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Weekend drinking thread (4th to 6th June 2021)

A late start to the weekend for everyone, clearly.

After a washout at the cricket today I felt like a treat


G&Ts rather than wine here at Chez JayKay tonight. Mr JayKay had studiously avoided any sports news today so he could watch the cricket highlights this evening. Confused to be confronted with an episode of celebrity antiques road show so I was requested to check the BBC website to find out what was going on. Do you get a refund?


Top quality Mencia

Villa de Corullon, Descendientes de J. Palacios 2013


Yes, although as I’m a member it doesn’t apply.

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This tonight:

2017 vintage.

From the admirable Leon Stolarski. I’ve been drinking a fair bit of South African Chenin and tend to forget about the dry Loire versions (I’ve a bunch of Sweeter styles). This has very brisk acidity, a bit of a sort of smoky thing on the nose, and a tangerine fruit character. Reasonably extended finish somewhat dominated at the end by the 14% abv.


Agreed. Always interesting wines.

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Another thwarted cricket viewer here…

Spent 4 hours at allotment and club cricket ground in the blazing sunshine in West of Scotland and returned home to watch…rain and the highlights of day 1 and 2…

Anyway, on the wine front, I opened a bottle of the famous Bin 005 with marinated chicken and vegetable kebabs


Both were delicious, though the colour of the wine does lead to a slight double take for wine less than 4 years old. It was delicious though, closer to the Rapsani than the Jeunes Vignes. I would say that Rapsani is more complex, sinewy and might age longer, but this was a lovely wine too. First of six.

Going back and cheating to add last weekend’s drinking we had a rather magnificent bottle of this with a lightly spiced pork stir fry

Again, first of six, and what a wonderful expression of Riesling at its finest. It will age of course, but right now it had a magnificent balance of fruit, acidity and edge of sweetness. This was from L&W and I do hope TWS don’t overlook wines like this from Germany which are so versatile, lively, refreshing and have such length.

In between times we had another bottle of Domaine Maby Tavel rose, which remains a great summer wine with Mediterranean food.


I understand there is Weather in the south, not least at Lords, but here in the costa del Teesside it has been a glorious day. We have had people round to help us drink the remainders from last night’s Society Greek tasting and then we had this from the recently departed German offer with cod roasted with paprika.

I thought it tasted very fresh, pears and apples and maybe a touch of melon. Although a trocken I didn’t find It bone dry and maybe that touch of sweetness helped with the paprika?

Happy weekend all


After seeing our oldest and youngest children the other week, our other son is home this weekend, so now we’ve seen the full set :slight_smile:

I cooked bream, with courgettes, tomatoes, and an aubergine, roasted garlic and parsley purée. We drank Marcel Deiss Ribeauvillé, 2017.

This is an assemblage of riesling and pinot gris, from young vines that aren’t yet being used in the field blends. A zesty nose, and a fresh acidity filled out by a little residual sugar - pink grapefruit and mandarins, spiced with lime. It feels like there’s some ageing showing already, though not in a bad way; a bit of petrol, and a bit of smokiness. Good intensity, if not at the level of its field blend siblings, and it went nicely with the food.

Happy Weekend!


My first Pinot Noir from the USA, very easy drinking, a bit sweeter cherry than burgundy pinot noir.
purchased from Majestic.

Followed by a dram of Auchroisk by whiskybroker, not had anything from this distillery to compare it to. Very enjoyable.


Pizza Friday and a couple of wines to kick start the weekend. Not too far apart in terms of geography but a bit further than that on the flavour front.


Is this the French hitting back at the ‘Red Tractor’ in the UK?

Which did you prefer?


Posh fish and chips, tonight, so I thought I’d try this Burgundy Chardonnay. It has been chilling in the fridge, but now decanted and warming up. Looking forward to trying this. I’ll report in due course! :face_with_monocle:


Different. In a great way, though probably a marmite wine. As with all other wines on TWS Greek list, we think it tastes… well… of Greece. They seem to have a sense of place that sings through.

Definitely a natural wine, there’s an astringency and acidity here which feels “raw”, but in a well managed way. Cherries, herbs (oregano?), earthy. I think it will integrate more over a year or two (TWS gives 2026), and I’m struggling to resist a half case to age, if only out of curiosity. Certainly buy a single bottle to try first though - this will be a massive disappointment if you don’t like the style.


Why not both :grin: but maybe the Gamay before the Fer


After a long ride back from Cornwall, roads were heaving and no TMS on the radio…:anguished: we enjoyed this at home tonight with some Cornish seafood, asparagus and Cornish new potatoes.

It’s always good to be home…


TWS offered a mixed case of 2018 Donnhoffs en primeur which included this wine and I had the first of my bottles last weekend. Agreed it is very good, and very good value. Not sure if they ever appear on the regular list though.



I love that Marcillac. One of my top TWS casual bottles. A couple of bottles arrived this week.


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Well the weather took a turn for the worse in Bedfordshire. Rather than a nice refreshing white had to go for a warming red. Opened a Fitou. Again a recommendation from the community.

Big and powerful. Full bodied and a real roundness in the mouth. Ripe bramble fruit with lots of spice. Something metallic in the background (graphite) with mushroom/forest floor.

This was good and I would recommend if you like big reds. Not sure that it will go back on my wish list. There’s only room for so many wines and there is much to explore on the TWS list at this price range. I’m pleased I tried it though.


The weather was filthy in North London and I was sorely tempted to open a warming red but salmon was on the menu and so we went with my first bottle of this Fichet Bourgogne Vielles Vignes:

Bought EP for about £95/6 I think, this was very enjoyable. Slightly thin and austere on opening but it got better over the course of the evening, with a nice smoke/gunflinty nose, and a long fruity finish. I would have liked to see how it was on day two but sadly we polished it off quite happily.