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Weekend Drinking Thread 5th June - 7th June, 2020

Birthday today, been in Shielding for I think 12 weeks!! :open_mouth:

But no matter, far, far better than the alternative.
A half bottle at midnight of Tesco Finest Premier Cru Champagne with Chinese Duck and Pancakes. The bargain basement Fizz was quite acceptable!! :+1:


With my version of Surf & Turf.
Butter poached lobster tail plus a 150g piece of Scottish Fillet of Beef & the obligatory chips!

These are strange times, but we must adapt to them to get to the other side, wherever that might be. I just hope that we do not get complacent and think that the virus is beaten, the 1919 Pandemic demonstrated 3 waves with the 2nd being bigger than the first.
I heard this morning, that due to lockdown, our much vaunted new website will be delayed until next February. I don’t care, it probably will not work perfectly when launched, there will be unforseen teething troubles but we will get there in the end. :pray: :pray:
Have a great weekend!! :wink: :grinning: :dragon:


Happy Birthday! I will open something from the Rhone in your honour.


Many happy returns @Taffy-on-Tour !! Enjoy the Bolly :grinning::+1:


Happy Birthday! I knew there had to be a reason to celebrate!

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Wife’s birthday along with two other close friends so a ‘trio virtual supper’ tonight!
Pichon Lalande 1986 should do it. Reports later!


Happy Birthday @Taffy-on-Tour it all sounds delicious. :tada::tada::champagne:


Happy birthday @Taffy-on-Tour, enjoy your champagne :clinking_glasses:


Happy birthday @Taffy-on-Tour - a sensational choice of hedonistic pleasure.

Another bitter orange spritz over here in the East. A Martini Fiero and tonic with some grissini on a sunny end to a wet and blowy day.
Happy TGIF.


Currently working on a PYCM Aligote 2018, which is really very good already.

A Fourrier Borgougne Rouge ‘18 to come later (very recently landed but want to take an early look)


Another wine in my quest to drink rather than be tempted to sell campaign - Verset Cornas 1996.

Can’t complain here about the lack of wild/feral character, lots of iron and sour dark fruit. Very prominent acidity and strangely better, riper fruit notes on the finish. Another wine that seems to require food to really come into its own. Couldn’t decide about decanting so I didn’t.


Thank you all for your kind words, more appreciated than you will ever know!! :+1: :wink: :grinning: :dragon:


What a way to start your birthday!

Hope your day in isolation was not spent only dreaming of the Bolly and you managed to get out and have a bit of fun elsewhere.

Where did you hear this?


Would love to hear what you think about the Fourrier. I have a case of this which I was going to keep in storage for a few more years.


Started off the night with a Sidecar cocktail which is one of my favourites.

All this talk of Bordeaux this week tempted me to open another bottle of my Capbern case. Even better today - cassis with a hint of menthol and cedar. A great value Bordeaux.


Not sherry because from Montilla and made from PX grapes. But it could be - tremendously subtle nose, dry, saline, penetrating taste. Excellent.


Happy Birthday, @Taffy-on-Tour! Looks like a great way to mark it.

Meanwhile, what happened to the sun? Rain, hail and 11 degrees C here prompted a return to cool weather comfort food - smoked haddock with rösti, spinach and chive hollandaise. To drink, Mittnacht Frères Muehlforst pinot gris 2017, with a glass or two of the wonderful Maribel Amontillado to help along the cooking.

The Muehlforst vineyard is close to the Rosacker Grand Cru, and produces wines that I think are often even better than the GC. The wine has a roundness and smokiness to match the richness of the fish, but the vineyard adds the acidity to cut the sauce and stop it from ever cloying. Mandarins, grapefuit, honey, hazelnuts, long, peppery, and just delicious.


Flint Pinot had lovely elegant silky palette. PYCM was exceptional . Easily village level, lots of packed citrus fruit and fresh acidity. Top notch and great value.


My fault. I took delivery of a case of crisp whites and fragrant, light bodied reds. Hence why I’m drinking Cornas now and contemplating changing back to a winter duvet. It could have been worse, I could have bought some Rose, we would get a foot of snow…


A very happy birthday to you, and what a splendid way to celebrate!


Oh yes, this is punching well above its weight. Deep ruby/brick, cassis on the nose with some mint leaf, eucalyptus and earth. Then a mouthful of forest fruit, licorice, cigar box and wet leather. The tannins are nicely integrated with a long finish. Really not so very far away from a decent claret at twice the price… :shushing_face: