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Weekend Drinking Thread [8th Dec]



As we get closer to the festive season, is this an excuse to start opening your better bottles, or are you holding back waiting for the big day(s)?

Let us know your plans for the weekend and if you plan on opening anything that deserves shouting about


It’s Mrs Jonesy’s birthday today and her sister is coming over this evening - we are all going out to dinner but I expect we’ll open something appropriately sparkly beforehand.


Time for some pre Christmas restraint. Our meals over the weekend will include Delia’s roasted piedmont peppers (with tomatoes, garlic, anchovies and basil). Current plan is to serve it with

which I see is now out of stock and I am guilty of snaffling the last two bottles which arrive tomorrow :smile:

We tasted this wine at the winery in June and it was delicious so glad TWS stock(ed) it.

Given the dish, any other suggestions for a wine match?


My weekend is dominated by eating out. We’re doing a Mr wheeler fine wine dinner then eating out tonight , undecided where but daughter number 1 has been offered a job, celebrate. The tennis club dinner at The Sun at Dedham tomorrow. It has a splendid list, lots of fun things and a few very fine ones. Will report back.


Kicking off the weekend with a Tuscany vs Piedmont tasting tonight. Should be fun.


That sounds good - Sangiovese Vs Nebbiolo I assume? What wines may I ask?

We’re going for a Warwick Estate Cab France tonight - it’s snowing here so we need warming up!



“Come join us where top estates such as La Spinetta, Fattoi, Stroppiana, Ruffino & Antinori go head to head. This fun-filled evening will be accompanied by cheese and charcuterie from the famous London chef Tom Whitaker from London Dining Concept.”

This is the only info I have now… but will report back with the full line-up.


It’s cold outside so the fire’s on. Can’t imagine pre Christmas restraint so going for roasted mallard with porcini and truffle risotto accompanying a 2008 Brunello di Montalcino from Gianni Brunelli. It’s currently resting in the decanter and the scent is lovely.
Local butcher does a fab Porterhouse steak that’s been calling to me for the last few weeks… I might need to wait Til Sunday for that after the feast we’ve got on tonight though. A Collines Rhodaniennes “La Rosine” bought EP a few years ago may have to make an appearance.
Bought some good Suffolk cider for mulling seeing as it’s so fresh outside. Will go well with some mince pies as I suppose the Christmas tree needs putting up.


I’m out on a girls night this evening but am driving and leaving early as some friends are arriving from Ireland
While I’m out .(I’m hoping they’ll pay the babysitter :joy:).
I have a bottle of vecchia Modena premium Sorbara which I’ll probably open later on when I’m back !
Anyone know how exactly I open it !? No seriously !??IMG_8864|375x500



Love that wine. Sadly I’ve only got 2 bottles left of the 6 I acquired through the Vinyagr Cellar Plan.


Mine came from the VCP too and I noted your opening of the Rodney Strong Alexander Valley CS. I’ve been doing all I can to resist the youthful charms of my VCP until now… Can’t wait to get the dinner on!


yes - take a spoon or key and lever one side while you push down a little. The Primo Franco has the same and there are instructions there:

A note on the closure for this wine: this Prosecco’s cork is sealed with a traditional clip, just as Champagne used to be. Removing the clip is easy: just put your thumb over the top of the cork (as you would when opening a bottle of Champagne while you remove the wire cage), then lever out one side with either a coin (for example, a 50 pence piece) or a firm piece of metal like a bottle opener. When one side is pulled out in this way, you can just slide the clip off.


I had my first couple of glasses of this on Wednesday night with a celebratory Chinese takeaway. Polishing off the rest with a Thai green curry. Very nice indeed!


This can age well too if you can bear it. I had a 1999 Marsanne from this place not that long ago and it was wonderful


We’re in New Zealand for a month, arrived a couple of days ago and our 6 month old doesn’t know which way is up. Yesterday found a bottle shop with a limited selection but picked up
https://www.vivino.com/wineries/seresin-estate/wines/pinot-gris-9999 on the strength of the seresin wines I’ve had from TWS, it was nice and refreshing, with a bit of spice and length. Less aromatic and lighter textured than most nz pinot gris I’ve had, but none the worse for that.
Then a glass of
https://www.vivino.com/wineries/wooing-tree/wines/central-otago-pinot-noir-2012 which I’d never come across before. It was big but well balanced. Lots of ripe fruit, more structure than I was expecting (in a good way), and refreshing acidity. Looking forward to another glass of each tonight, may even try to stay up past 8pm…

Hope everyone’s weekend goes well!


I was dining in Bath yesterday and a nearby table had a rather portly gent who’s waistband looked remarkably similar to that cork!:joy:


A nice big bowl of mushroomy pasta and a bottle of this (Momo 2014). Which reminded me to leave a review. I’ve had 8 or 9 bottles of this and it’s a cracker, classic Tempranillo bright cherry crunch giving way to a juicy warm finish. Great stuff.


This was the line up


Thanks @robert_mcintosh :+1: