer. I got 6 bottles last month and this is the first one


This is tonight’s choice (and yesterday’s in fact).

The thing I like about 2016 Chianti is the extra freshness and tang that vintage seems to have brought. This one is v good: a soft, pillowy nose of violets; beautiful translucent ruby colour; sharp, refreshing cherries on the palate. I am making a tomato pasta bake to accompany it.

The Lindt bunny in the background is hers and should be ignored.


Birthday celebration this weekend so getting an early jump on it with the first part of a two nights Haar at Home. Going with sea tonight (dressed crab with Asian slaw then lobster and seaweed potatoes) with these two.


For me this is a gold medal wine


Oh, I have some of the St Mont waiting to fulfil its purpose and I have quite high expectations. Even the Tesco Finest St M, at less than a fiver on offer, is pretty decent, and I hope this will be a good bit better.

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Interesting I’ve been wondering about giving the Isole e Olena Chianti a try…


A fine bottle and one of my favourite producers🍷


Please do! You won’t regret


Unfortunately none on the list right now but keeping the usual eye out…

We had a 2010 Isolde e Olena last weekend (provided by @JamesE for our Garden feast / Sangiovextravaganza).

Worries it might have been past it were totally unfounded. Tertiary flavours to be sure, but still in fine condition. Absolutely delicious and my favourite of the three.


I think they make beautiful wines, never OTT. The family (the son, I think) make an elegant Nebbiolo in Lessona - Proprieta Sperino - which is about as good as wine gets, for me.


Absolutely wonderful. Wasn’t going to decant but had an issue with the cork, but the wine no worse off for it.

Superbly made and just charming right now. Lovely hint of oak but almost all gone, soft red fruit, tannins fully resolved. Class.

Happy Friday all