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Weekend drinking thread [8th- 10th November 2019]


Back home after our weekend away and a larger than usual meal out at lunchtime (alcohol free as we had a couple of hours drive after). House was freezing as Mr JayKay miscalculated the holiday mode on the central heating controls :cold_face: Now warmer and looking forward to a Maribel amontillado


A basic white from Mas de Daumas Gassac. I like the MdD blanc and this is a small scale version of that (the red I’m less of a fan of which is a pity as I possess an unopened full case of the 2001). Not complex but perfectly nice wine with good Grenache blanc character and should be a nice match for hake simply baked.


Just opened this, not sure what persuaded me to buy it but so pleased I did

Rather light in colour yet packs a punch on the palate. A rich and spicy red. Exceptional considering the price.


That the new WS white Rioja? Tasting good? One in my basket?


I don’t know that vintage but it seems to be a long lived wine.


Picked up from Majestic few years ago. Last bottle.

Still lovely. Time has tempered its sweetness (I presume), as this for me was more like a spatlese. Acidity present and balancing the sweetness nicely. Long finish with flavours a heady mix of crisp apples, ripe apricot, lime and some spicy notes.


Opened a cheap Lidl Barolo. Nothing particularly elegant about this. Lots of fruit and very little tannin so I guess very much a modern style Barolo. Probably shouldn’t expect any more for £11.99, but I’d have to say I can and do expect a lot more from a similarly priced Bordeaux or Rhone. It’s okay but not, in my opinion, good value for money.


We had the Liberator ‘Thunderbirds’ again, this time putting it up against pork loin with cauliflower cheese. A good match for a lighter red meat with a bit of saltiness, due to the low tannin and bright fruit flavours. This style of cinsault is very different to the Lebanese wine I have in reserves


My wife had this open by the time I got home on Friday:

Definitely creamy from the barrel fermentation and maturation, but is more evident on the nose. On the palate I found it more minerally, oak less evident and not a great deal of fruit, though the hint of grapefruit in TWS notes as described.

Made a ragu on Saturday and decided I needed something meaty and Italian so decided to open this:

Unusual NV blend of Corvina, Primitive & Nero D’Avola from Verona, Puglia & Sicily respectively. Improved the ragu, but I wasn’t particularly impressed. Came through a bit sweet, syrupy and medicinal for my tastes. Bags of ripe, red fruit and a bit of spice, but that’s about it. Not much structure, low acidity and thrown out of whack by the 15% alcohol. Stupid heavy bottle (1.9KG when full) and a cavernous punt.

Old school friend over for lunch today and we caught up over a bottle of this

Bought from Amazon last Prime day. Not bought wine from them before (usual selection is normally pretty woeful), but this caught my eye as I was browsing because it’s from the first vineyard I ever visited, more than 20 years ago with the same old school friend. Still remember the fantastic customer service as we tasted their entire range, with them fully aware that we would not be buying significant quantities of their wine.

Was a great talking point and the wine lived up to the reminiscing very nicely indeed. Classic Margaret River cab sauv. Pure cassis and blackberry on the nose and palate, super-fine tannins and perfect acidity that cut through the fat of our slow-roast pork shoulder beautifully.

Weekday Drinking Thread (11-15 November 2019)

hmmm, not sure what happened to that last photo. Only visible in full when you click on it.

Was this:


If you are looking for a Malbec from Argentina to lay down, try the Mendel https://www.thewinesociety.com/shop/ProductDetail.aspx?pd=AR4051
or Susana Balbo Chacayes Single-Vineyard Mendoza Malbec.


Or Friuli or Slovenia :smile:


Not quite! It’s a cut of pork from the shoulder. Another treat from our butcher - very nicely marbled, and perfect simply seasoned and seared.


Aristargos 2015, David and Nadia Sadie Best showing yet for this eclectic Chenin based Rhône blend. Very complex and broad on the palate but surprisingly short. I’ve been a bit underwhelmed by this wine, having been very impressed with this producer’s Grenache, a grape I tend to dislike strongly in the S Rhône.

Pahi 2010, Escarpment Last bottle of a trio of single vineyard Escarpment Pinots. It’s a lovely fruity wine, and thoroughly balanced, but is it worth over 30 quid? I honestly can’t remember a time I’ve drunk an NZ Pinot and haven’t felt it was poor value.


So this was it, titled 'A river runs through it"

Three Douro’s (WS Exhibition, Crasto Superior and Quinta De La Rosa) and three Ribera Del Duero’s (Momo, Bohorquez and El Secreto) All tasted blind. Stars of the night were Momo and De La Rosa.


Momo was also the star of a tasting on my level 3. We all loved it! An effortlessly delicious Ribera, and excellent value for money.

Which Quinta de la Rosa was it, by the way? I only ever tried one of their wines - a 2016 Dourosa Tinto, which I liked very much.


Quinta de la Rosa is a lovely place to stay (though best not eat there). Never been too impressed with their wines, though - too oaky for me. Their winemaker Jorge Moreira’s own stuff (Poeira) is a lot better (north-facing vineyard higher up - Rosa is just too hot!)


Cheers Robin - I have some of the Mendel 2013 Malbec in the cellar. Might add a few from 2016 as well. I have one of the Chacayes Single-Vineyard as well to try.