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Weekend drinking thread 6th - 8th May

Tbh I was going by Cellartracker which says 2021-23 and puts it quite high up on the “ready to drink” list.

I would say the oak is not overpowering, but definitely there. I’m not averse to a bit of oak though :wink:

Just checked my wines on TWS out of interest and I’m seeing the same dates:





the same page reports “Now to 2033” at the bottom :face_with_monocle:

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Hmm, yes, that could be considered rather confusing :thinking:

Completely agree with you, this one is really to my taste (and I know some others agree….!)

Final bottle of the Bin 004 and this six pack has been a real voyage of discovery, every bottle different. This arguably the best of the bunch. Lemon, grapefruit, unripe pear and a yeasty, honeyed finish. Acidity is definitely disappearing so probably one to start to drink up if you have some. A great find by the WS but I’m sure not for everybody


I’m now announcing that I’ve consumed my first ever wine from Aldi, the first from a random mixed case I ordered last week. Not an own-brand as it turns out but one from the Paul Mas stable, under the Jean-Claude Mas (the founder and Executive manager of Domaines Paul Mas) label, this Grés de Montpellier

“Ile de Conas” presumably refers to one of Mas’ vineyards named “Conas”, a 25ha estate near Pézenas, however the fruit has come from Grés de M, which is a part of the Hérault (JR explains…)
Screenshot 2022-05-08 at 14.18.36

So, to the cépages; somewhat a mystery. Aldi states that it is syrah and mourvèdre,
(G d M also allows grenache, cinsault and carignan) yet this label doesn’t appear on PaulMas.com website. The closest match I can find is this Ile de Conas “rouge souplesse” - almost identical label, for the US market :-

which is actually 70% marselan, with grenache, cinsault and carignan making up the numbers, and made in an appassimento style (called passerillage in France).

Anyway what’s it like ? It was the accompaniment to a venison casserole in a rich gravy, new season cabbage and last season potatoes. Actually not too bad for £9.99 - rich brambly S French typicity with agreeably low on sweetness and a nice bitter thyme and ink finish. Not long, but a perfectly acceptable quaff. I think there was defo some syrah in there and so I’m going with Aldi’s elucidation.

Nothing I’ve ever had from Lidl has been anywhere near as good, so a promising start to my Aldi voyage of discovery.

Stupidly heavy bottle though…


Pretty much tallies with my experience, if you like older wines (which I do) something of a bargain. However I also felt it was definitely ‘last orders’ and would have a backup on hand, if opening for a special occasion.

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Tonight a treat with rack of lamb.

First glass surprisingly youthful and tannic but clear smoky meats aroma of cote rotie. Rich in fruit and earthy tertiary flavours.
Looking forward to seeing how this develops with air.


This is a dish I make often as everyone loves it.
@Brocklehurstj may I say this looks like a fantastic evening ! How do I get an invite for the next one?! :smiley:
The Piemonte theme is probably my favourite, excellent menu and wines.


How’s the grappa?
I’m not expecting much as it costs 3 times less than what I know grappa costs

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Late to bed as well I see. How many of there were you?

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Second bottle of the the Bin 11 with the bbq. Great match. Big, juicy red with acidity to cut through fatty meat. Not sure why I thought this wine was not opaque when I had the first bottle as this one was deep and vibrant. Charlie took up his usual stance when we are using the bbq.

Dark centre, deep purple and violet rim. Intense, perfumed nose. Blueberry, blackberry and black currant. Herbal notes. Rich, juicy palate. Ripe tannins. Fresh acidity. Dry. Plum. Black currant. Blackberry. Strawberry and raspberry notes. Long finish. Have ordered some more.


A lovely sunny day in Brighton today was spent booking our August holiday to Sweden, as well as attempting to clear the garage (me: ‘can we finally get rid of x??’ him: ‘no!! I might need it one day’… humph! :roll_eyes:)

Two adorable whites seem a nice reward…

First, a lovely Chasselas for aperitif:

Chasselas Romand, Cave de la Côte, Vaud, Switzerland 2019

A rather rounded example of the grape, with attractive nose of white blossom, melon, citrus and wet pebbles. On the palate, a gentle spritz, with notes of red apples, gala melon, peach skin and mellow honey. Absolutely delicious and perfect sipping in the sun.

With dinner (Oriental duck pasta) this fab field blend from Chaffey Bros:

Chaffey Bros. Düfte Punkt Eden Valley Field Blend 2019

A blend of Riesling, Gewürztraminer and Kerner – it is a winner in this house! The nose is a melange of all grapes, with floral notes of jasmine, kaffir lime leaves and fruity pineapple and citrus. There’s a whiff of paraffin, but nothing overpowering.

Light as a feather on the palate, it enchants with notes of exotic fruit (passion fruit, pineapple), ginger and honey and floral notes in the background. It has a superb delicacy balanced with interesting and mouth-watering flavours. A cracking find, and completely up our street! :+1: :heart_eyes:

Hope everyone is having a good Sunday! :sun_with_face:


Yes, it’s so easy and tasty. Kept everyone satisfied while waiting for the polenta.

Me too. I had thought 2 Nebbiolos would be plenty, but they were very popular and I had to open the Marcarini as emergency back-up.
Can confirm it partners excellently with a cheeky truffled-Pecorino cheese toastie.

I’ve not tried grappa before so I can’t give a qualitative assessment. It certainly wasn’t offensive, went down a treat alongside coffee and there’s only a small measure remaining… I’m not a big spirits drinker but would be amenable to try something a bit further up the quality ladder.

Yes, a bit tired this morning. Luckily I drew the long straw for child-based activities with swimming at 11 rather than cricket at 9 :sweat_smile: The glorious weather couldn’t be denied and we went for a decent walk this afternoon despite the desire for a little nap.
There were 8 of us


That’s a cracking picture of Charlie @Robin63 :laughing:

This here tonight…

…a Dolcetto d’Alba ‘Coste e Fossati’ 2016 from Vajra.

Dolcetto often has a reputation for being somewhat frivolous when compared to other red grapes from Piedmont but that certainly isn’t the case here.

A deep purple red colour. Black cherry, blackberries, liquorice and sweet baking spices on the fragrant nose all of which carryover on tasting. Medium bodied, deep and ripe fruit flavours, a streak of liquorice running throughout with beautifully fresh acidity and ripe, slightly drying, fine grained tannins to balance and structure. Intense and harmonious with good length of flavour to finish, it’s outstanding stuff. The £17 paid seems like small beans right now and can only wish TWS would list this wine again.

It was a great match to what’s best described as a posh school dinner too…

…venison liver, onion gravy, Jersey Royals and peas. Not exactly a pretty plate of food but it was tasty and satisfying.

As always, all the best for the week ahead everyone, especially the workers and parents amongst you.


I’m not sure how widely these are used now. I first came across them some 15 years ago when visiting Henschke in Australia. They had bottled some as a trial. I’ve not seen any from them commercially but that does mean they haven’t used them since.

Today’s wine here is Ch Haut Bailly 2000 with roast lamb. Wine reminds me how it used to be possible to have a full bodied smooth red with good fruit and structure yet only 12.5% ABV.


First bottle of the new(-ish) Blind Spot range. Really enjoyable chilled in the sun today. It’s exciting to see TWS giving people like Mac Forbes the freedom to produce fun and delicious wines like this - pure glouglou. Makes me want to try the rest of the range now.


With roast chicken and some really buttery cavolo nero (without any added butter I might add), this evening…

Lively and lovely acidic core - like lemon juice squeezed onto a tomato ISTR Oz Clarke calling it - but a good fatness, with pineapple, liquorice and touch of mint. Ideal partner.

And then, to follow, with both cheese - an earthy, mushroomy goats E Bamalou (part of a study by Cambridge University, apparently) and raspberry, chocolate and yoghurt dessert, textbook Jurançon…

Hint of almond paste with dried apricots, as always perfect tension between refreshing acidity and (not too much) sweetness; all is well with the world :yum:


Ooooh, I picked up some of those last year, what vintage?