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Weekend drinking thread [7th December - 10th December 2018]



The Kumeu is very young still…

What’s in the sausage roll? :wink:


…ah just clicked on the picture and saw…enjoy!


Hat tip to @Bargainbob for this one.

Vermentino at its best, characterful and lots of different fruit flavours. Great with smoked mackerel pate and then baked halibut with stir fry veg but would go well with lots of food.


Just opened this after the annual battle to get the Norman fir into the stand.

This is made for Booths by La Rioja Alta and is excellent. It has lovely vanilla and leather flavours with a great finish. It sells out very quickly so can’t often get it, but managed to put a few away today. Enjoy your weekend folks.


Agree they certainly seem to suit some age


Now comparing the 8 Songs to Thursdays TWStaste Shiraz. Completely different beasts. Whoever said Aussie Shiraz was all the same?!

Both very good and the d’Arenburg has improved with being open a couple of days but the Lehman wins for me (although it should at twice the price)


I bought a lot of 2016 Coudoulet. The first case of bottles landed a couple of weeks ago so tonight I am going to take a sneak preview of what 2016 Rhône has to offer. Most reviews suggest this is drinkable straightaway. Fingers crossed…


I’d be really interested in your feedback. Magnum of 2015 in the cellar


Yum and yum!! As per @Leah, I’d like to know what cookbook that is. And there’s little argument that Kumeu River are the masters of NZ chardonnay. In Michael Cooper’s Buyer’s Guide to New Zealand Wines, he reports that the producer’s own recommended drinking window for the Coddington 2015 is 2017-22.


@Lincoln, it’s interesting the way you store your wine with alternate bottles upside down! :wink:

Very nice wine, though. We’ve had earlier vintages many times ourselves and it’s quite consistent.


I recently bought one of these from John Lewis to gently bring bottles up to the right temperature when they come out of the cold. I’m impressed with the results so far…


It’s Celia Brooks-Brown’s Entertaining Vegetarians. Always comes out at Christmas time although this recipe is a new one on us. Smoked Mozarella worked very well with the Chardonnay although I have to say it’s not a patch on the 2006 HH we had last week.


Agree that this was young but I wanted to see how they start off. Still very good; racy and long but when you know what they turn into… the others can wait a while.


Just back from the first xmas party of the season. Lots of fizz (Cava mostly), not sure who I am, or what’s the meaning of life. Good fun, tough! :clinking_glasses::+1:
Tomorrow, we shall be revisiting the #twstaste Shiraz with some game pie, but until then, night night, all :waning_crescent_moon:


Tonight the Domaine de Bellene Clos-de-Nuits-Villages Vielles Vignes Clos Bardot 2013 bought for £58 i.b. for 6 bottles.
Truthfully, I had written off this purchase in my head, as a wine that I might give away as Christmas gifts or raffle prizes. What an absolute pratt I was!!??!!:cry:
Opened bottle one of six this evening with little expectation and it firmly put me in my place. Give it away, what was I thinking? It is not a great Burgundy, that notion would be stupid, BUT after several decanter hours it found itself and transformed into a very well made, medium bodied example of cool climate Burgundian Pinot that I had hoped that it might be but never expected it to deliver. For £58 i.b. for 6, we are at the rag end of the Burgundian price spectrum, yet this lovely, YES lovely bottle delivered more than a little perfume and a satisfying red bordering on black cherry taste with a modicum of the bitter cherry stone, but unexpectedly long on the palate, that was so surprising that I sit here almost stunned!:open_mouth:
I have no problem conveying my astonishment that Toby again triumphed, recently I wrote up a Pataille Marsannay 2013 that was utterly delightful, and again put me in my place. :wink:
Every year, and in recent vintages I buy from the Red and White Burgundy offer, I am not a Rousseau level buyer :open_mouth::open_mouth:, more a Grivot Bourgogne level purchaser. My recent experiences with tasting both Pataille and Bellene has told me in no uncertain terms, that there is lots of “Bang for your Buck” with the lesser wines on the Burgundy EP offer, if you care to be guided by Toby; believe me he really knows his stuff. Give these bottles away, give yer head a shake!! LOL!! :smiley:


There are times when one tastes, well I feel that my palate is changing and that is a real worry. So often borne of a cold or a slight infection, and nothing tastes as it should.
Then I encounter the likes of the Exhibition Crozes 15, the Pataille Marsannay 13 or the Bellene CdN 13 and I realise that all is well.
Today has been a day of affirmation, and for that I am truly grateful!!:smiley:


Not a wine i’d drink every week, or even month but now and again it’s a very enjoyable dessert wine. Not too sweet either.


Blackberries and liquorice (from the Mourvèdre?) dominate the bouquet - with something else, possibly prunes, in the background. Real power and grip but with really ripe but also very evident tannins. This has a very rich and smooth mouth feel and a long finish. You can drink it but I think another 12-18 months in the cellar will pay huge dividends. I won’t be in a rush to remove the other cases from bond.

If this sets the benchmark for 2016 I can only imagine how great some of he CdPs I bought will be.

I have some magnums of the 2015 too - and on this showing I suspect will drink well from mid 19 onwards.


An eclectic mix Leah, and all the better for it !


And what a great vintage…