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Weekend Drinking Thread [6 Oct]



Each Friday we start a thread to help us plan our vinous experiences, and (of course) to try and make others jealous! Last week’s was very popular and some fantastic stories - don’t forget to go back & let us know how they were.

If you’ve got a special bottle that you are planning to open, or are heading to somewhere exciting, let us know (and how it was).

Bottling it - wine formats and how they matter

We’re starting the weekend at Society HQ by tasting the lastest Penfolds releases (2013 to 2015, depending on the wine). But they snuck in the first commercialised vintage of RWT (1997) … not shabby for a Friday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll keep my eyes peeled for the current release of St Henri…


It’s a boozy week for me - Fine wine tasting, trying an under-£7 recommendation and board game evening and now a splendid pairing of this with beef diane

There is the option of a left-bank claret if that’s too soft…?

Either way…yum!


Hooray! Which one are you trying? :smiley:

Tonight for us it’s this:

with some salmon pasta - I’m excited about this because I’d forgotten we still had a bottle of this from an order earlier in the year and it’s one of my favourites. Also, it’s currently on offer down from £10.50 and honestly this is a bargain. :+1:

Aside from that, I know we have a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge that we’re going to enjoy on Sunday evening, just to toast a particularly good (but nonetheless ordinary) week. :relieved:

Have a good one, everyone! Looking forward to seeing what everyone else is having.


@laura it was actually a non-ws one (clare valley riesling) which the girlfriend commented “it’s a bit rough”…tragically she’s now used to good germam auslese so my life is only going to be more expensive. Good to know she identifies these things now as when i first started going out with her i sent her to the shop to get a bottle with a tenner…she came back with £2.99 piesporter as “that’s what she always buys” :rofl: she’s been to over 10 tastings now plus been bored to tears by me harking on about different regions and now considers herself a ‘wine’ person :slight_smile:


Would be very interested on your experience with the Tahbilk Viognier.


Jean Claude Mas, Astélia, Pezenas 2016. Very good review in Decanter. Saw this in Aldi, £9.95.

GSM blend, well made.


Saw the thread and got my attention. In about 2003, the Society one afternoon was selling the D’Arenberg Dead Arm 2001 for £120 for 6 bottles. I don’t think that it made it to 5.00 p.m.
I still have a case in cellar and a gifted odd bottle and I now think that it will not survive the weekend.
I had a bottle last Christmas an it was stunning, pure Shiraz but nothing like Northern Rhône Syrah.
Have a cracking weekend!


It’s one of the few wines I’ve ever bought by the case multiple times (but then I’m a viognier fan!). It’s gorgeous; not too in-your-face perfumed but still with that viognier texture and subtle but pleasing aromatics. Lovely with my quick chilli and honey salmon pasta dinner but equally lovely to sip on its own. If you like viognier I think you’ll love it. :slight_smile:

Haha, oh dear! What did you think? I thought it was quite a good example of Clare Valley but I’m not too experienced with German or Alsace riesling generally so I don’t think I’m qualified to compare!

Ooh, now that’s one I haven’t seen but am very interested to try!! Have you tried the new Exhibition GSM we do?

One I’ve been meaning to try for ages as I love d’Arenberg but haven’t got round to it yet!


Regret not tried the WS McLaren Vale GSM.


@laura actually i really liked it; i thought it was really fruity, turbo-charged, but not overbearing. I’m not sure if it was a typical clare valley as I’m vice versa to you :slight_smile: i really like trying any new world rieslings, gewurztraminer or sauvignons so plenty to explore!


@laura, Oooh I’m going to see if this is still in stock and give it a go. See, this is what I like about this community trying others recommended wines. Brilliant :slight_smile:


Saturday night. Raspail-Ay Gigondas 2012
Absolutely gorgeous. Decanted and tried about an hour later. No sediment to speak of, which for Raspail was unusual. Red fruit and remarkably drinkable, after around 3 hours it developed a unexpected and spledid glycerol like smoothness which just took it to another planet. If you have any bottles of this wine, you have a treat in store. Sadly, I only purchased one bottle of the '12, so I am scuppered; however if Marcel lists the 2015, I for one will purchase it by the “Shedfull?!?” Raspail-Ay truly IS one of the producers that makes wines that add a dollop of joy to the world. First encountered in 1990, his father made a legend that year, it is his son at the helm now and great for us the genes have been passed on.
Tonight, the D’Arenberg Dead Arm 2001. Parker gave it 98/100 in 2003.Tasted a bottle last Christmas and it was brilliant. Bought from TWS in around 2003 on a tip from a member, at £120 for a 6 bottle case incl. Duty & Vat. Note that the score was in the public domaine when purchased.
I hope that the Roast Leg of Pork does it justice!!


I will look out for this producer from now


Regretfully, for reasons outwith my control the Roast Pork and D’Arenberg was postponed until possibly tonight. Disappointing but I will get there.


Finally got to the Dead Arm 2001 last night.
Good from the start but really got into it’s stride after 2 hours.
So Aussie Shiraz, with nary a nod to Northern Rhone.
But an incredibly good bottle with masses of Australian fruit and class in abundance.
I have tried Hill of Grace which was a huge mouthful, at the time exclaiming that “it was not a wine for wimps,” but outwith my hearing a fellow female taster had just remarked that she didn’t like it. Gulp!?!
The Dead Arm was much older but these Aussie behemoths have a style, all their own.
Love 'em or hate them, the have a place in the vineous universe, may be not quite at the top table, but perhaps on the end. But that’s just my opinion.:sparkles: