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Weekend Drinking Thread [8-10 March]



Slipping this in between the “fine wines” last night and tomorrow.

Just £6 for DWWA Platinum award winner. Simply brilliant.


Just opened the 2016 version of this…

This is big and bold as far as whites go. On the nose there’s grass, pebbles and a citrus rind with just a touch of powdery pear .

On the palette, I can taste the alcohol but not in a bad way as it is well integrated with the acidity and body. Its big on body and length and displays flavours of an unripe lime zest, slight flint with some almost jasmine like hints. There is a metallic element on the finish too. Altogether an interesting wine. I like it and think what a great food wine it would be. As an aperitif not so much its too big for that. I would buy it again.


This with cassoulet

Mixed reviews on TWS website. We rather enjoyed it after a decant, though definitely a food wine rather than one to drink alone. The nose was a beautiful blackberry, tobacco and leather combo. Taste didn’t quite live up to the nose. Maybe better after a day or so.


I love white Bordeaux. Packs a lot more for your money then red.


We’ve just had an interesting evening that evolved from a late afternoon play-date for the four year olds into a fully fledged wine and pizza evening. We started by polishing off last nights:

Before the ladies ploughed through a couple of bottles of prosecco.

A juvenile bordeaux for the gents, young, but nonetheless drinking very well already:

Two bottles down from a case.

And finally started in on a white burgundy I picked up from the bin ends in the TWS showroom before Christmas, the remainder of which will go with tomorrows roast chicken. The thought has crossed my mind to try for a case of this in the current Burgundy EP campaign…

A late bedtime, but the little one was out like a light.


Tomorrow will be steak !
And since we are in celebratory mood, we will be having

My first Clos des Papes. The vintage is said to be delicious and burgundian.
Looking forward to it!


I’ve been to my nephews birthday party today … I needed wine :see_no_evil:, my 3 year old was like the Duracell bunny :joy:!


I know, if only they had an off-switch. And they’re even worse in packs…they feed off each others’ energy! :scream:


Enjoying these over the weekend. A slightly orange sauvignon blanc and a rather lovely red from Tenerife made from the ubiquitous listan prieto grape (the latter not from TWS, but they did recently – briefly – stock one of Envinate’s wines so this is a request for more of those please).


I have that Soave, what’s it like?


Excellent @Leah thanks, not thinking of touching for a couple of years, re the alcohol how do you think this will develop, had no experience of aged white wine? Surprisingly Cellertracker has the drink by date as 2019, TWS 2022.


Let us know what you think - there’s a few Clos des Papes fans on here.


All gone now, sadly! I seldom drink still white wine, being heavily biased towards reds, but this was a very pleasant change. Lovely and fresh, with subtle yet ample fruit coming through (zingy citrus notes and maybe peaches) not at all overpowering. Delicious.


Nursing a bit of a hangover today - how unfashionable! But had a lovely evening with our friends; the Tesco Pouilly-Fume was so good! A classic example of a well-made SB, with fresh-cut grass and gooseberries on the nose, which follow on the palate, a zingy grapefruit on the finish, and a smokey, flinty aftertaste. Incredible value for money.

Never got to open The Ned SB, as we all wanted a bit of red with the main, so opened this joyous 2016 Corbieres:


Fruity (perhaps the carbonic maceration accentuated the fresh cherry and blackberry notes), but also distinctly ‘natural’, with some herbacious notes and a pleasant sourness on the finish. It disappeared like Houdini in a rush. None of us noticed!

Calvados followed, then some Drambuie (why?!!) and lots of homebrew for the boys, so I think I’ll just hide in bed today! :woozy_face:


Very light crimson in colour, this could certainly be mistaken for a pinot noir as we can see one own’s palm very well when holding the glass.
The nose is on tangy sour cherry, Provençal herbs, a bit of leather.
On the palate, it reveals cranberry, strawberry, tangy red fruits and cherry with a slight sour note.
There is some spiciness to it as well, and an acidity lift that becomes a bit warm (alcohol) ,without being volatile/unbalanced. Good length.

This is finesse C9DP, with velvety gloves


@Rich29 @ruifilipe I enjoyed that wine at Christmas - it was delicious straight out of the bottle - perfectly ready to drink, but apparently could last quite a few years more too. It’s on my wish list for a case…


Tonight I am mostly drinking this:

Light, ethereal, pale and pretty much the opposite of a blockbuster wine but none the worse for that. Has a spicy raspberry aroma and that follows through on the palate supported by fresh acidity. Still some tannic bite but if I’m being picky it could do with a little more ripeness to the fruit.


This is a very pleasant inexpensive demi-sec Vouvray. Nice balanced grapefruit tang and slightly honeyed on the finish. Served as an experiment with stir fry (we normally have off dry riesling).


Another mystery wine for me today, chosen by the other half.

This one got me a little confused; the nose was closed at first - the wine was definitely a bit too cold, but as it warmed up it smelled of yellow apple, honeysuckle, maybe peach, something a little ‘green’ and something a little nutty. On the palate it definitely had more of a citrusy than apple-y character, with a leesy/savoury note and a lovely citrus zest on the finish, which really lifted it nicely. There was a delicate spiciness to it too. The nutty, slightly savoury (even a touch Sherry-like) character made me guess it as a Chardonnay from the Jura.

How wrong was I! It was this Israeli fellow from the Judean Hills near Jerusalem:

A blend of 65% Gewurtz and 35% Sauvignon Blanc, it had something of both, but at the same time is a thing of its own. We tasted it last September, and it was much more fruity than today - so not sure whether there’s some bottle variation, or what.

It’s a really pleasurable wine, which combines a touch of floral/citrus character with something a bit greener and more savoury. I think it’ll go nicely with our Goan fish curry, too! :+1:

Happy Sunday! :clinking_glasses:


A Gewurz / SB blend from Israel… Sounds like he was really trying to trick you!
Not sure you’ll get too many of those in your level 3 exam!
I’ve got my spirits & fortified exams for level 4 on Tuesday :grimacing: