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Weekend Drinking Thread 5th Aug - 7th Aug 2022

Happy Anniversary Inbar! :champagne:

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The daughter has been sending very happy dispatches from her mini European inter-railing tour. Paris was exciting, Munich was super fun and she’ll be spending a week now with friends of mine in Vienna. Cue a photo from her with a lovely-looking glass of Schilcher… nice for some! :grin:

In homage to her jolly explorations, and as we can’t be in the Heurige with her this evening, I decided to open a Gemischter Satz from Weingut Zahel:

Zahel, Großlage Nussberg, Wiener Gemischter Satz DAC 2020

This is a field blend of Chardonnay, Weissburgunder, Grauburgunder and a touch of Gewurz from Nussberg, which is considered to be one the best sites in the appellation.

This is the newest vintage for us, and it’s a WOW! :star_struck:

Medium gold in the glass - it’s bright and inviting even before the first sniff. On the nose - notes of ripe pears, delicate honey, white peaches, fresh apricot and a twist of spice (cinnamon, maybe?). The husband thought he detected floral notes of roses too.

The palate is generous, ripe and fragrant, with exotic fruit (pineapple, maybe even mango?), ripe pears and ginger spice. There’s some herbal freshness there too, and a zingy minerality on the surprisingly long finish. Rounded and honeyed, there’s a wonderful concentration of fruit here, and I think one of the best examples from Zahel I’ve had to this date. Even more enjoyable slightly warmer :ok_hand:

Noises from Brighton Pride filtering through the windows - a day of complete joie de vivre in the Brighton calendar, though we’re hiding at home :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Happy Saturday! :clinking_glasses:


Well @Inbar I do hope you don’t think I’m stalking you but again I find myself with a wine that you’ve had recently.

With venison steaks and blackberry sauce on the menu it seemed like a good option. So far not much I can add to your extensive notes, but it definitely seems to be heading in the right direction while sitting in the decanter.


Ooh! we were pleasantly surprised with this one - we both really enjoyed it, and some. Would be interested to hear what you think once it moves from your decanter to your glass.

This is a sort of stalking I can live with :grinning:


Well, getting to Eurotunnel was fine, border checks from both countries were far quicker and more cursory than when we crossed in both March and May, but the tunnel itself had problems, resulting in a two hour delay. But then, I’ve had much worse there, and I think it pretty much always says service perturbé on arrival. Hope your crossing is smooth tomorrow, @Rafa.

I’m currently on the outskirts of Reims for the night. I may have a glass of Champagne with dinner…


Sadly anchored by apron strings to the UK for now, due to commitments to NHS 111. But what better reward from a lengthy shift saving the NHS ££££s in stood-down ambulances to swing by the fishmonger in Horstead and get nice fresh Haddock fillet and cook with home own-grown potatoes, courgettes dill, tomatoes, basil and tarragon…and to accompany, a wine which merits wallowing within such as its deliciousness. It has the right palatable zinginess in spades, as I needed a white which stepped up to the flavour plate to match the multi-faceted meal, and rose above it with peachy creamy and lemony, loveliness.

Tempranillo Blanco is indeed a rare white mutation of its eponymous red version but it does not lose any punchy flavour in so doing. We got this from the original “discoverer” of this variety in Rioja Baja a couple of years ago.

Strangely enough there was room to crack open a soupçon of red for a smidgeon of cheese and this medium bodied fruity Trollinger fitted the bill perfectly


Two wines from Wurttemberg producer Aldinger here tonight and tomorrow…

Edit - and fitting too following the post from @PHarvey above !

First up an Unterturkheimer Gips Riesling Trocken 2019. Unsurprisingly the vineyard has a gypsum rich soil ( something I usually associate with plaster ! )

Anyway, citrus, golden apples, wet stones and a hint of petrol on the nose. Light to medium body, a light oily texture, refreshing acidity and crisply clean green apple and zesty citrus fruit on tasting. Very nice, boxes ticked.

The Uhlbach Gotzenberg Riesling Kabinett 2019 ( a new vineyard to me bar one previous bottle of the same ) ups the ante and is on another level.

A remarkably fresh and floral nose with a zesty citrus undertow. On tasting, the intensely refreshing citrus and peach fruit has an almost effervescent quality to it thanks to its piercingly fresh acidity. Needless to say, it also provides beautiful cut and balance to the residual sweetness. A strong mineral streak runs throughout and there’s a tangy lip smacking finish to end. An incredibly flavourful wine, almost guilt free too weighing in at only 7% ABV, and reminiscent of a top Middle Mosel Kabinett.


Opened this tonight from an old Rhône mixed case…ok…a slight sweet finish despite being well chilled. Enjoyable and a good food wine but not a standout given what else is out there. Perhaps the blend was the issue?


I’m Heading for Reims tomorrow from Montgaris… tbh, it’s the first site I’ve ever been on that I even packed away the chairs at night . It’s in a :deciduous_tree: Forest and the sole member of staff is nice but it’s very transient and one the first night here there was a man walking round with a backpack through peoples pitches for an hour or so. Clearly not staying on site .
…… Anyway, currently plotting my way out of here with google maps … the French love these traffic calming road sides which cause me a MASSIVE headache navigating the “beast”!
I’m looking forward to getting to Reims, I go every year without fail and I think it’s got a piece of my heart .
Tonight …. More Rosé , it’s been hot today … tomorrow of course will be Champagne :star_struck::fr::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:!


Is that your caravan ? Wow it’s like a bungalow on wheels. Does it have a swimming pool ?


Yes, it has a rooftop pool and a cellar :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:!

The Eurotunnel causes me an unending amount of stress :see_no_evil:.


I’ve driven past villages smaller than that!


And a roof box!!
Well done that’s some piece of kit!!


Paddle boards, Kayak and wetsuits in there …… not that we’ve needed wetsuits this Trip… it’s been boiling :hot_face: ….


LOL, that’s what I was thinking. A roof box to boot. It’s a great rig for sure; I can imagine it can get a bit hairy at times navigating such in svelte lanes.

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Enjoy Reims …. you will need a champagne once you have unpacked back at the house.

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You’re telling me ! It’s a 720 Prestige and tbh…. I think we need a smaller more efficient caravan ! I don’t trust Mr. Leah to pull it so I do all the driving!
We also need ramps a LOT, as the Hobby’s are low and we can hit ramps on sites easily !
That aside …… it doesn’t deter us from weeks on end abroad ….! Next year Germany I reckon :wink::belgium:!


No wine for me this weekend as I’m on gout treatment tablets (again)! Ho hum.

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Hosting some of my partner’s family up for the weekend. BYOB Persian place for dinner Friday …

Raspberries and book bindings. Riding that line between primary and tertiary, with a polish typical of Burrier. Just lovely.


I had a bottle of this (2016) a couple of months ago. Even in a cracking vintage with a bit of bottle age this was underwhelming. Just a bit dull.