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Weekend drinking thread [7th December - 10th December 2018]



Quite the line up!:smiley:
If I remember, Robert Parker used to slag off Grillet in the 90’s for underachieving when Guigal came along with their top notch Condrieu.
Looked on the Samplers website and they didn’t give the price of a Sampler Card.
Care to tell us? :wink:
Worth a visit next time I’m in London, so thanks.:smiley:


Last night, well into the witching hour, at the end of a heavy evening’s drinking, popped this open to wash down some super creamy gorgonzola.


Wow. Tasting faculties may not have been at their sharpest but this was fantastic. Company suggested that a full bottle was going to be too much. Well, between 4 of us I think the bottle lasted 30 minutes! Simply gorgeous. More so after having recently felt let down by a bottle of Rieussec.

BTW, the cheese was stunning as well. Some comte and some Old Amsterdam were solid foot soldiers but the aformentioned gorgonzola was the star. Great with the Filhot too.


The card works as a wallet, the wines on the enomatic are individually priced. There are three sample sizes, the middle (5cl) is priced at circa 10% of the retail price.


Thanks, appreciated!!:grinning:


Tonight, home-made game pie with the rest of the Shiraz from #twstaste.

Delicious stuff! Even better on day 3. The fruit is still on the black spectrum, and very ripe, but the acidity keeps things fresh and balanced. The liquorice note is very pronounced, but there’s a pleasant smokiness too, and a meaty note as well.
Not the sort of wine I normally gravitate towards - it’s quite unabashed and in your face, but I’m so pleased to have tried it, and see it develop over three days. I will definitely buy it again! :+1:

Happy Sunday, one and all! :clinking_glasses:


I’ve got a bottle of d’Arenberg dead arm Shiraz 2005 which I didn’t get the chance to open this weekend hopefully next weekend. I assume this will be somewhere near it’s peak? Anybody tried a similar vintage?
Also hope to open a bottle of the Mac Forbes RS19 Strathbogie Ranges Riesling 2017 anybody tried this?
Any advice greatly received :+1:

Congratulations: New Member(s) of the Month

Love. The plate!


Ha ha! Nice plate, for sure, but it didn’t taste as nice as the pie. Couldn’t finish it, mind you! The pie, that is :wink:


Nice line up Tom! I picked up a bottle of the Sandemans 20 year old tawny at Eomsey Waitrose for £30 today which made me very happy😋


Trying to drink a 2006 Madiran and not enjoying it all that much. Initially there was quite a lot of acidity and I thought the wine was just too old. Stuck with it accompanying a cheeseburger and found it much more drinkable, almost approaching pleasant, but I think the tannat is simply not my grape.
I keep trying from time to time in the hope that it will increase my longevity and thus make sure my life is not too short for bad wine!


I’ve drunk 12 bottles of the 2001 over the last 10 years.
Still got 6 left.
It has been fantastic and is just beginning to show it’s age.
I was going to have a crack at my 2001, instead opted for:

A mixed case from my reserves
6 X Exhibition Hermitage 2005
6 X Billaud Chablis Sechet 2014

A good Christmas in prospect!:smiley:

The good news is that Vinous gave your Dead Arm 2005 93/100 in 2007.
I imagine that it is still at the top of it’s game.


It is a bit! But I’ll forgive Domaine des Tourelles: as Lebanon’s oldest commercial producer, they’ve had the name since 1868 (Ksara dates back a little further, but it was over a hundred years before the Jesuit monks relinquished it to commercial interests).

Don’t let Musar - if it’s not your bag - put you off Lebanese wines…! Even among its compatriots, it’s a bit of a one-off. Taxes on foreign wines were a bit crazy in Lebanon, so for 18 months I drank nothing but local and found three broad and, to be fair, unsurprising categories:

At the bottom end, some very rustic, hopelessly over-cropped (and oddly over-aged) swill that luckily never leaves the country.

At the top end, snazzy international point-chasers in heavy bottles, desperate to repeat the (then recent) success that Kefraya’s premium offering had had with Mr Parker.

And in the middle, a mix of grand vin-style offerings from new and established wineries with a Francophile take on a hot climate with high altitude, and with a pretty reasonable hit rate given a country with very little in the way of everyday infrastructure. Many are exported, and while they won’t change your life, they’re worth a try, especially from the more reliable names like Ksara, Kefraya, Domaine des Tourelles, Ka, Khoury, Ixsir, Massaya … and no doubt others that have sprung up since I left seven years ago!

Oh, and of course a fourth category: Musar! :laughing:


Thank you. I look forward to trying it. Like the sound of the 05 hermitage :+1:


Deciding between the Vacqueras and the Gigondas is very difficult. (Maybe not like choosing a favourite child, more like choosing a favourite cosy jumper)
I think I would lean towards the Gigondas but then I tend to prefer Gigondas as a rule of thumb.
Both very good and great QPR like you say.
I think Jancis gave both the 2012’s 17/20 which led to me purchasing 3 of each.


I would give the Dead Arm an hour in the decanter to stretch its legs (presume it is under screwcap?)
Then get stuck in.
Should drink well for a few years yet if you have anymore.
I’ve got 08’s, 09’s & 10’s that I haven’t even contemplated touching.
2005 (like 2001) is a very structured year resulting in a good level of tannins and acidity so think they are aging a little bit slower than say 2004 & 2006 which were slightly riper and plusher so a bit more approachable.
I’ve still got a 2005 Yalumba Octavius to investigate. A contender for Xmas Eve with steak and chips I think. :thinking:


Thank you. Yes under a screw cap. So know it won’t be corked. Which has sometimes been an issue with older wines I’ve had in the past. Always a huge let down when that happens!!!
The Octavius should be exciting to try.
Sadly this is my only bottle of the dead arm I have. So hope it’s good. :+1:


Lunch with friends yesterday. The Soave a somewhat richer style than many, the Burgundy was lovely with a ripe strawberry character (brought by friends and apparently purchased from Irma Fingal-Rock). The Vouvray as dependable as ever with the acidity perfectly balanced by sweetness but not in the least bit cloying.

Weekend drinking thread [30th Nov- 2nd December 2018]

Where do you get the Marquis de Beys? I’ve enjoyed the Tourelles Cinsault VV from TWS, and always on the lookout for the Beys.


Got it from this merchant:


They’ve got the 2013 in stock - opened my first bottle in September: still plenty of primary fruit and enough stuffing for the next few years at least, if not longer. I finally opened my 2007 last year and it was spot on. I’m not gonna rush the 2013s if I can help it.

I see they also have a nice little selection of Ksara :+1:


Thanks :slight_smile: Pity I need to buy six - last thing I need is more wine!