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Weekend drinking thread [6th July 2018]


Show me some inspiration community members, it’s looking like a nice weekend up north so thinking of opening this at some point in the garden…

Who doesn’t like fizz :heart_eyes:


Following your inspiration @Leah, I’m determined to go with an open mind into the world of Lambrusco… I think I even managed to avoid it back in the day. :clinking_glasses:

This has the most beautiful colour and lovely mousse. The expectation is of Ribera sweetness (having had many varieties of Ozzie sparkling Shiraz) but is more of real black currant juice; a bit tart and green sappiness. Certainly a happy aperitif with a salty, meaty accompaniment. I wonder whether bottle age may benefit it further?


This tonight, then off to Brussels for the weekend… more beer there, potentially stronger.


Oh, yes to fizz!! :champagne::champagne::champagne:
I suspect we shall be opening the Aldi Crémant du Jura - a house favourite- as an aperitif tomorrow (no drinking tonight, but after drinking most of yesterday- that’s absolutely fine by me!).
Saturday evening we’re going to open this Friulano from M&S:

I’ve got high hopes for it. Love this grape. :ok_hand:
Not sure about Sunday as yet, but possibly an Albariño… anything white and zingy would do, to be honest! :sunglasses::clinking_glasses:


I think you’ll love it - just the weather for some chilled red fizz!


Wine later, but watching France v Uruguay with a ice laden gin and Sicilian lemon tonic…

Most refreshing on a hot day :sunglasses:


It’s sweltering hot and I’m working from home with the football on the telly in the background. Well no-one really does any work when it’s this glorious on a Friday afternoon, right? It’s taking significant willpower to not pour myself a refreshing glass of this which is an absolute steal, by the way!

So far, I’m resisting, but 5 o’clock is looming large…


Surely it’ll take 13 minutes to pull the cork and let the wine breathe? You know you want to! :wink:


Oh, it’s absolutely ready to go - the bottle was opened a couple of days ago and it’s in the fridge under vacuvin, condensation dripping gently down the sides of the bottle. 9 minutes. I think I’m going to faint.


This weather calls for cracking the Fino En Rama (and some olives and nuts) and forcing it upon my girlfriend who will undoubtably tell me that she hates it (like she hates all fino) because it smells like nail polish remover (yes, but in a good way!)

I also found a bottle of Domaine Tempier Rose from this year’s vintage that I’ve just been dying to open.


Do you ever set out for a destination, then get side tracked and wander around following something interesting, then get so far down the path that you look around and suddenly think to yourself, “I’m not sure I should be here”? That’s basically what’s happened tonight.

Earlier in the week I got myself all excited about steak frites-tonight, topped with classic beurre maître d’Hôtel, and served with that bistrot fav, Beaujolais (as I happened to have the taste of 2016 case). Then, I was searching around for inspiration in the form of different compound butters and came across a Korean flavoured one that really made my mouth water, moreso with the thought of the spicy umami topped steak in this heat. So then I had to rethink the potatoes because I have a weird hangup with soy sauce near spuds for some reason, so I’m going with steamed rice. But, you see, I just really want the bottle I’d picked out already.

So here we are. It may or may not work, but either way we’re gonna find out.


We’ll be polishing this off the remaining half of this this evening:

Absolutely delicious. I wonder what the 2016 is like -anyone tried it?


“Peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God” (Cat’s Cradle, Kurt Vonnegut) :grinning:


Great quote, and a little surorised. People round these parts don’t seem to be as familiar with Vonnegut.

You probably should footnote with a page reference. @szaki1974 might be watching…


It’s probably the book I read the most - in both Hebrew and English. I can quote it in my sleep - I probably do, too.
@szaki1974, it’s on page 50 :wink:


Relaxing after another long week. This is Ok but not particularly outstanding. Have great weekend all. G


Having a refreshing cherry wine and lemonade at the moment. Might open a white with dinner but I never feel like drinking much when it’s so hot.


Having the 1st of 6 of these tonight and I gotta say, i like it! Thanks @szaki1974 for the heads up.
A punt well worth taking


Barbera, Brazil, Belgium, happy days!


I’ve just had a desperado while cooking my MIL a curry. I take curry cooking extremely seriously so it takes a while…I have a bottle of this in the fridge which I can wait to open once the terrorists are in bed. I have some tuna sashimi to go with it… Can’t wait :joy:

@DrEm, you will NOT regret the Lambrusco, I’m a total convert to the various wonderful examples on the market now. Enjoy.