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Weekend Drinking Thread 5th Aug - 7th Aug 2022

Congratulations @Inbar, I too tried that Vecchia Annata a couple of months ago and absolutely loved it. And as for your dessert :yum:

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Wow, huge respect and best wishes @Inbar, you know how to celebrate and live it up, I’m sure well deserved for both of you.

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Congrats @Inbar - what a great feast and happy anniversary :partying_face::partying_face:

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Have a great time in Alsace Robert and good luck with the travelling. Good looking plate as always. Fancy cooking the night before a trip!


Many congratulations to you both. What a lovely meal to celebrate!



Congratulations to you both! Looks like a lovely meal to celebrate.

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I drink a lot more rose when in warmer climes too…but then Newcastle and Scotland are not a high bar to jump on that front…

Are you sure you got that the right way round about who climbed into whose bunk? :wink:

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Tonight, a quiet meal - glass of Dirler Cade Riesling Saering 2013 with white crab, tomato, home grown cucumber, basil and olive oil. Not an obvious match, but the white was on the Coravin and only fancied a glass…it was surprisingly good. Mrs C was abstaining ahead of our daughter’s hen night tomorrow night…held chez nous in a garden marquee…I am going umpiring tomorrow and hope that the game lasts the course…

Then, and also via Coravin, a couple of largeish glasses of this.


I did not have high hopes. This was the last bottle of 6, and I had found the others pretty hard work.

It was a revelation, sweet fruit where none had been before, some fine gravelly tannins but nothing too harsh. At last it comes out its shell. Drunk with lamb, which it was ok with, didn’t like the mint sauce, but was great with Charlotte potatoes and garlic runner beans. Better on its own though which was surprising. Clearly this needed keeping for a long time. If you have it, try it now. I notice some much better recent reviews on CT than 5 years ago.
I have 5 bottles of the 2010 left, the first one last year was huge and almost impenetrable. I think I will leave them for a while!


Congrats @Inbar ! What a lovely meal and wines you chose


Sounds like a wonderful meal to celebrate a special day! Congratulations.


Good luck @robertd
We are doing the crossing on Sunday and hoping the eurotunnel service will be fine


Gorgeous food, as always, @robertd! :ok_hand:
Hope you have a smooth and easy journey to la belle Alsace :pray:


Good luck Rafa and @robertd ! We travelled a couple of weeks ago and had no problems (mid-week). We still had to hang about for a couple of hours at the terminal on the UK side for no apparent reason but came straight through from Calais with no waits anywhere. All the customs/border controls etc were quick, cursory and straightforward, although a separate set of guards wanted to look under the mattress in our MH…but not in the huge garage. Can’t see them finding many stowaways.


Congratulations @Inbar!

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The Pyramid Valley comes in a bottle weighing 815g, if that is a consideration for you.

Opened a NZ Riesling last night.

The 2019 was more rounded and fuller than the 2018 IMO and a lot less spritzy than my notes for the 18. Lovely lime peel, lime and tangerine notes. A little honey and blossom. The off dry nature worked really well with a chicken salad and a piquant dressing.


Congratulations to you both!

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Congratulations @Inbar

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Happy weekend everyone. Family to stay this weekend so we had a very lovely ESW.


López de Heredia, Viña Cubillo Crianza, Rioja 2013

A small taste before going into the decanter was quite acidic and out of balance. Hoping a couple of hours will mellow it a bit!