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Weekend Drinking Thread [5-7 October 2018]



Had my first couple of glasses of this last night:

All sherbet lemon on the nose, but with a bit of tarragon and maybe almond on the palate. Very enjoyable and a definite reorder.


I always manage to get at out of stock wines by going into the order in which I bought it (I keep a record in my cellar spreadsheet). Can be handy to see if the drinking window has changed.


'Tis looking like a proper autumn out there, so feeling very happy to be drinking a Rhône red tonight. After umming and ahhing for a bit, decided to open a 2015 Ogier ‘Helianthe’ Rasteau:

Should go nicely with a lamb hotpot! :ok_hand:

Happy Saturday, all! :fallen_leaf:


I thoroughly enjoyed the Heida and the leader of the tasting confirmed that this grape also known as Savagnin and Traminer. Definitely off dry. It was tasted blind, like all the other wines of the night. I thought it was reminiscent of Albariño, which I like very much.


Thanks, @JayKay! I must add said Heida to that shape-shifting wish list! I remember enjoying it very much at a lovely little restaurant in Stein am Rhein, but it never occurred to me to look for a Swiss example again. Perhaps knowing how prohibitive they are to purchase in the UK (not to mention rare). Glad TWS stock it! :+1:


Tonight we opening a Muscadet
and a Brazin Zin in hour of our first truly chilly, rainy Autumn day


This has made my day!! :smiley: Thank you, I am so glad you enjoyed it - I must make it again soon. :blush:


This tonight, with a chicken, ham and leek pie. I love the Society Australian Chardonnay, so I will be interested to see how this compares.


The Gusbourne “VS” (NV) sparkler is a bit of a mystery. I can’t find any reference to it on Gusbourne’s website, and the few scattered references are not much help. I could just phone them up I suppose, but it’s Saturday evening. Anyway, we had this one yesterday, and it’s delicious. Quite fruity for an English sparkler, it reminds me somewhat of the Camel Valley wine.

The other two are today and tomorrow -
1998 Lindemans Padthaway Shiraz
2013 Domaine Jones Carignan Gris VV


Tasting this takes me back to the late 1990’s when Shiraz made me fall in love with wine :wine_glass:
(…and leave lager & cheap cider forever :joy:)


That’s good to know, as we got a bottle stashed in the wine fridge (got it in the current Waitrose sale). Looking forward to drinking this! :+1::grin:


Where do you live? I’ll be right over.


Soooo good. Ready to go straight out of the bottle, blackcurrant and blackcurrant leaf notes, pepper on the nose, a hint of olive as well which didn’t turn up on the last bottle. Anyone who bought this EP did very well.


Help me out ! I’m only opening one tonight ! Celebrating Kerry the retriever’s 12 birthday tomorrow. We can’t decide so thought I’d #askthecommunity !!


Pink label!Call me shallow and girly but there you go. Already finished our starters and mains with matching wines and pre meal cocktails so my judgement may be a little befuddled!


Are these from your recent visit? Then you’ll know more about them than any of us!!!

Just on a practical level, rosé champagnes don’t always keep too well*, so if you want to enjoy the fruit, I’d go for that one first. Vintage champagnes (e.g. the other one) usually appreciate more time, rather opposite to rosés. But these are generalisations so go with what you know.

(* though sometimes they do)


I love the vintage One! It’s so complex and 20% of the reserve wine has been aged in oak which you can taste .
Yes, I agree about the rosé, I took a different one to a tasting last week and it was showing really well and full of vibrancy and fruit .
I’ve asked the dog and she looked at the Daniel Dumont one first so I’ve opened that one ! Of course though, seeing as it’s her birthday, she gets some too ! Just a little of course :wink:!


Excellent. I’m in no hurry to get into mine either, but good to know they are ready and waiting…


Mmmmm… Lovely and complex Rasteau this evening! A beautiful wine; the nose was all dark forest fruit, cedar, menthol and spice. The palate showed ripe, but restrained blackcurrants and black cherry, a herbaceous background note, and a touch of black pepper and smoke. Lingering finish, and smooth, well-integrated tannins. A harmonious composition!

Chin chin! :clinking_glasses:


The absolute stars of this line up were the Amarone and, way out in front as the no.1 tipple of the weekend …