Weekend drinking thread [5th-7th April 2019]

Weekend again! Kids have just broken up for the Easter holidays… eventhough Easter is not for another 2 weeks :tipping_hand_woman:!
Which means this for me ::

I need to get through it somehow …:sweat_smile:. Anyway that aside, this weekend I plan to open this at some point:

Anyone have any exciting plans??


I love that wine. Going to pick up a few in my next order. :+1:

My brother is coming down to visit us tomorrow, and he’s going to make gingerbread biscuits with my daughter in the afternoon. After that I’m planning to reward him with some Pelaverga

I’m cooking Paella for dinner and am tempted to open a bottle of this that came in my delivery today.

It probably won’t be the best match in the world, but it’s the only Spanish wine in the house that’s ready for drinking so will have to do. And I want to find out if it’s good enough to justify going back for a case before it sells out.


Hope you like the Rioja - I did. Its wonderful.

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oooh I have a couple bottles of the Pelaverga, let me know how its drinking :wink:,
I’m starting with this tonight…wine later :laughing:


Opened this tonight:-

@Leah Love Kriek


I got one of those today as well! Let us know how it goes - I’m guessing it might need a little longer before it’s at its best

It tasted great out of the bottle, however I decanted for a few hours. Vanilla, harpic in a nice way, on the nose, hit with supple dark fruit, tannins evident, and a satisfying dry finish [for me]. I am very impressed with this. I have a case tucked away, the more knowledgeable think this will only get better so happy days. Now to keep my nerve and not buy any more. :sweat_smile:


Looks lush. Can’t beat a Friday evening cheeky beer

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While watching the kids eat their dinner and counting down the minutes to bedtime :laughing:


Further Sangiovese research for us this weekend with this


I’m very jealous. That’s a stunning wine. It doesn’t have loads of competition but it’s the best Chianti I’ve ever had.

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I was wondering what to drink with a salmon quiche this evening and, much influenced by this community, my thoughts were turning strongly towards riesling. But the rieslings I have don’t really need drinking yet. Luckily I was saved by finding a bottle of this in the fridge.

So far it’s doing sterling service as an aperitif and also helping me recover from the slight feeling of nausea brought on by the creme egg topic! I haven’t even thought about creme eggs for years, and would happily not think about them again for many more! The opposite is true of the Saumur.


Yes, not a complex wine, but pleasant to drink; light, fruity, and refreshing (the antithesis of the creme egg!). I’m a bit surprised at the indicated 12% alcohol as it seems less than that. At least that was my initial feeling; as time goes by and the bottle empties I’m not so sure.

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This Xinomavro was ace when I had it last week!


Terra Petra Rapsani 2015 tonight with leg of lamb. @szaki1974 this was absolutely singing - if anything better than the bottles drunk last year - so I think you had a dud.


Quite a good learning exercise tonight, and what I learned is that there’s quite a lot right about adding sulphur to wine.

We organised our wine group’s tasting tonight, and decided to pit pinot noir from the village of Albé in Alsace against New Zealand and Burgundy. Niche, yes, but we’d tasted all of the Alsace wines from two small producers in the last couple of years, and liked them. Unsulphured pinot noir is quite trendy in Alsace, and we thought they’d stand up pretty well. How wrong we were. The (cheaper) wines that had used sulphur as a preservative stood up excellently, and at around €8 a bottle were really good value. The unsulphured ones - well a year after tasting them, they were basically faulty - smelled and tasted bleachy. Not good. As for the New Zealand and Burgundy - very nice.

New Zealand:

TWS description is about right. Quite sweet fruit, elegant, fruity, and most people voted it their favourite, tasted blind against what should have been the two best from Alsace.

This was pretty classy too - light and delicate, and voted almost as highly as the Mount Koinga.

Natural wines - bah humbug!


Ridge Lytton Springs 2014 for me. I do like Ridge. Will leave the other bottle for a few more years though.


Drank that last night. I was a bit disappointed really, I usually enjoy syrah viognier Rhones but this lacked any complexity and was a little harsh, but then again at such a low price it’s acceptable.


Out last night, today is meat-free and alcohol-free. With only one bottle coming out to play this weekend, I shall be having this with my Cullen Skink tomorrow:



Wow! I love Cullen Skink - despite the silly sounding name. Should go really nicely with the wine… :yum:

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