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Weekend drinking thread [5th-7th April 2019]


Chosen this for tonight

Will give it a decant later this afternoon, really looking forward to it.


2007 Cahors (£13.50 Majestic, yes that surprised me too) is currently in my new TWS decanter as of Sat lunchtime - looking very dark & rather grand - awaiting Sat evening with home made shepherd’s pie + red cabbage.


It’s a biodynamic vineyard, and they graze highland cattle betwen the vines! I shall report back if the wine is any good. Seems a very good price though.

UPDATE: Post-supper. The Cahors is still tannic but quite frankly hard work to get much out of it & lacks the perfume and ‘Oomph’ of say… TWS Triguedina (it is however at a VERY fair price for a 12y/o bottle) - might open out after another 24h in decanter. A typical Majestic wine - I suspect a weak year bought at discount.


My wife and I visited the Chateau in September, all their wines were great but their Grand Vin was spectacular. You’ve also reminded me that I have a bottle of their Malbec Liquor, think I’ll have to open it tonight


This evening with having this Lebanese red (with all the big grapes in it). Just tried it and very good indeed. Should go very well with a spicy Chicken shawarma. Lots of sediment!


Opened this tonight, hoping it will go with a spicy beef noodle soup.

Red apples on nose, quite dry, initially thought it was pretty thin, medium to high acidity, grapefruit, lemon, sherbet the one with the liquorice in. Pleasant but probably not the best Riesling at this price point.


The red (Sidebar “Red Field Blend”, 2015) is a blend of 80% Zinfandel with 11% Alicante and 9% Petite Syrah, so a bit of a Ridge lookalike. I did get to taste this before buying, and thought it promising, so we’ll see.

For tomorrow, a Dom. Taille aux Loups Montlouis “Les Dix Arpents” 2015.


This again. When their “entry” level is so good you know its a really great producer.

Tomorrow we are going to do a rich pasta dish with this reduced M&S Aglianico del Vulture

Under a tenner, so expect solid rather than top class Aglianico, but its something that I haven’t had for a while and I’ve had some great Taurasi and Aglianico del Vulture in the past.


Weird Beard (Hanwell, West London) Sour Slave.


Google Photos

Just opened a bottle of this. Don’t remember where I got it and cant find any info about this vintage. It certainly smells good and I’m looking forward to trying it once the football finishes and I have time to decant it.



My other half feels like a sweet treat, so a Lidl Canadian Riesling Icewine, including an un-removed security tag :slightly_smiling_face:

Simple but lovely. Worth the £15 for the half! Honeycomb and quince says Katie and I agree!


For a second there I thought it was going into the pasta sauce to be reduced in the cooking…


Is that the latest vintage? I bought one of the previous vintage end of last year and it was cooked, the society gave me credit of course but it put me off trying again.


That’s a bargain for Ice Wine cosnidering the work that goes into it and how little they get from each grape!


This evening we’ve decided to open the second bottle from our vertical exploration case of Château de Beaulieu. We started with the 2011 about a month ago, and so moved on to the 2010:

This is another delicious wine – but quite different. The 2011 was a little reticent at first, and unfolded slowly to reveal plum, blackberry, smoke and cedar. It was, perhaps, more on the elegant but restrained side. This one is plusher, with ripe and juicy fruit (plum, blackberry) and a sound structure; the tannins are there, but integrated and smooth, and are followed by well-balanced acidity. There’s that lovely Syrah whiff of smoke and cured meat as well as sweet tobacco and a touch of menthol. Probably the best value for money wine I have ever had!

Having it with Swedish meatballs, done the traditional way – probably not the finest matching of the century, but fancied both this evening, so threw all caution to the wind :grinning:

Happy weekend, all! :clinking_glasses:


It shouldn’t! It’s a beautiful wine (in my experience), if you give it plenty of time in the decanter - and double decant, because it throws a lot of sediment. We took it to a BYOB Lebanese restaurant a while ago, and everyone was totally taken with it. It was full of flavour, complex and well-structured.

I would definitely give it another go! :+1:


I wonder how much of that is down to 2010 being such a cracking vintage for bordeaux (it is all but bordeaux after all).

Really looking forward to starting in on my case of them!


We had the same thought! It must be that it experienced the same weather conditions, because the fruit is definitely riper and plusher. Let us know what you think once you had yours :wink:


I’ve gone through all of the Beaulieu case and was universally impressed. Even vintages (e.g. 2011) that you would expect to be weaker were very decent. Very good value for money, and different enough from Bordeaux to be of real interest.


Ooo you’ve both got me on tenterhooks now…


I would recommend going wild.