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Weekend Drinking Thread 5th Aug - 7th Aug 2022

Let’s kick start the weekend.

Rather fruity and refreshing, although I don’t think it’s cold enough as it’s been in my wine fridge today, so stuck it the main fridge to cool further. I only bought one bottle but tempted to buy a case now.

My wife and I can’t decide if it’s strawberry or peach that we can smell, yes completely different but that’s what I’m enjoying about this.

Anyway, I’m all for the over hyped series. Love trying new grapes and different styles. Wouldn’t have thought to try this had it not been for the Bin Series so that’s the series working for me.


Ellis Wharton. Well known to forumites…… white flowers and lemon peel.


The “+” in the name of this wines signifies the 3% riesling it contains. I’d been intrigued when this first appeared, and have finally got round to opening it. Not your average NZ SB, weightier and with a distinct lime note on the finish ( as per TWS notes). Many SB’s need to be very cold, but this definitely acquires more layers as it warms in the glass.



Does the toasting add much to the wine? :wink:


Added this as a basket filler a few weeks ago. Ha, more fool me.

The Society’s Argentine Malbec 2021

I’m looking for positives, nice nose, very sour which I don’t mind but just disjointed and all over the place. It’s acidic, then chewy, then peppery, nothing working together. I’d put this on the ‘midweek with food wine’, not the Friday night uplifter I normally go for.

Better luck tomorrow.

Have a good weekend all!


Opened this for a glass last night ….tucking back in now. I find I drink far more rosé when I’m in France in the summer than ever at home . Must be the heat .
Last night we got very little sleep due to being in the eye of a massive thunder and lightening storm and the rain was battering the roof of the caravan so it was very very loud.
So much so I had to climb in the 7 year old’s bunk as he’d never heard a storm like it. ( Tbf, neither have I).
Anyway… who doesn’t like a Minuty, ample fruit and refreshing in the sunshine, nothing particularly complex but pretty enjoyable . Happy weekend all :fr::star_struck:!


2016 ch. Trillol by the Sichel family this evening. Another single trial bottle that didn’t get opened in time to purchase more…just as well probably. Didn’t last long as everyone swiftly topped up. Great stuff, hot wood on nose, blueberries and heat on palate, pepper with pleasant acidity and we’ll integrated tannins. Very enjoyable.


TBH I couldn’t taste anything that was noticeably “toasted”. I think the first glass was too cold, but the second was much much better.

Managed to avoid the temptations of a cellar full of red delights and settled on this to accompany our salads tonight.

Looked like their last bottle and I can see why as it disappeared alarmingly quickly, barely even seeing us through our main course and they forgot our starter!! Quite pale and delicate, not at all complex. Probably should have gone for one of the more traditional Cab Franc rosés that are a bit darker, but on a 28° evening it really hit the spot.




Filled a big stemless glass with a half of this for the evening. Something to cheer me up as my grief decided to slap me in the face this afternoon. The 2020 is a rich and perfectly balanced delight.


Omg that cellar and you went rose …. Seriously gone down in my estimation …!!!


Bought another six of the Chateau l’Oiseliniere de la Ramee Muscadet 2018 recently having been intrigued that this remained on the TWS list. I have previously enjoyed this wine and did so again although I did wonder whether it was past its best. I would normally drink much younger Muscadet.

Medium yellow, gold. Light nose. Melon, peach and lemon. Buttery notes. Light palate. Medium acidity. Dry. Stone fruit - apricot and peach. Some toast. Slightly nutty. Hint of honey. Medium finish. Perhaps lost its salinity and freshness.


Powerful nose, apricots etc, and very floral. Almost too much actually. Just as rich on tasting, it’s a big wine, a lot going on… kinda sticky even though it’s dry (semillon, duh). Peaches, apricots, honey… and lovely acidity to balance. Very concentrated. Rarely drink anything new world so I guess my tastebuds just aren’t used to this.


Last night in the UK before heading to Alsace for three weeks. I cooked brined cod, with peppers, courgettes, samphire, wilted Cos, and a tomato and clam sauce. We drank Louis Sipp Riesling Hagel, 2016.

This was first bottle of the 2016 that I’ve opened - bought in 2019 - and I think I timed it right, as it seems to be hitting its stride. It comes from steep granite slopes close to the forest above Ribeauvillé, and is always a wine that walks the line that marks the edge of being austere, without ever stepping to the wrong side. Bone dry, and a stony, flinty mineral structure to it, but there’s juicy lime and lemon zest too. Unmistakably riesling, but not a hint of petrol, and does really need food to shine. But shine, it does.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. And I’m hoping for things to be not too bad at Eurotunnel tomorrow…


We celebrated 16 years together/9 years of marriage today, and were granted a beautiful warm and sunny day by the gods of British weather, all praise be to them :bowing_woman:

After a lovely walk in our favourite woods, we cracked open The Society’s Champagne, which we drank with some home-made Gruyère gougère:

Our first taste of this fabled Champagne, and I can see why it has so many fans amongst members. It’s a serious fizz! We’re not big or regular Champagne drinkers, so my impressions might seem off the mark, but to me this seemed a truly ‘vinous’ Champage; something I could enjoy with food in the same way I would a still wine.

The nose is great - lemon meringue pie, sourdough and tangerines as well as white blossom and maybe a bit of ripe orchard fruit too. Creamy on the palate - it had substance and vigour, and a texture that really coated the palate. There was baked apple and citrus notes, even a bit of delicate honey - but all underpinned by a lees-y savouriness and good acidity. We enjoyed it so much, and there’s still a bit left for a glass each tomorrow. Will be interesting to see if/how it changed.

The main was Osso Bucco with risotto a la Milanese, which was accompanied by a wine from the year we got together:

2006 Rosso di Toscana Vecchia Annata, Villa di Vetrice, Grati

I think I mentioned before that I don’t drink much Sangiovese, but have so far enjoyed other older vintages I tried of this particular wine (1991, 1999), and this one was just as enjoyable as the others, and was a good example of a red at the end of its evolution.

The nose and palate were very similar, with notes of pot pourri, dried berries and cherries, prunes and dusty earth, as well as a pleasant medicinal note and dried herbs. There was also a bit of a smoked bacon sort of whiff to it. There was still a good streak of acidity, and the tannins- though mellow and smooth - still provided a good grip. It seemed very much in balanced and nothing was out of kilter.

It was perhaps a touch rustic on the edges, but still - it offered a truly delicious and enjoyable experience of an aged wine - and went perfectly with the food, which was a bonus! :grinning: :ok_hand:

For dessert I made individual Pineapple tarte tatin served with vanilla ice cream and rum syrup, and they were a really good match to the dessert wine:

2019 Di Lenardo, Pass the Cookies, Friuli

This is a smashing dessert wine from Friuli, made from 80% Veduzzo Friulano and 20% Riesling.

The grapes here are dried for 3 months on racks, and there’s a wonderful vividness to the flavours, which are quite distinct from a Botrytis type dessert wine (not better, just different). There’s pineapple and honey, but what really stands out is a sort of nuttiness (a bit like roasted hazelnuts) and aromatic floral notes. The acidity is in perfect balance with the sweetness… it’s very easy to empty the glass and then re-fill… well made an utterly moreish! :star_struck:

Happy weekend, one and all! :clinking_glasses:


Congratulations, @Inbar, and sounds like you celebrated well :tada:


My congratulations to both of you and what a fine way to celebrate :+1: :champagne: :yum:


Starting on getting through a few forgotten bottles that the heatwave prompted me to dig out when I was moving all my wine to the coolest possible place.

Way past it’s best, but (despite the alarmingly orange appearance) slips down a treat with a fairly fleeting glimpse of what it once was (absolutely no length left, but the short taste there is is fabulous).


Delmain 1982 early landed grande champagne cognac, bottled 2009. I have just 2 of half a dozen of these left. Bought from Reid Wines at Hallatrow. These have been a bit rough previously, this one tastes smoother and sweeter, a touch of coconut, baked apple, full and robust. Not as high toned and clear as early landed cognac is often. But still, I like this very much.


All the best for your well deserved holiday. As always, lovely wine and food too. Not that I should single anything out but those meaty clams look fabulous !!