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Weekend Drinking Thread - 6th - 8th Aug

Finished work for the day and opened this.
Poured a small glass and left the bottle to breathe for later.
Lovely stuff! Silky and showing fruit and sous bois, savoury and smoky notes, cedar.
A real delight if not massively complex.
Happy Friday :wine_glass:



After a break of nearly 2 weeks to allow everything to recover from the delightful norovirus carnage, a spot of Langhe Nebbiolo to break my fast.

This is a BIG langhe. The nose is very enticing and quite gentle: roses and summer berries. My goodness it’s punchy in the mouth, though. Very sharp acidity and fruit, with noticeable tannins. I wonder if it just needs more time? Not unenjoyable but that acidity is almost too much. :grimacing:

I might make a meaty stew to have with the rest of it, tomorrow, and switch to something gentler tonight.


It seems it needs a long decant. I wouldn’t think that at 5 years old a Langhe needs more time in bottle
Glad to know you fully recovered from noravirus


Good point - I’ll let it sit around for a few hours and see how it’s getting on. I recall it being described as a Barolo in all but name in the TWS description, though, so perhaps it needs similar treatment?


I’ve had many bottles of The Ned SB over the years, but I’d never seen this one until recently in Waitrose. Only a couple of pounds more than the standard SB.

This has everything you might expect in a NZ SB, but in Spades. I don’t think I need say more! If you want a Loire style wine it’s fairly safe to say this is not for you, but it should be good with fish and chips.


Opened a bottle of this tonight. Bought EP. JLL and TWS notes both suggested that it was suitable for early drinking. (2018 St Jo. Domaine Les Alexandrins)

It’s drinking beautifully. Rather subdued nose but really opens up after an hour. Red and black fruit, spice and oak. Maybe just a touch of menthol and herb. Silky and tight with tannins that are evident but not intrusive.

The drinking window is 21 to 27. It will take some restraint for it to last that long.


Popped into the show when passing last week and picked up a few interesting bottles. The Cuvée Noble from Cattiness is a blend of Riesling and Pinot Gris.

Clear and bright with green, grey hue. Medium minus nose. Musk, peach and lychee notes. Hints of spice and rose petal. Some ripe red apple and pear. Medium minus palate. Dry. Fresh acidity. Ripe pear, apricot, grapefruit. Some spice. Shortish finish. Pleasant easy drinking Alsace


Very enjoyable and pretty complex for an under £20 bottle. Some bright fruit as well as mature and earthy notes. Spicy undergrowth and dark plummy and berry flavours.

Enough cut for our margarita pizza tonight.


Opened the last of these with a Thai green curry tonight.

The first case of Prum I bought and now all gone - I feel rather bereft! Delicious wine: slightly grainy texture, but billows of pineapple, apricot and lime.


This here tonight, and the first time I’ve had the pleasure of drinking an Aussie riesling with so much bottle age ( it’s a 2010 ). Apologies if I become effusive …

…still a youthful yellow / green colour. Golden brown toast, peel heavy lime marmalade and a fragrant floral undertow on the nose. Medium body and weight, layered depth of stony flavour, a soft chewy texture with rounded, but still vital, acidity on tasting. Similar toast and lime ( peel, pith and fruit ) flavours with a complexity that’s impossible for me to describe. All of which run through the wine from the initial hit of flavour until the end of the lingering finish.

Quite different, in aromas and flavour, from the very best European riesling but its distinctive character is every bit their equal. An absolutely stunning wine. Time to pour another glass now !

Have a great weekend everyone.


I remember tasting an earlier vintage of this wine at a TWS tasting. The notes described it as ‘dancing on the tongue’ - we said it wasn’t just dancing, it was doing a quickstep.


Yeah, somebody on CT said they tasted it at Cavallotto, and they told them it could have been bottled as straight Barolo, should they have wished to (ISTR they don’t actually do a ‘straight’ Barolo, but am open to correction).


I think I’ll tuck the others away for another 3-4 years, tbh. It tastes like it could be lovely if it settles down a little.


The start of 2 glorious weeks off work!
As a beer this should should not work, but it’s very tasty indeed!

Opened this up mainly for Mrs J, quite good, super nose but the finish is very short and slightly unsatisfying.

1/2 bottle of Thalabert 2014, delicious. 3 full bottles tucked away for the future.

Happy weekend indeed.


Fish and chips Alsatian style for lunch - carpe frites with a glass of Auxerrois from Jean-Paul Schmitt, which needed burning off with a walk up to the nearby Ortenbourg castle. Then some unexpected sunshine into the evening let us eat in the garden, with veal chops and endive on the barbecue, and Dirler-Cadé Schimberg Pinot Gris 2015.

It’s a lovely, versatile wine - ripe mirabelle and peach fruit, but dry, grippy and balanced, with a slight edge of pepper on the finish. A real lightness of touch for a pinot gris, which makes it a partner to so many dishes.

Happy Weekend!


Gosh, you two eat well :yum:

Was that fish as good as it looks?

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To be fair, there are three of us here, so we’re not quite as greedy as we look :wink: The fish was great. It comes with pots of mayonnaise, wild garlic aioli, and horseradish sauce, all yummy.


Envious. Although I’m just tucking into a fillet of turbot with tasty accompaniments so mustn’t grumble too much….


That sounds pretty good, too… :yum:

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