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Weekend drinking thread (7th to 9th January 2022)

Welcome to Dry January (or not, your choice). Combining a couple of threads here.

In the glass: Raspberry vinegar (Raspberry, honey, wine vinegar) & water. Mmm nice ! once you get past the smell of vinegar, and the floaty bits. Honestly it’s not too bad, the trick is to dilute it to barely a teaspoon per glass.

But not as nice as the Cru Beaujolais I would otherwise have opened. :disappointed_relieved:

Glass opening is around 61mm, slightly short of the critically important 66mm advised by gabriel-glas to maximise the bouquet, which is possibly just as well.



Well, I was planning on dry January, until one of my xmas presents was a quarterly cheese box starting this week. And fine cheese deserves a glass of something to go with it…

From The Fine Cheese Company there is a Baron Bigod (brie style cheese), a Caerphilly, and a Casatica (semi soft water buffalo).

I fancy white not red, and bit of poking round on the internet for which wines would work best bought me to an article saying that white wines that have been through malolactic fermentation (MLF) are great complementary pairings for these cheeses which also derive flavour from lactose converting into lactic acid.

A bit more research on which white wines undergo MLF results in answer that while most don’t Chardonnay normally does (hence the buttery sensation) as do some white Rhône (Chapoutier Chante Alouette, Vieux Telegraphe, JL Chave, but not Beaucastel or Clos des Papes).

I picked up some TWS Exhibition 2019 St Aubin at the end of last year which seems to fit the chardonnay bill, so that’s the pairing for later…

Interested to hear thoughts anyone has on the lactic acid complementary matching theory, it’s new to me!


Chicken and sweet corn soup tonight with the 2018 Rotenberg from Marcel Deiss. Love this wine, off dry with a hint of botrytis. From the Waitrose 25% offer. Cheers.


@lapin_rouge ok. You got me. What is going on here?

All this talk of White Rhone on the other thread may have persuaded me to reach for this.
Think someone else had a bottle recently? (sorry can’t remember who) and really enjoyed it. I can only concur.
Waxy lemons, stone fruits like peach and nectarine, it’s oily and viscous but never OTT and very well balanced. Maybe a hint of something bitter like aniseed in the background which only adds to its complexity. Finish goes on for a good fair while. 60/40 Roussanne/Marsanne apparently.
Lovely stuff. #1 of 2

Edit: notes of honey too as it opened up more.


This must have been a gift, I certainly didn’t buy it. I had reasonable expectations but wasn’t at all keen. Something vegetal about it, almost cabbage. Won’t be seeking it out.


That was maybe my not-so-good self, and I certainly did enjoy it - gorgeous stuff. Up there for me with one of my perennial favourites, Rocking Horse. I found it very much like yourself - balanced really well between various yummy stuff. As the finest wine tasters say.


Following my much-enjoyed St Peray Figuiers from the other night, I reached for one of these for this evening, to celebrate, in tandem with some pankoed chook & rice & sweetcorn with our boy, the final end to my marking saga - a Zaha Marsanne 2017 [from the WS].

It’s very nice; it really is. And if I’d had it before the Figuires, I’d probably have been very happy with it. But while it’s certainly enjoyable, it’s somehow just slightly bland in comparison. Or with a positive spin - it’s at the fresher end of the spectrum. But I like my Rhone-ish whites more towards the thick, solid, oily & tasty. And that’s what I wanted tonight.

I kind of thought it might be that way inclined - mea culpa - and probably should have opened it on a different night. It’s not you; it’s me. Etc.

[EDIT - I know this picture posted is a Malbec; but the bottle I’ve got looks like this, and not like the various options available on t’internet!]


This here tonight with a seared albacore tuna steak, filled pasta and steamed veg…

…unlike the other two wines ( Vaillons and Butteaux ) from the relatively inexpensive Billaud mixed case it came from this one’s 100% tank fermented.

Citrus, orchard fruit and a distinct mealy note on the nose. Lemon, lime and apple fruit with a chewy, slightly tannic, texture and excellent length of flavour on tasting. Refreshing acidity, so typical of the 2014 vintage in this part of the world, provide both structure and balance to the intensely flavoured mediumweight fruit.

The only limiting factor to further aging is that it’s closed with a Diam 5 ( which in this instance was 50% sodden ).

Whatever you’re up to this weekend here’s hoping you have a good one !


Opened a case of the Cosme Gigondas 2016 tonight with fillet steak, which I withdraw from reserves before Christmas. Still very young and so I will tuck the rest away for a few years.

Deep red centre but not opaque. Red rim. Medium nose. Ripe black currant and black plum. Inky. Ripe strawberry. Raspberry. Rich palate. Firm tannins. Medium acidity. Dry. Dense wine - lots going on but not yet knitted together. Inky, black fruit. Black plum. Leather. Earthy. Charcoal. Long finish. Still very young.


Opened a bottle of this


Which was one of the unexpected bottles in my most recent delivery, a substitute for a Braunstein Pinot Blanc. A good substitute? I don’t know as I haven’t tried the PB yet and I don’t know how much either cost (yes, old gripe!).

I am enjoying it though. It has a slight spritz and a zingy freshness that makes my saliva glands go into overdrive, both before and also after eating. Fresh, fruity, and peppery. Maybe a funny choice for a very cold night, but I am gently cooking in front of the fire so it works well.

Another niggling gripe though. In “my wines” the original contents of the Christmas whites boxes are listed, but there is no note of the substitutes, so no record of me buying these wines. That’s a pity.


Lovely wine, @szaki1974.

@Andy999 - we really enjoyed that, too.

This evening, I cooked scallops and prawns, with a potato and shrimp croquette, wakame seaweed, seared Little Gem, and a wakame and shellfish butter sauce. We drank Dirler-Cadé Riesling, 2017.

The quality of anyone else’s Grand Cru. I’ve written about it before, and it’s our firm favourite classique riesling from Alsace. Just a lovely combination of fruit and minerality, and so elegant; airy and light, and yet concentrated and substantial.

Happy Weekend!

(@lapin_rouge - I took the liberty of adding the year to the thread title. Hope you don’t mind)


ISTR it being around £8.99? (Don’t know about the Pinot, sorry).

Tasting notes very similar to yours, the kind of good value TWS knocks out of the park with pleasing regularity :smiley:

I’m just back from the poolside where I’ve been for the last couple of hours …. Friday nights are not what they used to be :woman_facepalming:t3:!
Completely influenced by the Rhone EP thread , I’ve just popped the cork on this beauty … can’t wait to dive in :star_struck::wink:!


Reading your first sentence and just for one second, I thought you were still abroad at a lovely resort, by the pool and enjoying waiter service… and then I realised it was an indoor, chlorine smelling, British swimming pool… Doh! :flushed: :upside_down_face:


Interesting thanks. Very good value at £8.99. Less good in a mixed case at £75 for 6 bottles. (And originally £85 iirc). Oh well.

I tell a lie, I checked my wines and it’s £12.99. Better? :smiley:

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I’m starting to feel a bit shifty, not about the glass, for who can resist a finely wrought coupe, but rather my drinking champagne against a backdrop of dry January and talk of ‘back to normal’.

Anyhoo, the last time I had Mumm I thought it ghastly, the stuff that gets served at weddings, but this is really quite acceptable, just shows what leaving it in the cellar for a year can achieve.


Just because some of us are struggling through the early stages of Dry January it doesn’t mean everyone has to share the misery. Enjoy the champagne guilt free😊


I was thinking of having another dry evening, the fourth of the year, but mention of Dry January has immediately made me wonder what I should open tonight. The reverse power of suggestion!

P.S. Meant to post in weekend thread - never mind.