Weekend drinking thread [8 June 2018]

We’re planning to open their Riesling on Sunday! Hope it’s as good as your Pinot Noir… Haven’t tried anything by Blind Spot before…
You could call it my blind spot :grinning:

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If I am not mistaken Blind Spot is not a producer, but a TWS branding.

That’s right though I think it is sourced and made by Mac Forbes


I found the article.


It looks Mac Forbes is instrumental in sourcing the wines. I only ever had the Rutherglen Muscat. It was very good.

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Ha ha, yeah, it’s proper nuts in Beirut! Took me a while to learn how to handle everyday life there. I found Damascus and Aleppo to be much more orderly and sensible in comparison, although I was only in Syria for a week. But Beirut was endlessly fascinating. If it was the end of the pay month and I was skint, I would often just spend an entire weekend walking around the city, going from swanky Christian neighbourhoods to the Armenian district to the flash downtown bit for the rich Gulf Arabs to the old French colonial bits to the Palestinian camps to the seafront cafes … and so on! The government collapsed while I was living there and nobody noticed a thing. Did you get up the coast to Byblos, or up inland to the Chouf? It’s really quite a stunning little country.

So much in common! The madness sees no borders :crazy_face:


Currently drinking this in the garden in the sun

This for later with a mutton curry currently cooking.


Had to open this bottle as I had a concern about the cork (auction bottle delivered while I was away). Luckily it is not off… will savour over the weekend.


What is that?? Something declassified?

For full disclosure, it is a 25 year old white wine. All the more remarkable it is actually good. Apparently the third vintage from relatively young wines.

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Ah ok, that makes sense!

This reminds me so much of the experience of walking around Jerusalem… The variety of sights, smells, architecture, languages, different worship places… It’s never boring, and always holds some surprises. I just love it! Jaffa is quite similar too.
As you say, more common than different…

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Thanks for the clarification, @szaki1974! I haven’t tried many Aussie Riesling- too besotted with the German and Austrian ones - so I’m curious about how this one would compare!

Update mutton curry was outstanding if I do say so myself, didn’t like the Corralillo. My wife however thinks it is fantastic and a perfect match. Unfortunately !!! had to resort to Theakstons Old Peculiar.

I am the same, only had the oddClare Valley Riesling

I have a bottle of the 2005 waiting for me. Now I don’t want to drink it too early, do I?

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I have unearthed a nice Minervois of which I had an entire case. The last one was drunk three years ago when I noted it had evolved into a sumptuous wine. Now it’s probably past it. Will find out soon.

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Just bought a couple of bottles of the 2003 in Waitrose…salivating as I put it in the rack!


Tonight we’ll be sampling this

and a 2005 Château Bel Air Perponcher Rouge Reserve, Bordeaux. Past it’s drinking window so will be interesting to see what we think.


Just opened:


very pleasant.

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After the many positive reviews on here I’m opening this tonight to have with my lightly seasoned ribeye :cut_of_meat:

EDIT: Now tasted.
This wine is amazing for the price. One minute your thinking nicely aged médoc, then Rioja Reserva, then Musar. Wonderful stuff.
Can’t wait try their 1994 Malbec Tonel 111 now…