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Weekend Drinking Thread [7-9 Aug 2020]

Not sure if I’m allowed to start threads but it’s almost 8pm and as I melt in central London I’m being kept refreshed by this beauty:

Cream soda was my first impression on the nose, it has a lovely uncomplicated citrus quality and never-ending bubbles. What more do you need on fizzy Friday?

Happy weekend everyone :heart:


Renegade Bacchus 2017 God, what’s happening to me? An English wine?! It’s ok, i haven’t lost it. Thirty degrees is my excuse. Fruit from Herefordshire, made in London, part trodden by hipster and part chucked in a qvevri. And hey, it enters the room with great elderflower vim. Everyone is looking at it. And then? Well, that was it. Nothing much more. Saivignon lite? In any case, it flatters to deceive. Yet another English wine which just ain’t worth what it costs. I’ll give it another decade before i try another one . I’m not holding my breath :rofl:


Having my first g&t since the last one and it seems much longer. Actually don’t often drink these so this is perhaps my fourth this year, but it’s such a good drink on a hot evening. About 1/3, 2/3, whichever way round you prefer, some lemon, and cold, cold, cold! Terrific!


The question is… which gin?


Started with some of this to cool down

So delicious and poised when chilled.

Then finishing this

Which was unexpectedly great with chilli prawns.


Just Bombay Sapphire.

We opened this Riesling last night and finished today. Good complexity and evolution in the glass, at one point I got a nice note of rubber. Very precise and composed, grown up. It will age easily for another 10 years.


Reminds me of my honeymoon in Carcassonne/Toulouse - Plenty of Cremant de Limoux was consumed! Glad to hear it’s good, as I’ve gifted a bottle of this to my sister.

For us, tonight is Spanish night. Chicken, chorizo and prawn paella, paired with Muga Reserva Rioja 2016.

Great value, even if it’s too hot to be drinking red Rioja! Big oaky flavours with plenty of vanilla, in perfect harmony with bold fruit. I’m sometimes more sensitive to lots of oak, but it’s beautiful in this. Simply gorgeous.

To finish off Spanish night we have palmeras de chocolate for desert. All we need now is a Spanish film to finish the evening off…


Well, it’s definitely hot! To eat, sea bream, red pepper quiche, courgettes, potato purée and tomato and basil sauce; to drink, white Burgundy. Pascal Prunier-Bonheur Saint-Romain La Combe Bazin 2012.

This came from a Cambridge Wine Merchants’ sale, fairly early in lockdown. Quite a buttery, toasty style, but it’s kept hold of enough freshness and peachy fruit to keep it interesting. Certainly now is the time to drink it, but equally it’s definitely not yet over the hill, and the rounded style complemented the food well.

Stay as cool as you can over the weekend!


That there in the glass is


Had a Hofstätter that this reminds me of.  Smells of baked apple and maybe a hint of Appletiser if you were alive in the 80s.

This is a wonderfully textural wine with a really long finish.  Bit of smokey muskiness (not the fire, honest) on that finish. 

I would have said a 3 on the dryness scale, TWS notes say 2 and they are the experts.  Drinking this as part of my community wine education.  And very glad to have tried it.  Really different to the few other reisling I've drunk which have been all sharp lime.   This is rich, fruity and sweetish but balanced with acidity.  28 quid is a good whack of money but you get a lot for it.  If you like this style then I'd say money well spent.

As evening wears on it develops in the glass, starting getting minerality ( for want of better descriptive vocabulary). Am sure it's a good food wine but also goes well with jazz in the garden. 

Have a good weekend everyone.


Not many better combinations than decent Riesling and jazz in’t garden!


Yusaf Islam of old playing under our Silver Birch canopy. Folk festival cancelled but reality is ours to define…
A can of Brew Dog in a neoprene sleeve, glasses in the freezer to keep the Graham Beck cold,(even when keeping it in the freezer sleeve) to ensure it’s enjoyed à point. What else can you do when it’s 35oC? As for a red… Alzipratu seems an excellent choice.


I managed to wait until Friday evening before opening this Semillon from Río Negro. The wine was clearly very young and needs time to allow the acidity to soften and fruit to develop further.

My notes were: Green, gold centre, clear rim. Intense nose. Lemon, honey, wax. Hints of green apple and pear. Fresh palate. High acidity. Citrus and green fruits but still very young. Needs time to round and develop. Long finish.


A sunny Friday evening in Yorkshire was perfect for homemade pizza and a smashing rosé from Chateau de la Grave. We visited the property a few years ago, already fans of their Caractérè and Grains Fins and fell in love with their 100% Cabernet Sauvignon pink. We’ve been ordering it directly from the Chateau ever since - kinda hoping the Wine Society will supply it at some point. We think it’s real winner - perfect balance of fresh strawberries, caramel sweetness and lip smacking acidity. There’s a little oak ageing giving it a richer mouthfeel than I expect with rosé.


Ooh and I couldn’t resist following up with a glass of this old favourite.

which I think is back to its best and is excellent value.

It was too hot for me yesterday. Wisely, the intended dinner of chicken with sumac and pomegranate molasses was cooked at 8AM and then eaten cold in the evening. The ironing I did whilst that was cooking necessitated a change of t-shirt afterwards. A trip to the local leisure centre at 11AM, where I sat directly under one of their AC units, provided some relief for an hour. As did the chiller cabinets in the local supermarket for about 15 minutes. After that it just felt like I was sat in a sauna ( with no plunge bath ).

This provided some relief however…

…I’ve posted about it before, but in a nutshell, it’s an archetypal Hochheimer. Refreshing and mineral it was more necked than tasted.

More of the same weather today I believe. Thankfully today’s intended food just requires assembly ( prawn salad followed by crab sandwiches ). Sparkling wine or another Riesling will be the likely companion.

Stay cool everyone and have a great weekend !


I couldn’t agree more! Unbearable heat :hot_face:
We have a portable AC which is great but only cools one room


Hot but not unbearable last night. Heated up some lamb koftas with rice, flatbread and tzatziki with a lightly chilled bottle of this forum fave.

Perfect food wine weather match


Loving the civilised weather personally. Even makes the task of choosing wine easier :smile:


Following on from my last post of the mid-week drinking - the theme continued. I’ve just had to order another case of Conde de Haro, as we’re down to our last bottle of the last one! PANIC!