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Weekend Drinking Thread [5-7 October 2018]



In anticipation of this evening I’ve just opened a half of the Raspail-Ay. Decanted out and back into the bottle - was a real test of character to leave it alone to wake up and breathe!!


I was about to start the thread when @laura shouted “@Alchemist has beaten you to it!”

Off to Sheringham this weekend - three couples, lots of food, fireplaces, newspapers, rain, wind and wine! Here’s what we’ve got coming …

Looking forward to … all of them!!


That’s the problem with halves- by the time you’ve poured a snifter to check it’s ok, had a half glass to make doubly sure, and a little more for luck, it’s nearly all gone!


If it disappears that quick tonight then it will be a good sign, and I’ll be sure to pick up a few more :wink:


Sheringham is fantastic! We’ve got a weekend away in that part of the world with family at the end of January and I can’t wait.
Sounds like it’ll be a great weekend. 5 bottles between 6 can’t possibly be enough though?!


Looks like a lovely selection @ewan. As well as starting our weekend wine thinking at 3:30pm on a Friday it seems we also have very similar tastes in wine! Have a great weekend up on the coast. I was up in Norfolk a couple of weeks ago at Titchwell and all you could see was beach and sky…


Psst, I only posted a picture of one of each … and there’ll be beer too!!


We are South East of you @Ewan on the North SUffolk coast. The sky is blue, the sun warm and the number of geese flying about is amazing.
This is our wine selection for the weekend. The Ghost Ship is also going down pretty well too after the beautiful if short walk to the local pubs.


I love that array of wines! So that’s the first night taken care of, what about the rest of the weekend?


:heart_eyes: @Alchemist, That’s “my” beach!!!
Ah, Titchwell is right next to my spiritual home and ultimate happy place, Brancaster! :heart: I would LOVE to live there some day but for now I have to put up with two or three blissful trips per year. We normally stay within walking distance of that big house in the distance of your photo (where the golf club is) and only got back three weeks ago so I’ve been feeling very ‘homesick’ for Norfolk. That photo has made me very happy indeed, thanks for sharing. :slight_smile: Did you see the seals? :smiley:


I tossed up between the Arana 09 and the Urbina 04, and the 04 won!

This picture was taken last October in Sheringham - looking at the weather forecast I am fully expecting something similar tomorrow …

PS - the bottles were empty by then!!


I think it’s big enough to share :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I also love that part of the world and retirement plans are a toss up between Norfolk and the South of France! We often pick a day when the weather forecast is good and zip up in the car. No seals this time, just miles and miles and miles of sandy beach with barely a soul on it! We walk until we’re fit to drop, then back in the car for fish ‘n’ chips in Hunstanton before heading home.


Haha, I don’t know why, it’s just always weird to see other people going there. :smile:

Ooh, whereabouts do you get your fish n chips? :slight_smile: We love going to Eric’s - highly recommended if you haven’t been already (but I bet you have!)


I’m bringing one of my new friends from TWS up to room temperature for this evening:



I loaded this £4.31 Tesco buy onto another thread, but have now started it with @laura cod and chorizo recipe from the new TWS news.
Recipe excellent.
Wine…a bit spritzy, but quite citrusy, with a sweetish long finish. OK.


Lived in Norwich for 10 years in '70s/ early '80s…well before the days of the likes of Eric and Titchwell.
Know the coast well, but in those days the highlights were Cockles with Samphire at Wells, washed down with Ruddles County. Many stories I could tell, but this is not the forum!!


I wish I’d purchased more mid range 2014 white burgundy - they seem to possess the perfect balance of weight and tension. I had half a case of this but it’s so difficult to resist that I already have only a quarter of a case. Mark is a great bloke who used to make wine at Yarra Yering before relocating to burgundy.


Celebrating our wedding anniversary this eve with a 2004 Barolo from Castiglione Falletto - Villero (for any Piedmont fanatics) served with cote de boeuf. Delicious.


Looks fantastic! :+1::+1:
Happy anniversary :tada::grin:


My wife should know better than to let me do our weekly shop on a Friday evening, was told not to buy wine but then I saw this in Aldi and had to give it a try. £10.99 so far so good