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Weekend Drinking Thread 5th Aug - 7th Aug 2022

I opened a bottle of
One of my favourite Bordeaux second wines. A beautiful glass of mature Margaux. Just Lovely!


Is Segla from Moulis?

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Oops wrong M. Margaux! Now fixed :rofl:

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Tried these over the last two days.

Cserszegi, Sebestyén 2021

I think 'pleasant’ might sum this up best. An aromatic off-dry style of wine but had enough acidity to make it a nice refreshing wine on a warm evening. For under a tenner, a good punt.

St John’s Road LSD 2016

Loving this, rich and choclaty to say the least. Aroma just jumped out of the bottle, smooth, seamless, a typical big Aussie crowd-pleaser if you like. Gets my vote :+1:

Have a good week everyone!


Crossing today with no queues or delays.
Arrived at our hotel in Germany and now getting some rest to continue the second leg of the trip tomorrow



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A super smooth journey from Reims to Alsace saw me arriving in time for a bike ride into the vineyards to work up an appetite (with an ice cream stop on the way :icecream: )

For eating in the garden this evening, I cooked a mixed vegetable stew (courgettes, onions, red pepper, garlic and potatoes), with merguez. And a lightly chilled glass or two of Christian Barthel Pinot Noir Clos du Sonnenbach, 2019.

Unoaked and entry-level, and does all that you’d want it to, and then some more. Ripe fruit to the fore, and darker fruit than might be expected, especially considering that 2019 is more restrained than the vintages either side. But it also has a savoury, slightly liquoricy edge to it, and some smooth tannin too. Perfect garden drinking.

Hope everyone has a good week. Have a safe onward journey, @Rafa. Where are you heading?


Brilliant meal tonight. Dover sole with brown butter and capers.

Paired brilliantly with a white Nuits St. George’s which I decanted as recommended on the burgundy thread.

This was great, fresh acidity, flavours of apple, peach, pear, citrus, mineraly, butter oak and a light touch of vanilla. Very complex and drinking brilliantly and a great pairing with the Dover sole. Will have to look out for white Nuits more often.


Is there anything better than a cold, bone dry, Rosé in this heat? Especially paired with a healthy slice of Pissaladière.



Earlier in the garden with neighbours


Recently discussed in this forum and imo a lovely drink.



Also often mentioned and a reliably good wine. The black fruit is still there but now it seems to have much more mocha/dark treacle/liquorice flavours. Dark and rich and delicious!


Looks and sounds delicious :yum:

All this talk of France and we are not heading out until mid September….so tonight we enjoyed a Duras dinner ….

Bbq’d lamb chops and Grand Mayne reserve Merlot Cab the latter served quietly cool.Delicious soft mellow finish and fruity finish.


This Beaujolais

I failed to follow the instructions to decant so yesterday it was a bit meh, a bit nouveau. But today it was superb. Lesson learned.


Tonight with braised beef and mash ( yes, I know, perfect for this weather you’re thinking - well I wasn’t expecting this weather, so …)

First smell reminded me of cave-aged cheddar, so that was interesting. It’s clearly a deep, dark, concentrated (extracted?) wine. And young. I think. It has that fruity/earthiness I associate with Barbara (sort of black fruits with beetroot, if that doesn’t sound too odd) but dialled up to 11. And the alcohol is a little obvious, and not well integrated. Which is a pity.

We’ve had it decanted for about 90 minutes, and frankly, I’m hoping it’s too young. As my other half said ‘hmm, it’s quite good, but it’s missing something isn’t it?’. I’ve emotionally (and financially!) invested heavily in 2016, to so far mixed results. I worry that it’s nowhere near as consistent as others have suggested. We shall see. To revisit.


We enjoyed the Lidl Barolo on Saturday. At first I thought the alcohol was a bit hot but it soon calmed down. The cranberry notes you mentioned came through and it worked a treat with the blackberry and redcurrant sauce. After dinner I noticed the tannins rather more, and ‘dusty’ was the word that came to mind, which on re-reading I see features in your notes.

I have one more bottle, for drinking sooner rather than later.


Perhaps not the weather but I fancied a red. Opened my 2nd bottle of Domaine les Alexandrins St Joseph.

Savoury with blackberry fruit. Good grip and iron/mineral perhaps granite. Fresh with some pepper. Very good and drinking nicely despite it being so young.


We opened a bottle of Condrieu Combe de Malleval, Domaine Ogier 2015 for the weekend. I needed some inspiration for a match with melon and Parma ham so checked out the TWS food and wine matching pages. It suggested Viognier for melon so we gave it a try. Won’t be doing that again. Complete mismatch and a waste of a decent glass of wine.

Fortunately it was lovely with trout fillet, a homemade pesto dressing, new potatoes and home grown runner beans. Rich, peachy and mouth filling but not at all cloying. A good match. It is not going to improve now so a couple more bottles to enjoy sooner rather than later.


What vintage was it?

Had a similar experience with their Crozes. Will keep an eye out for this producer on the list.

It was the 2018. Bought EP.

Friday lunch with my chum at a place that allows BYO with a modest corkage; my chum wants varieties new to him so I brought

2020 Corte Gardeana Lugana (Italy, Lugana)

Lugana is one of the many synonyms for Verdicchio, and was a refreshing drink on a warm day which we both enjoyed.

Back home in the evening we had our usual plaice, new pots and peas with a mixed salad and

2021 Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand, Marlborough)

Saturday Our elder son and his partner arrived late on Friday so on Saturday we took them to what we still remember as the Mosquito Museum but has much expanded since our last visit decades ago and is now the de Havilland Aircraft Museum.

But first we lunched outside at The Green Dragon at its idyllic setting on the banks of the Colne river. In the past the pub has flooded when the river burst its banks but now the river has dried and the wide pool of clear water by the bridge where children paddled while their parents lazed on grassy banks with a glass from the pub was a tiny shallow muddy puddle.

With our lunch we had

2021 Franschhoek Cellar Chenin Blanc La Cotte Mill (South Africa, Western Cape)
Chenin is my second favourite white variety, and although it’s made in every style one can think of, this was a perfect luncheon drink, being light bodied, packed with flavours, dry and refreshing.

Salisbury Hall, a (now dry) moated manor house in the country but close to the Hatfield de Havilland factory*, was where a team secretly developed and built the first Mosquito aircraft during the war. The plane was built of plywood and was so fast it didn’t need defences as no other aircraft could catch it. The first Mosquitos took off from the fields behind the Hall to go the De Havillands airfield. The museum has that first prototype, plus two more Mossies and a host of other planes and their parts. Many of the aircraft can be entered

In the evening our guests chose a Deliveroo from Nandos. We had an aperitif while waiting

N.V. Graham Beck Brut Cap Classique (South Africa, Western Cape)

and with our piri-piri chicken we had

2018 Diemersfontein Pinotage Reserve Carpe Diem (South Africa, Wellington)

2019 Neethlingshof Estate Pinotage The Owl Post (South Africa, Stellenbosch

Both are the top 'tages of their respective wineries, superb wines and both different. There’s an underlying coffee hint in the Diemersfontein, which they told me is a characteristic of Wellington Pinotage, while the Neethlingshof had a lively sweetness.

Sunday we went to The Grand Junction Arms pub on the canal at Bulbourne to lunch with our younger son, his wife and our first (hopefully) grandchild. A lot of development has taken place since the Oakman Group took ownership and we’d booked a ‘pod’ in the garden overlooking the canal rather than risk sitting outside in rain. It was a lovely hot day and I had to wear my hat as my head was being burned by the sun

We all - apart from Jack - had Sunday roast, and the wine was

2020 MAN Vintners Pinotage Family Wines Bosstok (South Africa, Coastal Region
M.A.N are the initials of the three owners, Marie, Annette & Nicky and bosstok is the Afrikaans name of low lying bush vines. It was a juicy fruited wine just suited to lunch on a warm day while watching narrow boats pass by along the Grand Union Canal and catching up on family news. And holding Jack!

After his parents packed all of Jack’s accoutrements into a car which had grown too small, we waved them goodbye then we and our two guests took a stroll along the canal and around the Marsworth lakes. Then they left to drive back to Wales while we went home to the Sunday papers, tea and scones.

(Lugana & Diemersfontein from TWS, Brancott from Majestic, Chenin from Green Dragon, Beck from Waitrose, Neethingshof from Hedley Wright, MAN from Grand Junction Arms)

*and by Exit 22 of the M25.

@gabehiggins I had that Cserszegi a couple of weeks ago and found it floral and flavoursome Weekend Drinking Thread - 22nd to 24th July 2022 - Drinks Chat - The Society’s Community (thewinesociety.com)