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Weekend Drinking Thread [6th - 8th November 2020]

Seriously it’s a lockdown people where is the drinking thread!!

This is what I’m opening tonight

Starting on Vin D’Alsace. Thank you to @Inbar for the suggestion. Love this and can’t believe it’s not been in my life before.


I’ve started my first bottle from the Waitrose 25% off (they seem to deliver fast, at least at the beginning of the offer)
Newton-Johnson Walker Bay PN 2018. It’s less fruity and more mineral than the Bin 6 in @Winestwit’s picture, but has some New World PN perfume. Not a patch on the family PN, but in the Waitrose offer half the price and I’d say excellent value if you’re not the sort who complains about PN lacking body. Would order some more if I had more space.


We all just drink in secret.


Lovely wine, bought from TWS in 2012.


Opened our first bottle of this tonight.
Think I maybe a bit to early in trying. It’s the 2018.
Strong oaky nose and a lot of oak on the first sip. Not as crisp as I thought it would be.
Second glass has more fruit. But still oak dominating. Will be interesting to see how it develops.
Probably a bit to keen to open a bottle as I’d heard great things. Don’t think there’s any rush to open the other 5. Probably won’t be at it’s best for a couple of years. Then hopefully will drink well for another 3 or 4 years.
Going to try it again tomorrow.


Just opened this, 4th or 5th of a six pack and everyone has been bloody lovely. Anticipating a decent match with pasta puttanesca.

I think some Nebbiolo tomorrow, but need to work out what that might be and have a think about food…


I’ll see your Xinomavro…

And raise you that Barolo…

The Jeunes Vignes (we reckon) is somewhere between the 42nd and 48th bottle we’ve bought from TWS in the last 4 years. If there is a wine as good as this for around a tenner anywhere else I’m yet to see it (And we admittedly drink too much, so plenty of ‘research’ has been undertaken :smiley:) .

As for the Fontanafredda - finally, finally, I’ve enjoyed a 2010! The 2011 of the same bottling has been a joy pretty much from the get-go, but this has taken it’s sweet time. A real brooder, with plenty of life to go much longer than the 2011, but less of it’s easy charm. What I’m still trying to wrap my head around is why the hotter vintage (2011) is more high-toned and red fruited. Nebbiolo is such a fickle mistress!

Just for the record, the last couple of nights (on yet another holiday cut short or cancelled by a lockdown) we’ve enjoyed…

Young, but with all the magic that Apostolos Thymiopoulos brings to the party -more serious than the Jeunes Vignes, less dense than the Bin #005.

Not quite as Botrytis-spicy as Coutet, but so much more refreshing than Rieussec. Flying through the halves way too quick. Luckily the case of bottles remains untouched :smiley:

And the second-greatest-value-after-Thymiopoulos…

No words required, only sighs that the rest of the world don’t make 'em like this anymore.


All the talk of port on another thread encouraged me to decant this

Never knowingly drunk Osborne port before - only Sherry and brandy (the 103 Negra is my go to every day brandy when in Menorca).

Cellar book says I bought from Oddbins for £15 in 2000.

Fingers crossed…


We’re starting lockdown with scallops and a chicory and shrimp fregola sarda risotto. Drinking our favourite AOC Alsace riesling, and one which knocks the socks off many Grands Crus - Dirler-Cadé Riesling 2014.

Just a great example of what can be done with the grape, and still very fresh despite the bottle age. Intense, zesty, mineral, long, and utterly delicious. This might be one for the Fine Wine Introduction thread, as it consistently shows amazing intensity and quality for its price. Happy Weekend!


Clos Floridene Rouge Graves 2015 To start off the weekend. Pretty pretty decent if slightly thin. No complaints, it is just Bordeaux.


After the Bunnahabhain Stiuireadair to celebrate a nice salmon caught What are you going to do today? , I finished the Aglianico started on Wed night.

with tagliatelle in a mushroom, sundried tomato and blue cheese sauce.

This wine continues to impress, and will age quite well I think. Dried and roasted fruits on the nose, dark fruits on the palate, drying tannins a bit more evident now having been open for a couple of days but not unpleasingly so. I think that I may stick a couple in the next order.


Superb food and presentation @robertd


You wouldn’t see these portions of scallops with a risotto in a restaurant!

I haven’t tried Dirler Cade’s wines before. Clearly an oversight on my part, as they seem to be a regular on your table. How would you describe them in style with reference to: Trimbach, Hugel, Weinbach, Boxler and Zind Humbrecht…I appreciate that the last one is a bit of an outlier!



Trying this tonight. Very pale colour. Mild slightly fruity kerosene aromas. In the mouth a vague trace of kerosene remains, with gentle lime and not quite ripe peach flavours. A pleasant drink, and only 11%, it’s enjoyable but not very exciting. With a fairly hot vegetable curry it’s not doing as well as I hoped and is a bit overwhelmed. It was £8.95 and that seems fair enough.


Going for salmon tonight, but not freshly caught, I’m afraid.

I really love this South African Chenin Blanc. Was happy to see it back on the list!

We’re having this with steam oven baked fillet of salmon with a cold water prawn and shallot reduction, accompanied by dauphinois potatoes. :yum:

Happy Friday, everyone!


Ha ha! When my other half said that - I half hoped he was referring to me, but no, it was the wine :grinning:


Enjoyed this tonight

Very smooth, with lots going on. Could keep for a few more years


Ssshhhh don’t tell Mrs @Winestwit

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“Terroir, serenity, elegance, singularity, timelessness” is how the marketing bumpf describes Martelo Reserva, a Rioja from Alavesa made by the folks from La Rioja Alta. I do not believe this for one second. In reality it is the Riojaiest Rioja I have had in quite some time. I really can’t tell you what it tastes like other than exactly like a Rioja.

While that can sound a bit negative I really enjoyed it. It did exactly what I needed from the world right now. It was dark and red fruit and spice with vanilla and coconut well integrated from the oak and with tannin and acid to back it all up, It’ll gracefully age for the next decade or so.


On night 3 of a Pataille Marsannay 16. As before - night 1 a bit muted, night 2 glorious with a real sweet/savoury balance and serious length, night 3 a bit more autumnal and vegetal. Interesting that WS drink dates on this are super conservative - to 2022. I can see that for many Burg fans that would be the early end of when they would want to drink this. Really accomplished, complete wine.