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Weekend Drinking Thread [5-7 October 2018]



One of the many bargains I brought back from France (@cerberus) and so far so good :wink:!


Trying this now which I think came at under £9 a bottle. Sort of cherry with an added bitter-sweet cherrryade flavour. Not too special but decent enough.



@rich29 and Mrs R29 win Friday!
Happy anniversary!


Excuse the slightly wonky photo…

My word this is good. I mean, £26 isn’t cheap but this is worth every shilling.


Enjoying a lovely beaujolais tonight, St Amour from Joseph Burrier - no link because frustratingly TWS doesn’t seem to display oos wines in the ‘my wines’ search. “1 product found” but we’re hiding it from you :triumph: rantrantrant

Anyway, it’s berry delicious.


2nd night on the prophets rock. Slightly better, more balance and some chalky notes on the finish. Maybe it is just very young and would reward 8 - 10 years bottle age.


@tfpywfpy You couldn’t have been more right! Just getting into that Gigondas and suddenly it’s all gone :cry:

@Taffy-on-Tour Thanks for the Raspail-Ay tip; a new Gigondas producer for me but that wine is delicious. It is clearly ready to drink but also has the structure to age gracefully for some years yet. It’s just what you’d hope for in a top drawer Gigondas - I just wish it was a 75cl.

Consoling myself with a glass of pineau de Charente, so it’s not all bad.


Just three of the eight wines on offer at tonight’s first wine tasting of the season down here in Southampton

The theme was a flight of fancy, tasting TWS recommended wines to go with various dishes as in a menu de degustation, the fancy being the disappointing fact that we didn’t actually have the food that was the recommended match to the flight of wines on offer. Imaginations required. Anyway it was a good tasting. The Barbaresco was a real opinion splitter. It was quite light and tannic, but the JayKays loved the flavours. Others disliked it intensely or just found it too light and acidic.

Other wines included an Errazuriz, Pinot Noir, Aconcagua Costa, 2016 (I felt it’s nose was very sulphuric); a Muga Riserva 2014 which was too young; a white Rhône blend of marsanne and roussanne. An enjoyable evening.


You are very welcome.
My plan is the Rosine 13 tomorrow night.
And 2 halves in a decanter on Sunday with a leg of Scottish Lamb.:grinning:


One of my favourites in the Grand Vin guise.
Bought a shedful of the 2015 and still have a little of the 2010 which Neal Martin gave a great review for at the Southwold tasting. He was not wrong.
This was the wine that started my interest in wine.
And I am truly thankful that TWS now list it.
The White which I also bought in 2015 is meant to be very good.


How was the Domaine des Muses Heida, @JayKay? I’ve got their 2014 Cornalin, which got Xmas written all over it.

Only had a Swiss Heida once, in a restaurant in Stein am Rhein years ago, though had Savagnin from the Jura before (they’re the same grape, I believe?).


Nice. Very keen to hear how that Plantagenet Cabernet goes down - I have six of these tucked away in reserves.


Sounds like a great plan, would be interested to hear your views on both of those wines.


I’m curious too, as just bought their Humagne Rouge Traditional.… I was sold on the comment that it “Needs good spicy sausages and rösti.”


Can there be anything more fabulously autumnal?!.. :fallen_leaf::maple_leaf:


Making my way through TWS’s well-hidden biodynamic offerings. The Rapsani is delightful.


Works for me!


They are the same grape - Traminer is also the same grape (though not to be confused with gewürztraminer …)


If you are on your phone turning it landscape may help show the first wine in the list.


The Plantagenet CS was just as hoped. Green nettles, eucalyptus, black currant and menthol. Very good with plenty of life left. The rest of mine will lie undisturbed for at least another year.
Being as we are on a nice long weekend break, I brought my favourite indulgent choccie, a Bendicks Bittermint - there was some fair similarity.