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Weekend drinking thread (7th to 9th January 2022)

'Tis here now :grinning::+1:


Looks delicious. Will TWS ever stock more Dirler Cade Riesling, I wonder?


Thanks! The sauce was a bit of an experiment, but I was very pleased - the seaweed taste came through.

It’s a real shame that TWS no longer stock it, given the quality. The Alsace range does seem rather reduced, nowadays :frowning:


I’ve had a couple of these. The first, maybe October, was a bit unmemorable, perhaps drank too cold? The second on Boxing Day was delicious.


£12.95 for the GV according to my records and I think it’s good value for that.





Opened a red, too for the weekend. The 2017 Boekenhoutskloof Syrah is still young, but a pleasure to drink. I think it is right to call this Syrah, rather than Shiraz… it will give Northern Rhone Syrahs a run for their money.

Incidentally also a Waitrose 25% off bottle.


That’s quite something…! :wink:


Is chateau de shasolais any good. Just been watching 4 Yorkshire Men, Monty Python, on YouTube.

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Ordinary to taste, especially the nose which was non-existent, although I’m told it went well with pasta in a cep sauce.


Homemade chicken korma last night. I read that rose is a decent match so we had this.

Very delicate strawberry flavours and possibly a bit underpowered for the korma (which was very mild) but very much enjoyed and it felt outrageous to have rose in January.


Going to sister’s for a steak. 2 x vina ardanza reserva 2012 in hand. Should get us through the starters.


A chicken paprikas in the slow cooker. Not a dish we have often and we do not have any Hungarian wine. Guides suggest a soft non tannic red (or white) so currently planning on a Vallone Castel Serranova. Not too late for other suggestions.


Their ‘standard’ Riesling was the best one of the case I got from them a year ago. Think it was the one I described as essence of Riesling or similar! So refreshing. Wish I had some left!

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that sounds like a good match, what recipe are you following?

No dry January here…drier maybe with 3 wine free days…last night we opened this with the remains of NYD side of smoked salmon (self caught)

As good as ever. The 2018 is a lot more forward than the 2017 and is for earlier drinking. Just in the right place now. Not as ‘steely’ as some, but lovely pure, limpid wine with nice restrained fruit and that ‘wet stone’ feel to it. Will finish it tonight with haddock and chips.

Then opened a bottle of this with sirloin steak, mushrooms and french beans.

Another old favourite, and again the 2018 is a lot more forward than the 2017. Served just above cellar cool, lovely dark fruits with some spicy notes and a little tannin behind it, but definitely more approachable than the '17 now. Will finish it with lamb chops tomorrow.

Quite nice to go back to old favourites.


Thanks @szaki1974. Something no doubt completely inauthentic from our slow cooker recipe book. It involves onions, green pepper, tomatoes, chicken stock, bouquet garni, paprika - ordinary stuff from local international store supplemented with some Spanish :scream: smoked paprika and a bit of cayenne pepper. Planning on the addition of crème fraiche or Greek yoghurt right before serving. Sorry, no doubt a travesty!

If you have a proper recipe (and a tip on where to buy Hungarian paprika) you could send for future reference that would be great.


@szaki1974 posted this before, I’ve not cooked it but I normally rate Felicity Cloake pretty highly.

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A bottle of 2010 Château Pierbone Haut-Médoc will shortly accompany mutton stew, mash and greens:

Decanted for 2+ hours (lots of sediment), this is a very enjoyable example of a mature Claret, though it won’t set the world on fire. Still, can’t argue with its value for money, considering its age and the pleasure in drinking it.

Opaque and deep garnet in the glass, the nose is lovely – cedar, cigar box, cassis, prunes tobacco and nutmeg spice. On the palate it is rather delicate and understated, very smooth with fine tannins, dark fruit that still has a pleasant tangy freshness (cassis, blackberries, plums) and cedar-y tones. It’s not overly complex, and the finish is a little short for me, but I like its gentleness and it certainly slips down very easily! :+1:

But first, with some charcuterie, a couple of glasses of this fab pink fizz from Vadio made from Baga (though according to other sites, there’s also Cercial and Bical in there):

TWS notes are spot on in my opinion – there’s gastronomic depth here and excellent structure and verve. The husband said ‘exceptional!’ after first glass, so I’m happy. It’s brimming with redcurrants, wild strawberries and raspberries and a certain salinity to the finish. Absolutely cracking fizz! :ok_hand: :star_struck:

Happy weekend one and all! :clinking_glasses: :grin:


I’ve been eyeing that one up - seems like a good price for a mature Haut Medoc.

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Indeed - which is exactly why I bought it. Interestingly, the reviews on the the Society’s site are not particularly glowing, but as we don’t drink much mature Claret, perhaps we’re more forgiving :grin:

Still, I think considering it’s just under £15, and the fact that it’s harmonious, shows really nice developed notes and very easy to enjoy - it’s a bit of a no brainer.