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Weekend drinking thread [8th- 10th November 2019]


It’s here…

Today hasn’t been the best dealing with car insurance people. But on a plus, on the back of Sherry week, I’m out at a masterclass tonight and then off to Edinburgh for the festival of wine in the morning. CHILDFREE ! Woohoooo!!!

What are everyone’s plans??


Speaking to car insurance people after some idiot reversed into mine whilst leaving their driveway. Mine’s probably a write off due to it’s age, though it’s still the most reliable car we’ve ever had, hence still having it. Not happy. :cold_sweat:


Quiet night in tonight, and I’m going to cook chili con carne. I’d quite like to open a nice red but I never really know whether it’s worth it with a chili. Maybe the 2008 Weinert Cabernet? I’ll have a think on that.

Off to Wahaca and then the theatre with Mrs H tomorrow night to watch The Lady Vanishes. It’ll be our first night out for just the two of us since our youngest arrived 18 months ago. Really looking forward to it! Another not-particularly-wine-friendly meal there, but I’m sure their Chenin-Viognier blend will be alright.

Roast chicken dinner on Sunday, accompanied with a first taste of this, which I’m hoping will be an adequate substitute for Les Parcelles which was an absolute fave and is no longer available. Fingers crossed…


I’m planning to have some TWS champagne in about an hour with some neighbours, before going to the local pub for a meal. This is from a batch I bought 3.5 years ago or so. It lasted the 3.5 years without much thought at all. Having discovered how nice it is I’d be surprised if the 6 bottles manage to last another 3.5 weeks from first to last! Oh well, all things must pass.

At least I’m now reminded to order some more!


Looking forward to 'A river runs through it" tasting tonight. Can’t explain as other eyes might be looking and it is a blind tasting.


From TWS, years ago. Still in good nick but needs, ideally, some hearty food.


Take the money and then buy it off the insurance company and get it fixed with parts from breakers. You’ll probably end up with money in your pocket and still have a reliable car. That’s assuming the damage is cosmetic.


Yep, that’s the current plan, just the driver’s door, probably need replacing as its a mess, though thankfully still closes \ locks, it is just cosmetic. I know its how insurance works, but its annoying that I’ve got all this hassle whilst being the injured party - i kinda balk at having my car written off when it was just sat there minding its own business if that makes sense? Ah well, sh1t happens, time for a drink, nothing winey, hitting the scotch, feel the need for stiff one :frowning:


I feel your pain, exactly the same thing happened to me in the past. However I did end up with money in my pocket and the old car kept running for a good few more years. So ultimately, despite the hassle, I viewed it as a win.


Fair enough, thanks MIke, I’ll try to be positive about it. And to top the day off, it appears our daughter has come home from school sporting some little head louse additions, time to get the nit comb out…days like this were just made for alcohol :slight_smile:


The lovely chaps at Highbury Vintners suggested this as a good Bordeaux blend without the Bordeaux price tag. Cellartracker has some interesting comments including “vinegar fruit puke”. Cannot concur. Big plummy nose, with strawberries and mint. Lively acidity. Sat very well alongside pappardelle with beef ragú and porcini.


First this

Then this with pea, prawn, chilli and lemon risotto

My continued exploration of Alsace and my first Sylvaner.
Blossom, apple and pear skins with a mouth coating texture. Subtle but with enough intrigue. Both wife and I agree it’s better than the Kumeu River Hunting Hill 2011 from the week before.


This is first stop tonight:

Quite subtle nose of lemon and slightly bitter apple, but smells so ‘clean’ if you get what I mean. Lovely salinity on the palate. Really lovely and crying out for shellfish.

Tomorrow is probably wine free as (floods permitting) me & 3 of my boys are heading for the (my!) homeland to watch Leeds v Blackburn.

I’m sure Sunday will include wine but no idea what as yet…


Ooooh, this is in my basket (another dwindling stock, now down to 26 boxes) as a curiosity. Apart from the exceedingly occasional mouthful at a tasting, not tried a Sylvaner.


How was the Hunting Hill 2011 @winechief? Did it disappoint?


This is on my wish list, as well as the Sylvain Pataille aligote Champs Forey.

Anyone tried both and can give an opinion as to whether the upgrade is worth it?


I have a bottle of the Champs Forey as well. Will let you know when I sample it


Thanks very much, I look forward to it


It was good but I expected great. So yeah, slightly disappointing.
I’ve bought that Fronsac from Booths for <£8 and thought very good value


Tapas for dinner, with some Iberico secreta. Pre-prandial sherry, and then on to white Rioja.

Both of these are really such good value. The sherry has so many flavours going on, nutty, caramelly and just plain delicious. The Rioja is great at the price - despite the TWS description, there are actually fruity and floral aromas as well as the more expected oxidative ones; the oak is nicely subtle but noticeably there; a good length; and a tingly finish. Hard to believe it’s just £8.95.