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Weekend Drinking Thread [6 to 8 September 2019]



Sweet and sour noodles, isn’t exactly made for fine wine, this does a good job and is (I think) the best vintage since 2015 for the cheapest Kabinett on the WS list.

A hint of spritz and pineapple fruit. Not too sweet and fresh enough, if lacking the intensity of finer examples.


Have you tried the Marselan? I bought a bottle from a vineyard in Uruguay last week but have not opened it yet. Understand it is a cross between Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. This was a new wine for them and they were very pleased with it.


I wasn’t going to drink this evening - but the sunshine, and lovely autumnal feel in the air got the better of me.

To keep it low alcohol and simple, and trying to match a wine to a smoked Mackerel risotto - we decided to open a 2018 Fetească Regală from ASDA, part of their Wine Atlas range:

Yikes! this is anything but ‘simple’. It wooed me successfully from the moment I sniffed it! Quite pronounced nose, with tangerine, peach, guava, and a delicate floral note somewhere in the background, which reminded me a bit of orange water. Lovely on the palate too: enters with a tangerine zing and zestiness, but ends off dry on a honeyed peachy/pineapple-y note, which is just beautiful. Tasted blind, I would have easily mistaken it for a Viognier, or even a Torrontés! And to pull this off at 11.5% ABV and for £5.25 is really something!

I can see why it got Gold in the recent Decanter DWWA. Well done to the buyers! :ok_hand::grinning:


No, it’s waiting for its moment, slumbering in the wine rack. It’ll be my first Marselan, so looking forward to it. If you open it soon - let us know what you thought of it :grinning:


Thanks for sharing the notes from the case and those pies look awesome!


You can’t beat a good pie, especially with lard in the pastry!


The Sommieres Co-op’s Laura 2017 tonight. Pretty damn good for €7.


These two oldies have gone from strength to strength over the weekend. The Paul Sauer was in the eto and was still fresh as a daisy tonight, even got some of the blackcurrant in the last glass. The Montus was left to its own devices and it is such a graceful old wine even on day three. Now to choose next weeks wines… two whites, mayhap(s) less old.


A Lurton family white Bordeaux last night with some friends , didn’t wow me as much as some of their other whites but a classic blend and lovely all the same .


Very much enjoying the Regina Viarum Mencia this weekend. I think this is the first mencia I’ve tried, although I’ve been meaning to for a while having become quite a fan of ‘new wave’ garnacha

Interestingly different over the two nights - yesterday much more black pepper and minerals, almost reminiscent of 7 Fuentes except much less extreme than that. On day two it’s smoother and mellower, but more complexity and layers of different fruit, tobacco, leather…

I accidentally ordered two bottles, second time I’ve done that recently (don’t know if there’s a reason, or I’m just daft?), but as with last time a happy accident…


I shared a bottle on Wednesday with a friend and have to agree, it was joy on a glass :blush::+1:


Friends to stay this weekend meant many hours of catching-up and a few bottles opened as a natural result :stuck_out_tongue:

50% Chardonnay and 50% Sangiovese (vinified white), very tasty, opened up nicely in the glass (was a little closed when first opened).

Not sure where this came from but drinking very nicely. Still very fresh, plenty of fruit and fizz, but not as toasty as I’d kind of assumed (don’t think it’s that style), great with our sushi.

Really enjoyed this, nice fruit, backbone, acidity and good length. Would definitely buy again if it returns.

Only had a drop of this to taste, but there’s a glass left for tonight. Seemed nice enough, fruit forward, a little less acidity and a bit more accessible than anything I’ve had from the Loire. Good match for slow-roast pork shoulder, but I was drinking:

Delicious. TWS tasting note was spot on, great blend of Austrian red grapes.


With Friday’s, not exactly wine friendly, chilli…

…Bin #001 Bobal. A bit difficult to judge when one’s taste buds are glowing with chilli heat but nevertheless this was a lovely bottle ( mostly enjoyed before and after the meal). Violets and spicy black cherry fruit on the nose. Dark plums, black cherry and a hint of liquorice on tasting. Light tannins provide structure and refreshing acidity and a smooth silky texture user friendly drinkability. It exceeded my expectations.

Had the same meal again on Saturday, this time, with a bottle of Rustenberg Stellenbosch Malbec 2018 ( on offer in Waitrose at £9 ). A perfectly well made wine that offered a lot of flavour for the money. However, I found its oak seasoned sweetly ripe black fruit flavours and light tannic structure a little ubiquitous. For my money ( usually £8 to £12 ), the wine could have come from anywhere south of the equator and it could have been produced from any number of grapes ( Cabernet, Merlot, Carmenere ). In a nutshell, they all taste the same to me !

No doubt, others might say the same about the fresh, medium bodied, red fruited wines I seem to prefer these days.

On Sunday with a Moroccan inspired chicken casserole ( no way is it a tagine ! )…

…was a delicious Ardeche Viognier ‘Gres Du Trias’ 2017 from Vignerons Ardechois whose weighty, yet refreshing, peach, citrus and apricot flavours matched and helped cut the powerful flavours in the dish. A winning combo and definitely the best pairing of the weekend.

Have a good week everyone.


You’re welcome :wink:


Ha ha! I was hesitant to name names… :wink: