Weekend drinking thread [8 June 2018]

Well, its the weekend already. What’s tempting you or what have you decided on?
I’m slurping this…

Whilst opening this…
Some filet steak and stuffed peppers coming my way later.


Nice choices.

Musar our end here. The ‘new’ 2010 and it’s lush.


Having this Pinot noir this evening.
It’s really nice slightly chilled. Beautiful Pinot fruit. Great value.


Been reading a lot about this and finally about to try. Opened a couple of hours ago and smells good. Hoping it will exceed expectations.


We opened our first bottle of this the other night - absolutely loved it! Especially for the price. Very tempted to get a case in the multi-case savings offer…

Well my wife and I have just finished off one of our favourite wines - L’Arjolle Merlot Cabernet - that was opened yesterday evening


Last Saturday I was at TWS showroom and could not find it in the usual place and thought it had been discontinued. However, thankfully they had just moved it and I picked up a couple of bottles.

Just opened a bottle recommended by a manager at Majestic - Capaia 2010


Wow - very smooth and quite heavy - a very good recommendation. This will keep us going through Saturday evening!


I am interested in the Musar as never tried any wine from Lebanon - recommended? Saying this I did pick up a bottle of Chateau Ksara from TWS showroom last Saturday - not opened as yet but just seen a couple of average reviews on the website so not expecting too much…

Musar is a great producer. Just had the 2010. Stil cleaely got a long way to go but lovely. I was actually in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon in 2010 which feels like a lifetime ago but then this wine is so young. With Musar best to let them age. We’re working our way through 2001s which are doing really well. Although we’ve tried other Lebanese wines I’ll admit that we only really like Musar to be honest.


Thanks Rich - I will give the Musar a try and locate a bottle when I am the TWS showroom next

Good stuff - go for the 2006 if they have it in as we thought it was great for drinking now when we tried it at Christmas. Enjoy!

The other half shares her birthday with my dad, and it’s today, so we all went round to my folks for lots of pizza and random grog.

Got back a little while ago, put some knackered children to bed and opened this:

Very, very tasty. Started off all kind of pear-dropsy and has moved on to something vaguely greenly floral, like a summer meadow or something. Hard to pin down, but it’s quite lovely.

So was I! Did we walk past each other?? It’s a small enough place for that to happen! Well, I moved to Beirut in the June and stayed there for 18 months. The mountains were a great place to escape the heat and the greeny-brown air of the city. I tried as many wines as I could out there, and somewhere between the overly rustic tooth-gnashers and the oak-victim point-chasers there were some very good wines but I think Musar’s a bit of a one-off, certainly in terms of style. I felt the best of the rest were often cabernet-syrah blends that didn’t try too hard.


Well, the Alicante Bouschet was a great success - very rich and smooth and deep, excellent with mushroom risotto and with dolcelatte. Only problem was trying to convince my friends that it was £7.50 a bottle!


The Lugana is a favourite of mine. It is the perfect summer drink. Complex and always evolving throughout the bottle :+1:


Away with the family this weekend so packed a mixed case including a couple of “tried and loved”, a couple brought back from holiday, a Christmas left over and something new to try

The Wolf Blass is a favourite and I almost regret sharing my last bottle but it’s drinking so well now. Smoky and dark. Love it. The Filliatreau Saumur took me right back on holiday, we bought it as a nice everydayer but I’d forgotten how much I’ve fallen for good Chenin


I’m away in Ely this weekend, with my husband’s (large!) family.
Had a nice meal out tonight, and me and the other half shared a bottle of Saumur Champigny Lieu-dit Les Villaises 2014. Very good it was too! Finished the evening with a delectable glass of Chateau Septy 2011 Montbazillac. Not sure what we’ll be drinking tomorrow… Anything is possible!
Ready for bed now!! :sleeping:


I have been sadly Zalto-less (first world problems, I know) for a while as broke my last remaining one a month or so ago. Got some more today, so decided to christen them with this:


I would normally have left this for a couple more years but was told by the producer that it was drinking really well now so thought I’d throw caution to the wind and open it… And it’s showing really well. So well balanced. Yum.


This is in my impending order , really looking forward to trying it ! Also the Yarra Oinot is a favourite of mine too :wink:

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That’s good to hear, I also have a bottle bought in the mixed twelve with the 16s. Also classified as openable.

My mum is around so we may have some unfashionable sparkler that I think she will like.


What a coincidence! I flew into Beruit in July I think. Stayed in Lebanon for about 10 days (and somehow managed to run into loads of Hezbollah guys who were wondering what I was doing) - but then carried on into Syria, Jordan and into the West Bank / Israel. For me Beruit was mad and when we left for Damascus we found it much more chilled out.

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Having grown up in the Middle East, I can assure you that we’re all mad! Myself included!.. :grimacing: