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Weekend Drinking Thread [6th-8th December 2019]


This to kick things off

What about everyone else?
Edit: Dinner added


Rather liking this. Another cracking value Exhibition wine.


Slight mystery here. Found this in the fridge:

Pretty sure it came from the Wine Society and I think it’s from Chateau du Coing but there’s not much info around. I know Gorges is a named village appellation in Muscadet. Whatever it’s v good in a richer yeasty/leesy Muscadet mould. I’m sure someone will know more than I can find and will let me know…


Good match with some spicy lamb samosas.


2015 Nino Barrraco Grillo

Orange and cloudy. The colour reminds me that it is important for the kidneys to drink water. Orange peel and sherbet nose. Saline and complex. Oily texture lovely silky mouthfeel.
Q: 2/4
QVX: 7/10


The colour reminds me that it is important for the kidneys to drink water.

So much you can gain from a simple glass of wine!


A Ribera for us too…

Happy days.


On to my second bottle of this tonight already… due to the first being corked. Not had a duff bottle for ages so luck of draw I suppose. The Ventoux is get value, black fruit, decent body and very drinkable. Wonder if the 2018 is as good?


That colour was something special though.


When I arrived at the fishmonger’s this morning, he was selling sea urchins. I love them on sushi, so had to have a go at preparing them - starter today. And then garlic scallops and prawns on potatoes and chorizo, with saffron mayonnaise. All washed down with Hatzidikis Assyrtiko Familia 2018.

Now, I’m no assyrtiko connoisseur, and I know others here are. But all I can say is, that to us, this was lovely. A lime and lemon zestiness that complemented the delicate urchin without overpowering it, and yet enough body to stand up to the much more robust flavours of the chorizo and garlic. Great length and texture, and an acidity and salinity that’s made for seafood. I’m a fan :yum:


We weren’t going to drink this evening, but for one reason or another decided against a dry evening… (call it a pre-election desolation). Didn’t want anything too heavy, so opened this 2018 Spanish field blend called ‘Más Querido’:

Got if from Majestic, for the ludicrous price of £5.99 when using a voucher a while ago; the 2017 was ‘wine of the week’ on Jancis’s website in 2018, so thought it’s worth a punt.

It certainly delivers, considering the price. Nothing complicated or refined going on here, but it’s a light (11.5%), fruity quaffer, with an interesting nose (orchard fruit, honey, white blossom, fennel) and a very pleasant palate. Fruity without being sweet or cloying, there’s a nice herbal bite to it on the finish. According to Jancis it’s a blend of Macabeo, Sauvignon Blanc, Airén, Moscatel, Verdejo, Pedro Ximénez, Albillo and Merseguera.

Went really well with home made leek, mushroom and chestnut tartlets.

¡Salud! :clinking_glasses:


Returned from a late shift to share this. Very straightforward, bright, crunchy red fruit, cherries, raspberries and cherry stones. Nicely made and elegant and a fair price.


Great work on the sea urchins.


It wasn’t quite as risky a job as I feared! No puncture wounds.


This for me, a Beaujolais Villages 2017 from Dominique Piron. On offer for £9 in Waitrose. It was a surprisingly good match to a small shoal of grilled sardines…

…red berries, subtle spice and a note reminiscent of slate on the nose. Generously flavoured tinned strawberry and fresh berry fruit on tasting. Fresh acidity provides sufficient structure to balance and a supple slippery texture easy drinkability.

Undemanding but thoroughly enjoyable, it would be a good companion to all manner of food, even oily fish it seems !


His 2017 Morgon is also superb, and pops up in Waitrose from time to time! :+1:


Thanks for the heads up, I did see it on their website but it’s currently OOS.

One of the reasons I bought the BV was to have something from the same producer to compare to this…

…I have a single bottle but wasn’t sure when to broach it. With hindsight, it’s probably not a fair comparison so will have to take the plunge sometime soon whilst it remains in stock ( I like wines from the Cote du Py and the notes tick my boxes ).


Oh why oh why do TWS not sell Foillard?

That is my only comment on Bojo :roll_eyes:


Wow, it’s been quite a while since I’ve had wine from the Jura. Very much a baby Vin Jaune at a more reasonable price. If you love Fino and haven’t tried this then it’s not to be missed.

Apart from the flor element, there are layers of baked apples and pear and great length and steely acidity. My sherry loving partner is a particular fan and wants to try out some proper Vin Jaune next time…more holes in my wallet!


Their wines do seem to be benchmark for the area and I’d very much like to try one.

That said, IMO, the wines form J-M Burgaud and Chateau Thivin, that TWS do stock, still offer a lot of flavour and typicity for the money.

As does the Beaujolais 'l’Ancien from Brun !