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Weekend drinking thread [7th December - 10th December 2018]



May as well start this off, if this is not permitted then I am sure it can be deleted.

Starting of the weekend with this:-

Enjoy your drink and your weekend. G


Ahhh, Susana… Te amo! :heart_eyes:

Haven’t tried this one, hope it’s a good one, @japcraw! :+1:


Here’s the review I left Inbar. “Full of fruit but I am unable to pick out one above another, definite oak, touch of vanilla, very smooth. Enjoyable but not one for the buy again list”


Not messing around this weekend. Straight into something serious!

Surprising lightness of touch here. Loving the classic syrah pepper alongside an almost pinot like nose.

Its disappearing surprisingly quickly. Maybe a result of a dry week.


This really is a great value pinot noir. Genuine varietal character, ripe fruit and rustic charm. Lots of good press for this wine.


This is rapidly becoming a favourite in our house.

It really is as seductive as the description. Light, fragrant, silky and worthy of contemplation. Probably my find of the year. Endless thanks to the buyer and to whichever reviewer brought it to my notice.


Looking forward to trying it next year!

I am on this one tonight…

Loving the butteriness, the sweet oak, both complemented by the refreshing acidity. I do not know how the new vintage is, but luckily have enough left of this one


Am agonising about drawing down a bottle of the 2010 early next year for assessing drinking window for the other 5. Is the 04 mid window would you say?


We’ve got last night’s tasting wine to finish off, so there’s a bit of the pinot gris and a bit of the shiraz and then … who knows!


@Jcbl, no rush I’d say. Enough Acidity and tanin to suggest further evolution in the ‘04

2010 was a big year and although no experience of this wine beyond what I am drinking this evening, would suggest you resist temptation for some while yet!

Not planning on touching my remaining bottles at least for another year.


Finding this one rather strange. Quite mellow, but with some nutty elements, possibly almonds.

However, it is quite enjoyable, but not really one for a repeat order.


Was searching for something to drink with ricotta tortellini and eventually settled on La Vielle Ferme white. I guess this is an entry level wine for the Perrin family and I haven’t had any for some time but it’s a very nice drink. Fresh and a bit lemony, a decent match but not a perfect one. Great value wine though, sometimes sold by TWS, sometimes not.


Not had one of these for a while:

I can’t wait for Christmas, but it would certainly be a good choice… delightfully delicious.


Baked turbot tonight, with Léon Beyer Les Ecaillers 2011

The epitome of dry riesling. The first time we tried this, we were taken aback by quite how dry it was - now we love it. This one is really petrolic.


Excellent port tasting tonight. This was the pick of the bunch by a long way. A 1970 Ramos Pinto vintage port that looked like a Pinot noir in the glass. It was beautifully smooth, all strawberries and spice. Am amazing wine with plenty of life in it yet.


Well, summer seems finally (and not before time) to have arrived here in the Marlborough Sounds today, with the temperature peaking at 27 degrees. As we’re 13 hours ahead of the UK, we’ve recently finished dinner. Our stir-fried chicken with tomatoes, spinach and pine nuts, accompanied by chilli oil pasta, was well matched by this:

while we looked out over this:

and this:

The Wine Soc doesn’t carry the Jules Taylor SB and I don’t know if it’s available through any other outlet in the UK. It’s the first time we’ve had it. It’s a classy wine, far more restrained than most of the run-of-the-mill Marlborough SB, with the complexities of a good Loire SB. Normally for sauv blanc here, we drink Lawsons Dry Hills . The Wine Soc carries it only intermittently but it’s so much better than most of the Marlborough SBs in the Wine Soc list. Why the Society continues to carry e.g. Wither Hills is a mystery to me, as it’s a volume-production wine that is notable only for its “punch in the face” character.


Out to a BYOB Persian restaurant in Leeds last night for a work Xmas do.

Some interesting and tasty wines and some not so.

Firstly the good

Secondly the not so good/ordinary/terrible (in that order below)


Wow! Quite a selection, @winechief! :+1:

Interesting about the Arndorfer one (the terrible)… I never had their Riesling, but had two different Grüners from them which were complex and delicious. What was terrible about the Riesling?


@winechief La Bastide Vacqueyras is an outstanding wine in my view, and incredible value for money. I still have some 2010 left and anytime I crack open a bottle the family demolish it. It’s gorgeous and has aged beautifully. I have some 2016 in storage - hoping it will be as good as the 2010 in a few years.


Hi @Inbar
The thing I didn’t like about the last 2 “natural wines” was that the Riesling had this beer meets cider / white wine that’s still on it’s lees character. It was unfined and unfiltered. Call me old fashioned but I like my wines clean and tasting of variatel characteristics and this didn’t do it for me.
The Glup Chenin had been in amphora on it’s skins for 6 months but was just very neutral in flavour. Again, cloudy but lacked flavour and didn’t have any tannins either which I might have expected. Didn’t have that typical Chenin character which was a shame as well.
Interesting to try, wouldn’t buy.