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Weekend drinking thread (7th-9th February 2020)


I am waiting very impatiently at the side of a swimming pool waiting until 9pm when my daughters swim club ends ! Honestly it nearly kills me on a Friday night :see_no_evil:! The 2013 vintage of is waiting at home .
Anyone else dying to get home and crack open a bottle ??

Oh … & the 4 year old is equally as bored but doesn’t get any wine later on :rofl:

What are you drinking this weekend in the calm before the storm ciara

An early dinner with taxi duties later so a brewdog punk AF first up

Driver duties completed I’m now sipping on this.


Very good. Quite a hit of sweet tropical fruit but opening up with some mineral notes.





Last bottle of the wine that could have launched my wine writing career (but didn’t!). Past its best now really - faded fruits, slightly unctuous sweetness, noticeable alcohol but the nose is still pure garrigue. Time to start on the 2014!


One more day of dry January…one…more…day…https://media.giphy.com/media/wsXVAJY8ibkqBSmjEF/giphy.gif


But…but…we’re a week into February!


Superb image very grateful for the advice of the community that led me to it. (Excuse the rotation)


Finished the Mendoza syrah - still lovely on day three - and made a start on my last bottle of this:

The fruit’s mostly faded into the background, and now it’s more about pipe tobacco, menthol and clove than blackcurrant or plum. Anyway, it’s very nice and the rest of the bottle will no doubt see us through the rugby tomorrow image


Quiet Friday night in. This went very well with fish & chips, and would definitely work with more exotic food. Plenty of fruit but enough acidity to offset it. Very well balanced, super drinkable. A definite re-order.


We extended December a bit.


Fishy Friday supper with baked sea bass this little gem from a Nimes road trip last spring…Viognier and a light touch of Roussane rich fruit and a dryish finish…



Just noticed that in CellarTracker you can un-drink a bottle! Appealing concept, shall we have a go at it this weekend? Please report any successes and the methods employed.


Last night, we enjoyed the start of a holiday weekend with salmon fillets, rosemary potatoes and a white wine and shallot king prawn reduction. This was washed down by a very nice Society Chenin Blanc. Although I like this wine a lot, I prefer the Fistful of Schist, also in the cabinet.


I don’t think TWS have yet offered the 2017 vintage of this Burlotto wine - if they ever do grab all you can… when Langhe Nebbiolo is this good you wonder why you pay the premium for Barolo. The 2018 is now available from some merchants - I must grab a case!


Back on the Gewürztraminer last night.
Bloody fantastic. Orange blossom, rose and Turkish delight. Yum! Dry though which means it’s not cloying. Not had many gewurz before but this is a treat.
With Szechuan Prawns :fried_shrimp::yum:


I had a bottle of this LN a couple of weeks ago and would certainly second the recommendation! Interested in picking up some more myself. Which merchants are you seeing with stock? Lea & Sandman normally do it, but not currently available.


I did have a think of what a tasting note might be like for such a wine, but then quickly decided to think about something else…


We had a meeting of our wine group last night, tasting wines from Southern Italy and Sicily.

One white and seven reds, mostly Primitive, Negroamaro and Nero d’Avola.

The white (Pipoli Greco-Fiano from Basilicata) was light, grassy and very pleasant - for me a garden-drinking wine for the summer.

Tasting the reds was interesting. While I’ve drunk wines like this before, it was the first time that I’ve tasted this many side-by-side. They were enjoyable, but ultimately I wasn’t left wanting to go out and buy any of them, or really feel that I want to make an in-depth exploration. Normally I come out of a tasting marvelling at how diverse seemingly related wines can taste, but here I came out thinking that they were all a bit same-y, especially on the nose, which was plum and elderberry across the board. There was more variation on the palate, especially with the appassimento wines having the expected hit of sweet fruit, but I really would have liked some more juicy acidity, and they were all lacking in tannin and savoury interest for me. I should add that others at the tasting felt differently (as always, and wouldn’t it be boring if we didn’t?).

Pretty much any of them would have made a very pleasant accompaniment to a rustic meal, and value was generally good; none of them knocked my socks off. But that’s why we taste wines - to learn.


L&S had both the 2018 Langhe Nebbiolo and 2018 Barbera Aves (also on my annual “must have” list) in stock a couple of weeks ago. However they always seem to go in a flash. Both now showing as out of stock. I bought a dozen of the 2017 Langhe from Cambridge Wine Merchants - I’ve been keeping a regular eye on their site but the 2018 hasn’t shown up there yet. Unless again it went in a flash…


A local Wine Shop owner introduced me to this wine last week and I finally got around to opening it last night. Alfredo Roca is a family run bodega in San Rafael, which is about 3 hours drive south of the city of Mendoza but still in the province of that name.

It is 100% Cab Sau, which was grown at two locations both at around 750m above sea level.
My notes were: Clear and bright. Deep red centre, red rim. Clean. Intense. Black currants and mint. Eucalyptus. Hints of blackberry leaves and Kirsch. Rich palate. Good acidity. Firm tannins. Dry. Black fruit. Dried fruits - prunes. Vanilla. Slightly unknit/unbalanced perhaps. Medium long finish. Back label says it is 13.8 alc. Tasted higher - or was it just the effect I remember!