Weekend drinking thread [5 to 7 July 2019]

With all the excitement of midweek hopefully now behind us. Let’s chill and drink some nice wine. I opened this and had some with some rich fish meatballs in tomato sauce. Just what I love, lovely violet on the nose, delicious still slightly tight on the palate. What are you having this weekend.


We’ve been on holiday this week so have had a few wines ending with a nice Champagne this evening.

Chateau Beaumont 2010, Domaine Durand Cornas 2010 (just coming into perfectness), Mendel Cabernet 2013 (still about 3 years too young), Eagles Nest Shiraz 2011 (great contrast to the Cornas), Domaine Bertrand Berge 2016 (liked previous vintages but this one was port-like!) - and tonight Marguet Shaman Rosé 15 Grand Cru as it’s my wife’s birthday.


After a lovely walk in Birling Gap, watching coastal erosion doing its thing, we had a pub lunch in the pretty village of East Dean. Food was good, though nothing outstanding, but the wine selection was quite interesting, and I opted for a 2018 Yealands Estate PGR – a blend of my favourites: Pinot Gris, Gewurtz and Riesling. What a lovely lovely wine! Perfumed, but not over the top – pear, ginger, honey and orange blossom. On the palate it was much drier than expected, with lovely poached pear notes turning into zingy lime and lemongrass and finishing with a touch of tangerine and a satisfying level of acidity. I shall seek this one out, for sure! Delicious!

We continued with the aromatic white theme this evening, and have opened the free bottle of 2017 Ruppetsberger Riesling I got with my recent order, which made for a lovely aperitif – nothing intense, but a pleasant spritz, some citrus and stone fruit, honey in the background and a good balance of acidity and fruit. Thanks, WS! :+1:

Finally, opened a bottle of 2017 Boschendal Chardonnay we got from Waitrose a while ago, to go with some scallops, chorizo and butter beans dish:

Wasn’t sure what to expect – but actually, this is a lovely Chardonnay for a tenner! Subtle vanilla, pineapple, mango and white blossom on the nose, with similar notes on the palate, as well as some butterscotch and some orange zest on the finish.

Off to do my sun-coaxing dance now… perhaps a tad too late! :clinking_glasses: :sun_behind_small_cloud::dancer:


After last years’ holiday in Croatia, we didn’t have space to bring anything back bar a bottle from the airport. Well, a warm day and some pulled pork were a good excuse to open it up

We’d tried this on our last evening there and enjoyed it. It’s certainly not a holiday wine. Loads of vanilla and fruit but it’s really quite well out together. A nice smokiness and smooth finish

MrsP says more “cherry” and less “dusty piano” then she remembered. She says, to summarise: “I like it”


That’s a great tasting note! :smile:

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Really rate that Boschendal, think it’s amazing value at a tenner. A cut above most supermarket whites.


Just polished off a bottle of Ch. Puygueraud 2011 (half-way through a case of 12)
which is absolutely delicious - an underrated vintage for good estates of which this is one. Nicolas Thienpont (owner) oversees wines from the top estates in St-Emilion so his own wines are always terrific. Always offered by TWS EP and, often, a continuum.


For those who like Boschendal, do try this or the Rustenberg (sadly only offered in magnums by TWS).


Had this with a really great Margarita Pizza. Pleasingly rustic, good everyday wine, would love to see some slightly smarter Piceno reds on the list.


Doesn’t receive great member reviews on TWS, but this is positively blushing with toasty caramel and raspberry notes.

I think it’s lovely, and would go down a treat at Wimbledon.

And, for less than a third the price, I’d say it stands up pretty well against Krug and Dom Perignon:


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


Thanks for the tip :+1: added to the wish list! :grinning:

The Rustenberg is definitely a favourite, though I buy it from Waitrose; particularly good value when reduced to £10 from time to time.


If you find yourself in the Cape Winelands, De Morgenzon is well worth a visit easily coupled with one to its immediate neighbour, Jordan. It makes excellent examples of all the wine varietals it farms and has wonderful views from the tasting verandah.


This sounds like a great wine experience - but unfortunately we’re pretty much done with long-haul flights. Thanks for recommending, though! :+1:

How odd. It must be a personal taste thing. It’s a great wine, and I completely agree with you that the parallel with Krug etc. is well-deserved.

(The other thing you sometimes see is Blanc de Blancs slated for being too sharp and inaccessible. That’s just because you should have waited more years before opening it!)


Bringing back the holiday vibe with a couple of wines we bought last month on our travels.

We bought the 2015 vintage at the vineyard and it was one of the few red Bergerac we enjoyed. So hope it’s as good as we remember. To go with pork cooked on the BBQ

And a Tourane Chenonceaux
http://www.cavedevouvray.com/fr/produit/139/touraine-chenonceaux-tbk to go with goats cheese and beetroot salad.


Another splash-out last night:


Not as immediate as the Angludet, needs a bit of air to open up, but my, this is gorgeous, very complete with a lovely velvety texture.

I think this, and this week’s Angludet, have served their purpose and tipped me into going for the 2018 Old Favourites case. And that’s more or less my whole budget anyway, so it’s nice that that’s all the necessary Bordeaux brainwork done for another year :brain:


Last night a couple of glasses of this


Very much on the ‘accessible’ rather than ‘profound’ end for Etna Rosso - tannins fully resolved, balanced red fruit palate with a hint of cola over the top and a burned wood note on the finish - not quite the out and out ‘cola and ash’ of the Carusu drunk recently. Pleasant at £10 IB.

Out with family today. I wouldn’t normally mention wines drunk in the contexts of such occasions but this one merits it.
Fully ripe blackcurrant, a slightly bitter but not unpleasant note alongside and a decent finish. At 12.5% alcohol this was a very good example of Cabernet made in a more restrained style, and at retail prices is good value.


First time having some Northern Rhône fizz this evening - Saint Peray with chip shop fish and chips!


Nowhere near as nice as what you’re having @Rich29, I’ve just poured a glass of this whilst simultaneously getting ready to go out and cooking the kids dinner …


I remember the village. Was this the rather pretty pub on the old village green?

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