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Weekend Drinking Thread [7th-9th September 2018]


Can’t believe this hasn’t been started yet.
What’s everyone cracking open tonight and for the remainder of the weekend?
For me it’s this absolute bargain tonight (bottle 3 of 6)


You may well be interested to know I have dug out the HOG '92 and will be consuming, if it is still drinkable on Saturday night, will get back to you about it, been sitting there as a momento to a great trip for far to long.


This South African chenin blanc made a brief appearance last night and was very pleasant…

A bright citrussy chenin with white peach flavour notes. There is some creamy notes too, so would expect a little MLF in its production.

Tonight is an evening I’ve been looking forward to for a while…

Lamb tagine in the slow cooker and the Gigondas as the perfect partner :grinning:

Cheers :wine_glass:


I have just started on this. As we usually eat at lunchtime, the tastes of a BBQ rump steak still lingering, I thought thus might be appropriate. However, finding it a bit ‘thin’ so far. See what a time with cork out might do.


I’ll be finishing off this:

Which seems to have improved the longer it’s been open.
And then I’m thinking of moving on to the much discussed Ribera del Duero:

See whether it’s going to live up to the good or the bad reviews!


Next instalment of the ‘kept too long?’ saga. 11 yo Cotes du Rhône - actually rather good but maybe just showing a little too much alcohol heat on the finish. Mostly Grenache apparently but doesn’t seem as jammy as I find many Grenache tend to be with age.


Looks like a Rhône weekend here… wondering what to cook to match the white, suggestions welcome.


So that’s two people dipping into the 2010 Cayron.

I’ll be interested what you and @Alchemist think. I’ve only got the one bottle and was planning to keep it for two or three years yet.


Just found a bottle of

A bit surprised because I thought I’d finished it all. Anyway time I did so I think I’ll have to cook a mild prawn curry to go with it. Some may think this wine a bit too creamy or oaky but I think it’s delicious. Starting to get a slight crystal deposit now.


I started this last night. And carrying on now. I need to drink these up. Not sure they get much better.


Hi @MikeFranklin I had a bottle of the Chateau Monconseil Gazin a couple of weeks back and I agree the longer it was opened, the better it tasted - I think got one of the bin ends in the TW Showroom
I have just opened one of our favourites to start off the weekend

just a nice and easy drinking wine


A lovely half bottle from the terrific 2015 vintage at £8.50.
For the money, a cracking bottle for any occasion!


Tonight thanks to this community we are drinking our first bottle of

Holy smoke, this is delicious! I didnt realise how old it was until I plucked from the wine rack. Blooming lovely, thank you for the recommendation!


Yesterday’s dinner wine:

2003 Bruno Sorg GC Florimont Riesling (Alsace)

I thought this one might be pushing it, as 2003 was the year of the great heatwave right across Europe. But it is still going strong, admittedly though it probably peaked a few years back. Distinctly rich and with a little residual sugar. I think the aromatics are probably not quite what they once were, but still in classic mature riesling territory.


Alsace Riesling heaven :+1::yum:


Tonight, its time to try:


Determined to drink more Italian red wine in the months ahead - this year has been dominated by Rhône and Oz Shiraz and it is time for some variety! Picked this (and a few others) up on a flying visit to the Cellar Showroom. I’m rapidly becoming a big aglianico fan - and this is a snip. Fruity, round and well- balanced. Great value for money.


A glass of this last night. Cherry flavour predominantly. The description is spot on. A Bolognaise tonight, methinks.
The WS ripasso is much more superior and worth the extra IMHO.


Drank this last night…


last bottle of three, I reviewed this wine on the basis of the first bottle, and that shows how wrong you can be, the other two including this were very average with an acidic streak running through them not unusual for Loire reds but the first bottle was a different animal.


Had a couple of friends round last night an one bottle quickly became 4! We started with this, our favourite inexpensive pink of the Summer:

Then we had our last Kadarka as one of our guests loves Pinot Noir style wines and this is a good alternative to a light fruity example:

Then we went onto the star of the night, I must say all the Aldinger wines I have tried have been fantastic, this riesling is lovely and lively, and straight back in my basket. Full of greengage and lemon fruit!

finally we opened this:



Really fun intense botrytis riesling. Although you would never mistake it for a TBA lots of fun at £11.50 for a half!