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Weekend drinking thread [8th-10th April 2022]

7.35pm and I can’t see a weekend thread ! :scream: my phone could be playing up, but if it’s not… I’ll kick it off .
There’s one glass of this left for tonight when I will return from my 3 hour stint for the kids training …. (I long for a Friday night I can actually go out :crazy_face:).
I opened this and decanted last night . I tried it after an hour and tbh I was a bit concerned as it was quite bitter on the finish .
I need not have worried though, another 2 hours left to sit and it transformed into a thing of beauty .
The fruit has developed into dried figs, prunes and raisins, there is an abundance of tobacco, leather and cocao …. The tannins are very smooth and the acidly is balanced nicely . It is so well integrated and is showing no signs of deterioration.
I have another 3 bottles , the problem now will be resisting them :yum:!


Thanks to either @Leah or @woodap for kicking off the weekend thread. No doubt they’ll be merged in due course !

I felt deserving of treats tonight after a double spin cycling class earlier. So, for starters. some king scallops…

… and a Sylvaner Vieilles Vignes 2017 from Dirler-Cade.

For my money ( £15 ) it’s a great example of the grape. Orchard fruits, citrus, minerals and a subtle hint of lees and spice on the nose and palate. Dry and medium bodied but rich in flavour too with a light oily texture beautifully cut by vibrant acidity. Yum, yum, and good for a few years yet.

It was spot-on with one of my occasional attempts at tarte flambee too…

…yeah, it’s a bit rustique ( i.e. burnt at the edges ) but it tasted great. I had some gruyere in the fridge and it really made a difference.

Best wishes for the weekend everyone !


Blimey, that Vieux Telegraph is posh for a Friday. I’m envious.

Here at Ch Lapin it’s a half of Angludet 2012 - outstanding. With green salad + cold meats & poached egg & croutons. This salad is good, Angludet is superb… one to look out for if it comes around again.

Finishing with a honey & spelt cake.

Early night :slight_smile:


As it should be - it’s in the name ! best wishes, sounds good.


Thanks ! If only my oven was 50% bigger :grin:


It’s available through EP, I’ve started buying it the last couple years ….agreed, great wine :wine_glass:.


2015 Alain Voge Fleur de Crussol, St. Peray

Well this is incredible!

Lemon curd, cream, hazelnuts, full malo, vanilla, cinnamon, rich, fat. Whomp! Mouth filling. Who needs acidity when you can bask in the glory of something like this.
We had a spaghetti, salmon, sun dried tomatoes, pepper, courgette kind of dish for dinner (which was actually pretty tasty) but this is crying out for lobster, scallops, monkfish. That kind of thing.

£20 well spent from L&W


@Embee - what @lapin_rouge said - that tarte flambée looks great. Burnt edges are all part of the authenticity. The wine’s a perfect accompaniment, too :yum:


Unless I’m losing it, it appears to be approaching 7:30pm on a Friday with no weekend drinking thread :flushed:

Actually opened this last night originally….

It was all over the place. Sweet jammy fruit, chocolate and pepper all mixed up in a very unhappy and unsettling way.

Tonight a whole different story. Charming and elegant mix of figs, prunes and leather. Much more integrated and has a certain poise.

What a difference a day makes.

Happy weekend all, whatever you’re doing/drinking


Jane MacQuitty said in The Times last Saturday “ forget costly white chateauneuf and nab this Lirac instead. It’s a cracker.”


Picked up a single bottle using the free delivery option - very good but felt a little guilty about the transport costs (financial and non financial) compared to profit on a single bottle like this.


Thank you Robert ! With regard to the wine, I must say, it would be great, on the basis of those tried previously, if TWS were to offer other wines from Dirler-Cade again.

Having just looked back, their muscat and riesling from both Saering and Spiegel seriously impressed here too. Should I ever find myself in Alsace again, and it’s on the cards with both bike and car the next time, I’ll certainly be making a beeline to their cellar door !


Technically, this was finished last night, but I’ve only just got around to commenting.

Well, I’m pleased to have tried it, and it was enjoyable, but no ‘Wow’ factor for me.

Dog Point Marlborough Pinot Noir 2010

It’s been a while since I’ve had a Chateau Musar and I fancied trying this half bottle picked up during a Waitrose offer last year (I think). After a decant, it’s very drinkable with a lovely floral nose. There are tannins, but they’re not obtrusive and the fruit is supported by some spice and balanced acidity. The mouthfeel is surprisingly light, no heaviness at all. Delicious!

Chateau Musar 2013

The half bottle shape is lovely too - long and very slim.


I was underwhelmed by the 2010 dog point too. It felt nicely balanced, but not a great deal of character for the price.


The £10 Rustenberg Chard at Waitrose proved too strong a temptation after a hard day’s DIY. (Why is it that every DIY task takes so much longer than you hope, and much longer even than your most pessimistic estimate?). Anyway a quick top up trip was called for, and consequently the new 2021 bottles required the consumption of a 2020 bottle this evening to help make more space.

I always enjoy this wine and have been drinking it for several vintages. It’s always similar, but the 2020 is one of the more marzipan, almond, creamy years. The year before was much more citric, mostly lemon and grapefruit. In due course I’ll catch up to the 21 and see how that is. I’m sure it’ll be good. At a tenner this is great value.


Well put - a perfect summary. I’ve another bottle, so will see if that’s any different.

Agreed that it would be a good thing to see more of their wines from the Society again - it’s a wide range, very well made, and characterful. The Society’s Alsace range seems to have tilted towards coops and away from small producers recently, which seems a bit of a shame. Dirler-Cadé are well worth a visit - very friendly, and an extensive tasting.


Mmmm, a good night of wine and comfort food (confit duck) with a fellow forumite.

Unfortunately the Nebbiolo was corked, ultra-textbook, wet cardboard stench, which I encouraged our 10-year old to smell extremely diligently.
All other wines very good, even the 40-year old Pinot Blanc. The Pinot noirs kept jostling for position all night - quite amazing as their vintages were 12 years apart. We decided to finish the Burgundy as I’m off to Devon tomorrow and didn’t think the Pernand Vergelesse would make the journey successfully.


And always one extra trip to Homebase.


Or three… :roll_eyes:


Hofstadter’s law: It always takes longer than you think, even when you factor in Hofstadter’s law!