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Weekend Drinking Thread [5 January]



Dry what?

Off skiing now, late night at work last night, got home and the gf and I decided to just go across the street to the lovely fresh pasta place in a shop front. The food is delicious. Dinner for two, £18, BYOB.

Goat cheese and pancetta ravioli in mushroom cream sauce. 2010 Jean Grivot Vosne-Romanée, bought from TWS in a 2010 Burgundy Reds mixed case.

Clear rim, garnet in the middle. Nose of wet leaves, following through on the palate. Linear and developed tertiary flavours. Very pleased with the start to my holiday and will look forward to trying the other bottle in a year or so.

I’ve brought that German Pinot Noir Rose to share with a friend tomorrow night, then the week is pretty much going to be Savoyard reds and whites and some génépi for the slopes.


Thanks for starting the thread … and if I had been drinking anything so lovely I would have remembered too!


I am doing dry January… so have this open for weekend snacking


erm … you are either doing this very wrong, or right

doesn’t ‘dry january’ not involve NOT drinking??

(asking since I am unfamiliar with the details of the concept)


It is bone dry…


No Dry January here - last night it was a 2011 Pomerol - Chateau de Valois with Ribeye steak and tonight I think it will be lamb with this:


This was my lovely husband’s favourite at a chilean wine tasting we attended in November. So I am pampering him tonight serving it with duck breast and blueberry sauce


I’m doing dry Ginuary and looking to use the Gins and smoke gun I got for Christmas. Frankly, February can take as long as it likes to arrive.

On its own with the remaining Lebkuchen methinks

Spanish G&T style with the left over Iberico ham.
And finally, for the new toy…


Yesterday was slightly indulgent. My brother and a buddy came over to soak up the atmosphere of FA Cup 3rd round day, and a fair amount of delicious wine was also soaked up. Kicked off with this:

We also had the 2010, which was easily the pick of the 2. Richer and smoother. Still, neither are worth the £26 they’re priced at, and I’m pleased I got them about £10 cheaper a few years ago.

The highlight of the day was this lovely Barolo:

Drinking very nicely now, but a few more years wouldn’t have hurt it either. Plenty of fruit, but the tertiary flavours are there too - leather, spice. Lovely!

It was interesting to follow that with the Manfredi Nebbiolo d’Alba. Far less complexity and a much more easy-drinking style.

So yeah, yesterday was indulgent. Today is quite slow…


My parents came to see us as we got back from a month away a couple of days ago. Nothing too fancy to drink, but got round to opening the 2011 Domaine Gauby les calcinaires white blend. Interesting wine! I wonder if anyone else has had it and if so, what they thought? Initially I thought it was well past its best, very muted nose, no fruit on the palate to speak of, all out of sync with jarring acidity. After being open some time though (label recommends decanting) it really opened up, apple and citrus on the palate, interesting non-fruit stony flavours, and very nicely balanced. Good with a bits and pieces lunch.

Then yesterday evening venison stew with 2008 Pichard Madiran,
went very well indeed. Delicious juice, all powerful fruit and spice but also fresh and very drinkable. For my taste drinking very well now, though I don’t have any to keep to test for improvement in a couple of years! I notice it’s still available, would recommend highly, seems good value to me (though I paid 55p less for it, not sure why it has gone up in price).

Have a good week everyone! Happy drinking.


Ooh that sounds a loooovely food and wine match. We had some of the 2004 at Christmas and it was just gorgeous. I didn’t have food with it, just sipped it while playing Trivial Pursuit one evening… (I won, and naturally am sure the wine helped me to victory).

We had this at the weekend and it was UTTERLY delightful:

Can’t believe it’s sold out so quickly (I wanted to stock up!) but then again I’m not surprised. So smooth, so well balanced and pleasing to drink. The bottle disappeared verrrrry quickly among three of us.

:clap::clap::clap: This made me laugh really loudly in the middle of a quiet office, thanks… :grin:


We had a little bit of a treat as it was the first weekend in Jan since going back to work. To be honest we’ve not drunk much NZ wine before as we stick largely to old world (bar South Africa and a couple of other exceptions). However this Syrah blew us away. Just before Christmas we had the 2010 Ogier Cote Rotie from TWS which was lovely (at £40), but this wine easily rivalled it at just under half the price. Decanted for 2 hours prior to drinking - superb. Will buy more when funds return.


@danchaq looks like you made the other diners extremely jealous :wink:


My OH returned from off shore where’s he’s been dry since mid November so is raring to get stuck into the wine stocks I hardly dented over the Christmas ! Me, I’ll be dry this week most likely as have a stinking cold but we did have this at the weekend with some beautifully cooked roast lamb . It was the perfect accompaniment as it has started to develop some lovely depth along with black fruit , liquorice and a smooth tannic finish !