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Weekend drinking thread [7th-9th June 2019]


Lovely vegan meal at Acorn.

Some interesting wines, including…

Quoins Orion Bradford on Avon UK 11% 2015, light rich and dry, some honeyed mature notes typical English light white, as local as you can get walking distance from Bath.

Franco Mondo di Vino | Barbera/ Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 straightforward fruity red quite charming berry fruits, a perfect match for a roasted cauliflower dish.

Our nightcap at home will be this:

Tastes of acacia honey, a bit of beeswax on the nose, sweet, but light as a feather, very ripe grapes but little or no botrytis. Wish I had a few more of these, will age beautifully!


Howard Ripley for the Von der Fells.


Knoll is one of my Austrian favourites, I have drunk a lot of their wine over the years, their riesling smaragd is also stunning. And what a label, you instantly spot their wine on the shelves, try to better that one!


That was the first wine I bought EP from TWS ( or from anyone else for that matter ) !

Can only agree with your assessment in that it’s drinking well now but that every bottle I’ve opened, so far, seemed to have a bit more to give.

Only one left now which I’ll open on it’s tenth birthday next autumn.


Maybe not as strong a vintage as 2015 but I pulled a six pack of his 2013 Bourgogne from reserves late in 2016 which were then consumed with much pleasure in 2017/18.


The muscat was delicate and a good companion to some white asparagus. Typically grapey and clean with a touch of residual sweetness. I’d have preferred it bone dry though.

The riesling was lovely. A pleasing mix of apple and citrus fruit, minerality and some kerosene ( although not overtly so ). Dry with lovely concentration of flavour and good balance it went down very easily with Friday evening’s trout dinner. I picked up another bottle at the showroom the next day. Good value for a GC wine too.

Er, it also reminded me that I used to soak labels off bottles back in the day when water soluble glues were used to attach them. I still have that geeky scrapbook…

Half a lifetime ago. Think it would have cost around £9 back then.


Although if I owned it Id leave one or two for the twentieth birthday. Then I’m a bit of a necrophiliac😀


Following with the half bottle Alsace theme, opened this today.

Pure lemon and green apple, just begging to be drunk.


I love these right now. Refreshing doesn’t even come into it. Drew 5 of a case from reserves and wish I’d just drawn the whole case.


I definitely need more of this, too.


Wow! Serious intense strawberry fruit, a touch of oak spice. Salmon pink in colour, nice to have something a bit more complex than normal as a rose. Not something I will drink often, but glad I tried it!


We’re making some chicken in sumac and pomegranate marinade, and so decided to open this red Burgundy (2016 Hautes-Côtes de Beaune by Albert Bichot):

Got this from M&S for £14.50 - which, for an entry level Pinot, is worth every penny. It’s a real ‘glimpse’ into just how wonderful Pinot can be.

We both love the nose - all freshly turned earth, pot-pourri, red cherry bramble and clove. On the palate, it is fairly light, with a gorgeous balance of acidity and fruit. Cranberry, red cherry and redcurrant, are followed by a touch of baking spices and a delicious sort of ‘earthy-ness’ on the finish.

This won’t age much further, I don’t think - but makes for a lovely Sunday red.


Look out for wines from the very small neighbouring appellation called Pécharmant which has some of the very best red wines from Bergerac.


This is really good. Concerned by a slightly protruding cork and the level of bricking suggests a bit of heat stress but the quality shines through. Quite medicinal, herbal nose but then a lifted, bright flavour through the mid palate and a slight menthol note on the finish. Very long, satisfying but not heavy: Kind of get the 100pc Carignan thing now. 16 euro locally, Vinissimus have this for under £15 and I will be putting some into my non TWS reserves - extremely good qpr.


On the third day with this very good chilean PN. Bought on recommendation from the Buyer, I had some doubts following the Members’ Reviews which suggest a wine of power and little finesse. I have to say I am very pleased with it. It has the appearance of age in the glass and an absolutely explosive nose of bosky dark fruit. In the mouth this has plenty of fruit, good earthy notes and yes, the power. In common with other Chilean PNs, this seems to me to be quite sweet fruited so no point in comparing it with you-know-what but you are getting an awful lot of layered flavour and pleasure for a very modest outlay.


Sunday night, and roasted iberico pork chops with cavolo nero and boulangère potatoes.

We’re drinking this Vino Nobile di Montepulciano.

This was one of the wines that I enjoyed at the March Press Tasting (thinking wistfully of the fun that @tom and @cormski are going to have tomorrow), and it still hits the spot for me. Lots of cherries and red fruit on the nose, but some nice cigar box and leather notes too. Red fruit balanced by good acidity to taste, just the right amount of tannin, and slips down very nicely. There are a couple of bad reviews on the website - I’m not sure what they were drinking!


Just about to finish a case of the Koyle Pinot Noir from 2013, then have a case of 2015 to start on. I think it’s great. Yes, it certainly is powerful, but there"s a lot else going on too. A very good buy.


The eto needed refilling and I went for this.

Firm and sweet, just as VR should be. Bought it from The Sampler after tasting it, does not disappoint.


I’ve been browsing speculatively through the list of wines for tomorrow, with a glass or two to gently aerate my mind; I can see plenty of very tempting choices to keep us preoccupied:


Just for finishing off this aged gem. Still lovely honey, elderflower and slight petrol. Acidic finish balancing the sweet.

Maybe better a few years ago, but still a little treat.