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Weekend Drinking Thread [8-10 March]



Less than an hour until I can switch the work 'pooter off for a couple of days. Naturally, thoughts are turning to which delicious wine I can enjoy tonight. I think we’re having a takeaway of some sort this evening, but I’m pretty sure whatever sort we go for I’ll be opening this:

I don’t think I’ve had a Bordeaux for a month or two, and I have a hankering for one today.

What’s in your glass this weekend?


This with Fish Friday
St Aubin Premier Cru Perrières, Domaine Henri Prudhon, 2009
Penultimate bottle of a 6pk that has served me well


I also have 2 left, loved every one!


Just started to cook a Chicken Pilau Rice and considering options for wine, not much choice at home, not sure if a riesling will go with it. In the meantime have opened this for tomorrow, trying the open today, leave for 10 re-cork and drink tomorrow. As someone else experienced a glassful fell into a glass be rude not to drink it:-


I’m off to my local wine school tonight for an exploration of Alsace (one of my favourite regions!) — 9 wines on show!


Other half has been away all week, so we’ll be having our own pancake night on Saturday, which might call for a bit of this:

With dinner (steak?) I could be tempted to open something a bit more serious, like this (which conveniently arrived just as I was leaving for work this morning…):

Sunday I will be working all day, so there’s unlikely to be any of the usual lovely rich whites with roast chicken :sob:


Dinner in a nice independent restaurant tonight, It’s a mates birthday and he paid last time we went out so going to get a few nice bottles. Their list is good and doesn’t take the p.

Then this for tomorrow:


Dry night tonight - but as Monty, Nigel and Nellie are back - I don’t mind much! :heart_eyes:

Tomorrow we’ve got good friends coming over for dinner; the boys will go into a state of delirium comparing their homebrews, and as the lady is into Sauvignon Blanc I thought I’d open a couple trusted ones, and we can compare and contrast:



Both really good expressions of SB, in my opinion.

Planning to start the evening with this sparkling:


I never tried it, but my friends had it recently in Terre à Terre in Brighton and loved it - so I managed to get hold of it via Abel & Cole.

Hope everyone is having a good Friday! Chin chin! :clinking_glasses: :grin:


Ooh I love a Pouilly Fume! A real fan since we spent a week in a Gite in the village about five years ago. We had that year’s inaugural tasting tour run by the town hall. We were the only clients, with our guide and a local journo who wanted to cover the event.

So the guide’s car wasn’t big enough for us all so we offered to drive around with the English speaking guide and the non Wnglish speaking journo in tow. It was hilarious but the wines were fab including a barrel tasting of a red Pinot noir - cotes giennois.


Tonight we are off to a comparative tasting of vegan and non vegan wines at our usual wine group. Will we be able to taste the difference? Which will we prefer? Will report back on any significant findings.

Tomorrow we are making cassoulet so either a Cahors or a Corbieres. Not yet decided…


Sounds hilarious, @JayKay! :rofl:

That Tesco Finest PF is yet to disappoint! Made by Fournier - it’s such a subtle but mouth-watering expression of SB. I love it.


I have one of the Roggeri’s coming on Tuesday… please update on how that goes, if you opt for that!


We liked the Dageneau wines, which is appropriate for IWD cos it was Dageneau et Filles :grinning:


Seems like a difficult thing to compare given the number of other variables. Unless you manage to find the same wine made in a vegan amd non-vegan way?!


Will try a glass of this as an aperitif and have the rest with salmon tomorrow.

Appears to be only 11.5% which is unusual for a SA chardonnay.

Then a monastrell from a certain St James’s St wine merchant with M+S steak pie as it is wet and cold but we are going to valencia in April so this will provide a blast of southern Mediterranean heat (in our minds anyway)


I had a few treats last night with some colleagues at Roka:

Ridgeview Pimlico - interesting red sparkling wine which was almost like a kir royale. Very palatable as an aperitif and as we started in on the tasting menu.

Agrapart Terroirs - lovely, crunchy, accompaniment to some of the sashimi.

They only had the one bottle though, so had to opt for some Larmandier-Bernier Latitude - dense and almost tropical in comparison, but again a great counterpoint to some of the fish - before moving on to the red meat with a Seghesio Sonoma Zinfandel, and, finally, a bottle of Michele Chiarlo Tortoniano Barolo.

I was quite giggly by the end of it all.

Tonight I think I might try a Vigneti Di Foscarino Soave Clasico


Surely you’d need to know a wine extremely well to judge whether you can taste finings?

Some natural wine makers offer sulphered and sulpher free versions of the same wine, maybe there are filtered and unfiltered equivalents


Sometimes life throws up tough choices. 30 year old claret or 25 year old Rioja? It’s been a tough (and as usual alcohol free) week so I feel a treat is in order.

Final decision? The ‘89 GPL tonight with steak. That will leave the Ardanza ‘94 to go with a favourite lamb and puy lentils dish on Sunday.

And to kick the weekend off a G&T - Society High Strength with Aromatic Fever Tree.


The kids are finally down…! They’ve tested my blood pressure this evening :woozy_face:… Little angels :sweat_smile:

I’m having this very nice Bordeaux, here’s to the weekend :yum:!


Great light floral wine, mostly Sauvignon, with a touch of Chardonnay I think. Just a touch of minerality and quite similar to Sauvignon de St Bris. Quite elegant and stylish for under a tenner.


Now that’s something I haven’t had since last year ! Need to go and seek some out :wink:.