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Weekend Drinking Thread [8-10 Feb 19]


@cerberus, ours came from breeders in Scotland . She was a fabulous dog, very loyal, very protective and extremely inquisitive along with mischevious. Unfortunately also had a lot of health problems. This was her with my now 6 year old helping to build sand castles :sweat_smile:


Either that, or she’s whispering “stick with the day job” gently in her ear…

What a beautiful dog! :heart_eyes:
I lost my gorgeous mongrel (Alsatian and Border Collie) when I was 12; she died horribly after consuming some rat poison. It took me a long time to recover… she was adorable. Dogs are something special… :heartbeat:


Unless you have lost a dog, it’s hard to understand how upsetting it is. I was devastated when we lost our lovely Springer Spaniel (and she lived to a ripe old age), things only felt a bit better when we got a little Whippet puppy!

Teriyaki Tofu with some pinot blanc tonight:


Nice clean pinot blanc, similar to examples from across the border in Alsace, very fair at the bin end price of £9.50


Nice picture to remember her by…I feel a dog thread beckoning…


Aha… but there is already one… from way back when this community was just starting out…:wink:


This evening we’re making some monkfish fillets in chermoulah paste with couscous, so decided to open this reliable companion:

Made for Waitrose by Cave de Turckheim, it’s a classic expression of an Alsatian Gewurtz. Lovely pale golden colour, with a nose that is all roses, pineapple, honeysuckle and white blossom.

Lovely on the palate too, in that Gewurz way: unctuous, creamy, with peach and honey, and a lovely tingle of cinnamon spice on the finish. Off dry, but rich, rather than cloying.

Perhaps not as layered as a Leon Beyer or a Schlumberger example, but a wine that is full of joy and vivaciousness. We love it! :relaxed:


I hate to interrupt this canine love-in but this is our tipple tonight (and I don’t mean the Strepsils in the background). Palmento Costanzo Mofete 2016, an Etna Bianco - nice tart fruit and a really clean finish with an attractive bitter lemon twist on the finish.


We had an entente cordial lunch today , steak frites with this and arguably the Margaret Riber Cab previously posted was better.


Nicely structured with decent length for the money. Goes well and surprisingly quickly with a Sunday night faux beef Bourguignon.


Crab risotto with

and the last glass of the Zind Humbrecht 2011 Riesling.

Kumeu went beautifully with the rich sweetness of the crab. Zind was maybe not quite right for this, a bit sour apple like.


Our butcher was selling some imported wagyu beef from Japan, and I couldn’t resist (despite requiring a second mortgage). Out with the Japanese cookbook…

I was mildly terrified about cooking the steak, and also about what to drink. Opted for fruity Alsace pinot noir from Kuentz-Bas - Collection 2013 - because I didn’t want something that would compete with the beef, or overpower the milder Japanese flavours. Worked out as a good choice - lots of soft red fruit, not tannic, complemented the tender steak, and I’m very happy that I’ve still got 3 bottles left :slightly_smiling_face:


This with beef casserole. Very good match


At friends for a lovely Thai lunch today and took some Dr Loosen Riesling to accompany it. Nice match and at only 8.5% not too debilitating for a lunchtime pre-rugby drink.

This evening just having a glass of Catena High Mountain Vines Cab left over from yesterday. Really rate Catena wines and always find them good to drink.


Rioja was drinking very nicely. Smoothly textured and delicate with age, hints of spice and leather but still with a fresh finish.

The NZ Riesling was also showing well. Flavours of yellow apple but with lemon and lime acidity and a lively palate. Really well balanced, not sweet or overly acidic.

The Barolo wasn’t so expressive on the night. At 9 years old, my thought was it still needs a bit of time but equally there wasn’t much fruit. Definite tar and bitterness on the palate, some floral notes in the taste and smell. After 3 hours it was a bit more open with mayve some cherry sweetness.


That’s one of my favourite wines - fond memories of BBQing in the backyard of our gite near Cahors, glass of this in hand


I somehow missed that at the time, no dogs anymore but had dogs most of my life, missed, but at least I can open doors now without having to push against a large body the other side sleeping :rofl:


Open one of these myself. Got to agree, not great & its does feel a bit past its best. Not entirely without merit though, the remainder will be perfect with my Monday night pizza.


To break up the monotony of the lemsips, I opened this cracker of a wine last night.
A real kick of Semillon even though its not the dominant %. Loved it.