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Weekend Drinking Thread [8-10 March]



I’m not a massive pinot drinker but this has set a new benchmark from admittedly limited experience. Balanced, warm, with complex exotic spices on the palate and a little bit of grip. Volcanic soil to the floor - more in common with the Thymiopoulos Rapsani than an Otago PN. Will be on the lookout for more Mornington PN on this basis.


So here is the tasting sheet both before and after

For each pair we had to identify which wine was which, identify which was vegan and decide which we preferred. So a bit complicated for a Friday night! I got the identifications correct for Pair One and liked the non vegan Te Mata best.

I got the identifications wrong in Pair two and preferred the non vegan Mad Fish best. The Dandelion was the more typical Riesling on the nose, which confused me, but was highly acidic to the extent that I poured my sample away as undeinkable. Like a glass of unsweetened lime juice :woozy_face:

The third pair was a write off as one was corked though I correctly identified the non corked wine as the English one (it tasted of rhubarb). The fourth pairing was the best in that both were good wines and it was difficult to discern which might be the vegan wine. The give away was the colour of the younger wine in terms of deciding which was which of the wines described and then I guessed correctly that the organic wine was also the vegan one.

All in all not one of our better tastings in terms of wine quality but it was fun and very interesting. I would say that apart from the Chilean wines there seemed to be substantial differences that were not just down to finings.


The weekend at last! Sea bream, courgettes, tomatoes and radicchio, with a Dirler-Cadé Grand Cru Saering Muscat 2012.

Still very fragrant and grapey, bone dry, fruity and mineral, and a long minty finish. I really love this sort of muscat. So good with fish and seafood.


The GPL was amazing. Level well into neck. Only a hint of orange at the rim. Vanilla and cedar dominate the nose. Medium bodied but incredible length. Good as it is, I rate it behind ‘86, ‘88 and (inevitably) ‘82. Sadly no ‘85 or ‘83 left.


Drinking this, as recommended by the Guildford WSET man. It’s recently been on sale at £7 a bottle, and extremely good value at that.


It’s rich and fruity and all too easy to drink. The bottle is well on its way already. Had it with cod and courgettes and a white wine, caper, and lemon sauce. I have to admit the sauce didn’t work out quite as planned, but the wine and food combined well.


Bit of a jump from £14.50 for the 2014 to £18 for the 2015 here, but this is lovely. The blurb is spot on :wine_glass:


Looking forward to trying some of the 2016, picked up on the leftover EP offer. Somehow suspect it’ll be better subscribed in the 2017 offer!

This for us tonight, from a producer who divides some opinion here

While I’m normally quite a big fan of his wines, I’d put this in the “nice” rather than “great” category. Much better to be had for the money in my opinion (£16 from the cellar door a few years ago). Still, pleasant enough not to regret the purchase (as if)!


Tell me about your Graves. I find white Bordeaux quite interesting. . .


It was really good , 80%Semillion, 20% SB, buttery , floral , citrus and altogether quite complex with a long finish . I’d definitely have it again :+1:


Weekend drinking starting with a solid choice las night at Noble Rot. One of the most expressive Saint Josephs I’ve had. Lovely now but with the stuff to last and improve like a winner!


This with steak and kidney pudding last night.

2012 vintage. Massive wine, very deep purple still. Good dark fruits, blueberry and spice on the nose, dense and quite tannic still, and slight burning taste from the alcohol (15%!). I had just over half a bottle and woke with a furry head which is unusual,though sinusitis probably not helping. Overall, alcohol just too much in this I think. Some wear it more lightly than this one.

Cricket club dinner tonight so may be posted missing in action…


Yeh right :rofl:



If you had it you would know, believe me! The unwise bit was probably having the extra glass in the full knowledge that I had a bit of sinusitis. The wine was also very dense with matter/tannin which doesn’t help on the sore head front either.

Recharging batteries for tonight now…Argentinian Malbec with steak pie…two good speakers and a late night…


It’s a well known fact that whisky is a cure for sinusitis, need I say more.:cricket_bat_and_ball:


Well that didn’t work as I had a small dram of malt after dinner…I think it must have been the wrong one. Will have to try again tonight…


Update on this view, my review posted on the wine page seemed to be a bit contrary to others. “Enjoyed this wine, although not too much to it. No great nose, red and black fruits and a pepper finish. Think the tannins make it interesting enough to keep drinking. No great difference between day 1 and day 2, Great value”


Continuing the Savoie theme I opened this tonight:

(2015) Another Persan, but sadly I’m beginning to form the opinion that just maybe a grape is sometimes allowed to fall into obscurity, even extinction, for the simple reason that there are better alternatives out there. Fruit, spice, tannins, a touch acidic but non of it seems in balance. It’s like they’re all shouting for attention. Tannins in particular are a bit harsh.

I really wanted to like the Persan grape, for purely sentimental reasons I guess, but I think there are just too many better options out there, and as far as Savoie goes I think I’ll take Mondeuse in preference; it strikes me as a much more balanced grape.


Fantastic St Peray - 100% Roussanne. Amazing nose. So different. I can see myself getting more into N Rhône whites.


I had this recently - I was also really impressed! More will be ordered soon!


The Pitray was good, and definitely better on day 2. If you have it, give it plenty of air.

Have moved on to this tasty number with duck in plum sauce.

So pretty. Raspberries, cherries and roses, with something a bit more savoury. Slightly meaty, but still harmonious. Lovely.