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Weekend Drinking thread 8 to 10 Oct

Starting the weekend with this Corsican Rose from TWS. Easy going, delicate wine

Pale rose with grey hue. Delicate nose. Red currant, rose petal and pink grapefruit. Light palate. Fresh acidity. Red cherry, pink grapefruit. Strawberry. Ripe red apple. Mineral characteristics. Shortish finish.


Gratuitous photograph of my lunch because it looked rather attractive.

And more importantly, the evening offering. Fantastic oysters and mussels from Pesky, accompanied by a Trimbach Riesling which, to be fair, was drunk too young. But oh boy, what a wine. Like buttered lemon curd and the taste of the sea.


A Lebanese wine from Aldi. No idea of the maker or the blend. A decent drink, better lightly chilled, no resemblance at all to Musar.



Inspired by Inbar’s post from last night, I opened, having sat on it a few months, a bottle of this tonight - the Rainer Wess Grüner Veltliner Ried Loibenberg, Wachau 2015.

Not much to say really beyond wow - this really is very [insert bad language here] nice! Rich fruit, great depth, viscous qualities, and lingering lip-licking after-taste. Very very hard to ignore reason and not get a case into reserves.

My first EP via the WS was 2 cases of the Schloss Gobelsburg Grüner Veltliner, Ried Lamm 1ÖTW 2020, and on this evidence, one of those cases is going to sit it out a long old time as good Gruners evidently really will age well :~}


My first try of the Exhibition Chenin tonight. Lovely wine. Super value. Great with TOH’s chicken risotto.

Then a glass of our first bottle of six of Aalto 2007, a recent auction purchase at about £33 a pop. Still youthful. Only the faintest sign of bricking. Classic tempranillo. The Cellartracker notes give an accurate picture.



I cooked some hake fillets this evening, with courgettes, pepper, chorizo and tomatoes. We drank a wine that we bought in the summer - Beck-Hartweg Grand Cru Frankstein Pinot Gris, 2017.

It’s made in a low-intervention, low sulfur, close to natural style. There was a definite taste of the orchard to it on first sip - I described it as tasting fermenting rather than fermented, though it’s clearly not. That seemed to die back a bit as we made our way down the bottle, and there’s some of the grip and spice that you’d associate with pinot gris, but it still tastes more of the winemaking style than it does of the grape. That seems a bit bizarre as a statement, given that there’s less intervention from the winemaker rather than more, and perhaps that’s due to the style being unfamiliar, but there it is. Very well made, complemented the food well, and a good addition to the cellar. But I don’t think that I want to drink it all the time.


Never let it be said I am not an idiot. I do not learn from my mistakes.

After last weekends 15%, I’ve admittedly dropped fo 14.5%.

At least this week it could stand up to it. That was a lot. Completely and totally overpowered the Partridge it was served with. I’d never had partridge before and assumed it was bigger. I was well enough to walk to the shops today and the butchers has a fine game collection, having never had it I thought I’d give partridge a go.

2017 Domaine Christophe Pichon Condrieu from an EP Mixed viognier case. The wine was delicious. HUGE but delicious. Text book Condrieu amped up to 11. A rich golden colour with tonnes of stone fruit, flowers and a slight musk on the nose. Peaches, pears and apricots, not much acidity to cut through the richness but also nom.

We ended up finishing the bottle between two of us and I am a bit tipsy.

Edit: Quite excited to see that I have a bottle of the 2019 in the Take Six White Rhone EP mixed case too. Hopefully I’ll serve it with something that stands up to it a bit better (e.g. more people!).


I’ve had some very, very good wine this week (see the North London Group thread for details), but this with sausage and mash this eve has been great:

Delivered by Matt (a man I can relate to) in the red van just this morning, it is worthy of the ‘museum’ tag. Lovely, evolved syrah with plenty of dark black fruit and more than a touch of barnyard, this punches way above its price tag in the complexity stakes.

I may have to go back for more.

Edit. I have gone back for more.


Mine also arrived today, and your notes are most encouraging, not to say drool-inducing…! Looking forward to opening it soon :grinning:


It needs a bit of air. While the nose was there from the start, it was a bit lean on the palate initially, but it really opens up after an hour or two. I don’t think you will be disappointed.


Very drinkable wine from this Chateau, made with fruit from multiple plots. One of their entry-level wines, price-wise, nevertheless quite bright, with the lightest touch of new oak and tannins to keep things interesting. Will not disappoint those who appreciate Pinot Noir.


Kicked off the weekend with a couple of recently repatriated wines from TWS. First off, to toast the end of a busy week, and probably a little bit wasted on takeaway pizza, this…


First of 12, bought about a year ago with a view to seeing how this NV develops over time. It’s a relatively delicate wine, but with a lovely crisp apple palate if you like your champagne at that end of the spectrum (as I do). Next up, this…


Bought EP in 2019, and the first bottle of 6. A little cold and muted straight out of the fridge, with a distinct whiff of kerosene. As the wine warmed in the glass it transformed through citrus to end with some subtle orchard fruit notes. Has a nice balance of acidity, alcohol and fruit to promise much for the next 5 bottles. Keeping my hands off them to see that development will be the perennial challenge!


Nice to see a palate again in wine tasting notes!


Went to Spain last night….the Valdeyuso was corked, when the cork disintegrated on pulling the signs were there . 5 more to go so hopefully they are all fine as it’s a delicious mature Tempranillo and has shown fabulous qpr.

So to avoid disappointment and the need to score for dinner went with an old faithful. Sublime and ready to go.


The corks on these are very poor. I’ve opened 4 so far. One corked, two disintegrated and one successfully extracted (just) but it’s worth it once you’ve put the filter paper away!


Ah-so type tool is the way forward - opened one of these 2001s the other night with no problems, delicious and amazing VfM… glad I have more!

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Wet stones, herby, restrained citrus, rich, full bodied, great texture, well disguised alcohol. Will probably get a bottle of the 2020 that is on the list.


I’ve always wanted to try this method…



This with a rather nice ribeye sandwich for dinner was delicious. Meaty. Black fruit. Not as powerful as I might have thought it was going to be, though. Has a softness to it that was lovely. No rush on this though. Will get more.

Happy weekend all


I love your cooking. It’s the type of food I wish I could have at local restaurants. Always looks wonderful, and for some reason I sense you don’t actually find it terribly difficult (or even find the cooking relaxing). And I find myself thinking it would be a pleasure in itself to see you put these dishes together. Bravo!