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Weekend drinking thread 6th April


Kicking this off as we’re off to the Lake District for the weekend and need some inspiration in what wines to take & possibly Gin . What’s everyone doing , planning on drinking this weeekend ?


Plan is to try some of this, its apparently rather popular!


It’s lovely :blush:, very enjoyable !


New vintage of my pound-for-pound favourite Beaujolais to try. I am, to quote the parlance, ‘much excite’.


It’s going to be a quiet weekend, and I’ll almost certainly be opening just the one bottle. I think I’ll make it quite a nice one. I’ve had the 2013 vintage of this tucked away for a while and I think it’s time:


imageWe have lots of visitors this weekend…tonight 6 adults for Meatball pasta with various bits of ciabatta, pizza bread and a very juicy looking fougasse (don’t worry it’s perfectly legal). To swill it down I have some Montine Gourmandises, one stray bottle of Aldi Sauvignon Touraine…all the remaining wine is red…Bertrand Berge Origines, Corte Giara Amarone and a new offering from my German grocer, Domaine Ferrandiere Rouge Reserve, Etang de Marseillette, an assemblage of Merlot, Syrah and Marselan all for £4.99… Report will follow.


Lake District? Gin? Try this:



We have half a cupboard full of their stuff :joy:


We’re planning on opening the Dveri Pax Blaufränkisch tomorrow. Will be cooking a wild boar goulash, so hoping that the two will like each other and work together!

Sunday will most likely be fish night- whole sea bass baked with some new potatoes, so I got my eye on this Cour-Cheverny (been really looking forward to trying it!):

Good weekend one and all! :wine_glass::grinning:


Sounds fabulous @Inbar


We’re having a very light weekend here given two quite heavy ones recently and a marathon to run next Sunday. So its just one bottle but one I’m very much hoping I’ll enjoy

How do you match a single wine to ramen tonight, tuna tomorrow and spicy pizza on Sunday? Answer: you don’t bother and just open something you fancy


Trying a community recommended budget Bordeaux tonight.


Starting the weekend off with these:


What’s the minimum temperature required to drink rosè? Got one in the fridge (Provence 2016) left over from last summer and need to get it drunk. But can’t justify opening until it hits at least 15c. Thoughts…


It was 17 today…


Not in Leeds! Haha


I think it also depends on the rose and the occasion… if paired with food I would drink it any time… lighter Provence roses call for warm evenings… this is a more complex one with a little age so again could be enjoyed over a conversation in early spring.


Nailed it. That’s how I feel. Just waiting for that warm evening. Feels like it’s been a long winter and I think I’m anxious for summer.


Tough week


Told many years ago by a winemaker in Germany that the ‘White and rose cold’ myth was started by marketeers to disguise the poor quality of wine exported to U.K. In 1970s. Have you ever tried tasting ice cream when very cold and subsequently at about 9 degrees?