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Weekend Drinking Thread [8-10 Feb 19]


I can wait no longer, been thinking of these all day. I’ve fallen behind a bit on getting through the rack, although Monday’s BYOB helped.

This weekend will mostly be about the Instant Pot. Tonight, Barolo and Osso Bucco. Sunday, Rioja and lamb shanks. Saturday I’ve got a work commitment so for the morning I’m going to try my first pinhead oats, and when I get home it’s that bottle of Riesling and a takeaway Chinese…


Heading out tonight to a friend who has just received the keys to their new house. Doubt there will be any furniture but I am assured they have a few wine glasses. My contribution:-33 19

Enjoy your weekend everyone


I love Osso Bucco! Only made it once as I rarely see the cut available (I think I got it from M&S at the time) and although I have some excellent butchers near me non carry it :frowning:


I had three dry nights, not so much out of virtue (though after the hedonistic Monday I need all the virtue I can get) - but mainly because I’m still struggling with the end of a nasty cold. It’s now morphed into a dry cough. Not pleasant.

So first drink this evening since Monday - though I doubt it’ll be wine. A good friend and an ex-colleague of me and my other half is moving to Australia, and as he’s an ale-head like my husband, I am not even sure the pub we’re going to does any wine. Well, even if they do - it might be safer to stick with beer.

Still, ethanol is ethanol, so I won’t be arguing…

Happy Friday, one and all! :clinking_glasses::relaxed:


Why are you not going to Australia?


I have 2 cheap society wines lined up that have been sitting around just waiting to be drunk since Christmas as I did dry Jan.

First up and opened yesterday to go with some duck I cooked:

From the amazing Boekenhoutskloof of chocolate block fame, but at a fraction of the price. It’s started off a bit brambly and spicy but as it opened up it smoothed out and the fruit came through. There’s just under 1/2 a bottle left and I think it will be a lot better tonight.

And then another Shiraz:

Purchased because it was an interesting blend and the tasting notes sounded delicious.


@japcraw, I think what @Inbar meant was the friend is an ex-colleague of both her and her husband :sweat_smile:.
I’ve been coming down with something so I’ll most likely be dry over the weekend … how boring :expressionless:


I agree, this sentence is grammatically all over the shop. :grin:
But even if it weren’t - I didn’t move away from one hot country just to lovingly embrace another one… :wink:


I’ve always found a few glasses of wine to be beneficial when you have a cold! Well maybe not medically, but it makes you feel better…


small glass of 20 year old Tomintoul malt…purely medicinal of course, with all the talk of lurgies on this page it might be infectious…:slight_smile:

Then probably a couple more glasses of the Musar 1999 which was superb last weekend. Maybe a Zind Humbrecht Riesling too. Mildly spiced food on menu.


Tonight a tasting of 2010 claret then tomorrow off to Pembrokeshire coast for a week with close friends who don’t know the meaning of an alcohol free day. Plenty of TWS supplies will be taken! Including this one

And this

And lots more…:face_with_hand_over_mouth::yum::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They are my kind of friends! Might need a glass or two as it looks like it might be ‘bracing’. Certainly is here.


The Cazaux wines are almost always very nice…I have been hanging on to a bottle or two of that one, will be interested to know how it is.


Coming down with the Lurgi. Only solution is to go to my new favourite restaurant and take 5 friends and three BYO bottles to lunch. First off Henri Boillot Meursault 1er cru Charmes, a lovely pristine bottle with just the right degree of maturity then Roagna 1998 Crichet Paje Barbaresco. Very full bodied, a little tannin showing but with lovely ripe fruit and then Chateau Coutet 1983. Hardly showing its age and with that classic faded sweetness of old Sauternes. Back home to Lemsip and Strepsils!


@danchaq Love to hear what you think of that Rioja. Picked a couple up just before Xmas.


Trip up to Leeds to visit my (teetotal) parents this weekend.
No doubt will open something Sunday night on our return though…


The lurgy has visited our house this week and I’m just coming through it as my poor other half is starting to feel dreadful. I agree with @Aaronb it maybe doesn’t sit well but a couple of (large) glasses of something certainly helps the mental recovery process. Tonight could be the Pelavergo or some of the excellent Chateau de Beaulieu. Can’t quite decide.

Cheers all :wine_glass:


The very definition of superb value for money!


Still drinking the rather lovely Gigondas Signature but tonight I might just treat myself to one or two more than my normal single glass. On the way back from a rather excellent ski tour today I got the van stuck trying to get up a rather steep little road. Try turning a 7 m long van around on a steep snow covered road that’s only 5 m wide… Think I deserve an extra glass or two!:sunglasses:


Celebrating the birth of our second child, Matilda, on Wednesday:

(apologies for the lack of Winesoc babygro!)

Starting with some Gusbourne 2014 Brut Reserve ESW

then shepherd’s pie with the good value 2016 Delas Grignan-les-Adhémar

Then sleep (lol)