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Weekend drinking thread [7th-9th June 2019]


I got a case too so good to hear :+1:.


Indeed - the 2010 Clos du Roy was £21 when it appeared on the list a couple of years ago. Now it’s the village Marsannay; soon it’ll be the Bourgogne no doubt.

I’ve had the 2014 and the 2015 recently and they’re great - a real marriage of charm and subtlety. Quality-wise, I don’t think there’s much between his Bourgogne and his Marsannay, and that’s not a criticism of the village wine, it’s praise for the generic one! I might grab a couple of the 2016s before they sell out.


Starting to get into some of my GG Rieslings now, have had a couple of bottles of this before but to sharp and tight, much nearer the mark now integrated well.

Clemens Busch Pundericher Marienburg Falkenlay Riesling Großes Gewächs 2012

Herbs sweet fruits on the nose, in the mouth very sweet pineapple combined with icing sugar offset with spot on acidity (earlier acidity was screaming), still quite sharp but integrated, long salty finish.
I would say this is not far off being there now, many will like the sharpness, I do to, but a little less, another six months to a year should do the trick.
Strangely the first bottle I opened after a couple of years was quite exciting though it did need to settle but was very drinkable as again proving these Rieslings can be enjoyed young but are then inclined to shut down for awhile, lot of variation so no definite guide to how long.


I am assuming you got this from the estate directly, as there is an eye watering mark up by the importer…


A glass of this, before we’re off to Bath for an anniversary meal at Acorn. Lovely aperitif, only just off dry, honeyed green apples with some mineral on the finish.



Not the estate but in Germany, that particular wine was sold out at the estate when I was there but they directed me to an outlet who had some, it is I believe available here now, it wasn’t cheap but no real difference to any other top GGs, I had a quick look on the internet and Honest Grapes are selling the 2015, which as you know was a great year for just over £40 retail, the last 2015 GGs I purchased from Julian Haart was around £25 and Fritz Haag juffer sonnenuhr GG around £32, so what I paid was not expensive I don’t know on price who you are referring to ?
Lobenbergs in Germany, who I have used, are selling it for 32 euros which isn’t expensive, and chimes with what I paid, but CB do other cuvees that are more expensive as they all do.


I thought you may like to know my order for Kellers 2018 Von der Fells has been granted, pleased as it is a bargain and sells out so quickly , my only EP in recent times but it is for instant drinking.


I got some15s from Honest Grapes, was not unhappy with the price, but still should have got it from Germany. Well done on Von det Fels!


Just arrived in a village near Bergerac for a week. In the absence of time for a degustation we hit a local Intermarche armed with recommendations from this community and TWS list and we bought red and white of this for a start this weekend

A poulet roti fermier and gratin dauphinois from the local butcher, which cost a fortune, provide the backdrop for the vino. Bon weekend everyone.


Clos Mogador 2006. Bought from TWS years ago. Disappointing, rather flat, thin and one-dimensional.


Decided to treat myself as it’s been a stressful few weeks since mid-April! Perfectly mature Smaragd Gruner Veltliner. Quite rich in style but bone dry and with lots of ripe apple and spicy/peppery notes. Long finish which stays complex rather than one character dominating.


Well commiserations, it probably wasn’t cheap. :slightly_frowning_face:


Owned it for at least ten years so I don’t think it was that expensive.


I have the utmost respect for Alain Chabanon’s wines so I was delighted to see this reduced recently:

Vermentino and Chenin Blanc is not a combination I would immediately come to but this really works and is very classy indeed. We had it as an aperitif but I could imagine it working brilliantly with plaice or sole


Windy old day, is it not? :tornado:

Started the evening with a youthful and quaffable Rosado Cava from M&S, to accompany some ripe melon and Prosciutto.

Making mild Thai curry this evening, so decided to open this utterly lovely 2017 Crozes-Hermitage Blanc from the Cave de Tain:

Got this in France, I think we paid about 10 Euros or some such. This is 100% Marsanne, with a delicately floral (acacia, honeysuckle) and peach nose. Could sniff this for some time! The palate is lovely – medium bodied, with a good weight and pleasant texture; there is peach, nectarine, honey, but also orange zest, which gives it a nice lift and balance – as the acidity is definitely not too apparent. A lovely combination of fruit and flowers, and a rather long finish.

Tres bien! :heart_eyes:

Happy Saturday, all! :clinking_glasses:


A fitting farewell to the last of the SW4 on World Gin Day. Cheers!


Texture is one of those very difficult to describe quantities which seems very important doesn’t it?


This is in the decanter here on my last day in Cannes. I’m hoping it will dull the pain of leaving tomorrow! Cheers!


Is it J&B or Howard Ripley?


With mushroom & bacon risotto. A perfect match!